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Alex Hiam on the cover…

Alex Hiam scored the cover of a local newspaper, the Wynnum Herald. You can click here to read the story which talks about his riding & the King Of Dirt comp coming up on the 21st February. You can also get the latest news for the KOD on their myspace & Facebook.

KOD 2010 - Poster

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Alex Hiam’s bike…

Alex Hiam sent over some photos of his Sweet Tooth infront of a rad wall!


Vital Brisbane mix…

Wow, this is the 1001st news post since our site has been live since July 2007, crazy. Alex, Zac & Ryan all have a few clips in a mix section put together by Stewart up on Vital. Check it out & celebrate this little mile stone of our site. Word. By the way, Zac is in town at the moment as well. Hopefully it clears up so we can get some riding in.

Brisbane, Australia Mix Edit - More BMX Videos

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Toormina comp…

Alex Hiam, Nick Richardson, Tom Stretton & myself all went down to Shane Conlon’s comp at his local on the weekend & it was a really fun time. Shane organised the event to raise awareness of the fact that Coffs Harbour needs it’s own ramp park, as it is well behind other regions in the area.

Alex ended up killing it & got 2nd place & $500 for his efforts while Shane ended up winning, showing he really is unbeatable on his home turf. A big shout out must go to Shane for all his efforts in organising the weekend.

We also rode a local full pipe which was a bit of fun & got up to plenty of party antics during the night. Good times in general.


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Alex Hiam update…

Alex dropped by the office yesterday & picked up a new bike. Silver Storm Sweet Tooth frame, Phantom forks, Bloody Oath V2 bars & a Focalpoint seat plus heaps more. Expect to see him shredding his new set up at the Toormina comp this weekend.


toormina comp flyer

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Crossley Cycles are online !!

Richard at Crossley Cycles was the first ever bike shop I went to when I got into this thing we call BMX. That was way back in 1988 & I have shopped there ever since.

Richard has helped me out beyond comprehension & I could never really pay him back for his support over the years. Thanks Richard !! It’s good to see him continuing this support towards riders like Alex Hiam these days.

Richard has always done things a little old school, so Cooper Brownlee (from Focalpoint BMX) & us here at Colony got together to get him a simple website going. Crossley’s are now in the 21st century, hooray !! Click here now to check out the website from one of the original BMX shops in Australia.


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Gotta love Alex…

Photo of Alex from Mackay. Mid 360 whip or double whip I assume?


Check out Alex’s past web videos, gotta love that kid !!

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Alex heads to Mackay

Alex Hiam is off to Mackay this weekend for the X Kings dirt jump comp going down up there. Organised by the guys at Corry Cycles & Pure BS it is set to be a pretty fun event with some good prize money up for grabs. We have helped out with the event by supplying prizes & sending Alex up there to shred. Click here for more info.

The set up for the comp on the weekend.

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Alex Hiam update…

Alex recently got a HD video camera for his 14th birthday & has been busy ever since clocking clips for his own web edit. His plan is to also edit it himself as well. No release date as yet but should be good when it drops. Stay tuned.

Photo credit: Wayne Cant.

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Balancing rock…

On our long drive back from Tamworth yesterday we stopped off at a few cool spots to stretch our legs. The first spot was called, Balancing Rock & as you can see from the photos it’s exactly that. Pretty cool to see for sure. Further on down the road we found a few different rocks that could be ridden so Tom & Alex did some stunts. It was really hard to get speed for it but they both got it done. Tom with a topside & downside tailwhip nosepick & Alex spun the bee’s. Good job.


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Alex Hiam – New Pollution

Here is a short excerpt from Fuel TV’s New Pollution show on our own Alex Hiam. It was filmed earlier this year. The full show can be seen on Fuel TV. Enjoy.

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New 2020 out now

The new 2020 BMX Magazine is out now & is packed full of all the best in Australian BMX. Alex Hiam has a little feature about his Sweet Tooth frame coming out, Zac Miner has pic or two plus a Backbone advert, we have a 2020 subscription giveaway with 50 x Colony Pivotal seats & Nick Richardson has a really clean advert for his Gnarkill frame from Helensvale BMX. Check it out at a shop near you now.


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New Alex Hiam edit

Alex compiled some clips over the weeks just gone to celebrate the release of his signature frame next week, the Sweet Tooth.

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Lost footage…

I thought I had lost this edit but found it tucked away in my portable hard drive. The footage is from a while ago but still has some good stuff in there. Featuring Liam Fahy-Hampton, Alex Hiam, Nick Richardson, Toby Mathews, Zac Miner, Peta Shepherd, Matt King & Pete Radivo. Enjoy.

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What a weekend…

These few pics here pretty much sum up the weekend just gone up here. Zac killed the Botanical Gardens rail in the city with this over ice. Then smashed his face on a messed up gap to second stage tooth hanger on another rail. Everyone got pretty loose at Spinal Disorder. Way too much alcohol was drank over the weekend. Oh, and a little riding went down too. Good times.


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Alex Hiam bike check

Alex has a bike check over on the Focalpoint BMX site. You can check it out by clicking here now.


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Alex Hiam wins Core Series

Just as of an hour ago Alex Hiam secured himself his first overall Core Series championship win. After the last few years of getting runner up he got it together today to win with some amazing riding. It’s crazy to think what he will be doing in the years to come & I can’t wait to see it all take shape.

Congrats again Alex, you deserve it mate !!


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Weekend trip away

On the weekend Alex Hiam, Mark Mathews-Frederick & myself travelled up north to Maryborough on a little roadtrip.

First we dropped into Gympie to stretch our legs & rode the park they have there. Not much to ride but was still a fun time. After there we headed to Woodgate as I heard about a concrete mini ramp there. This thing is amazing. So smooth & really good transitions. There were even a bunch of kangaroos hanging out in the field by the ramp. So Aussie.

That night we stayed in Maryborough with all the crew from Brisbane & the Gold Coast that were up for the trails jam the next day. It was a fun night of talking smack & having a few drinks.

The next day was all about the trails. These things are so much fun & a huge shout must go to the locals up there for their amazing efforts on these over the years. I didn’t get any pics of the trails but I am sure some will pop up somewhere soon.

On the way home we dropped in for a quick swim at a local river & I mean a really quick swim. The water was damn freezing !! After our swim we dropped into Nambour to ride the park there. Good times. Nambour is actually has the very first ramp I ever rode way back in 1988.

Getting away from the usual is always a good time & if you’re bored of your local, go get some mates, get in the car & go on a little road trip. You wont regret it.


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Product update – Sweet Tooth frame

Alex Hiam loves sugar. So it’s fitting that he named his own signature frame the Sweet Tooth. Designed for smaller riders like Alex in mind, it will be available in 19.8 & 20.25″ with a short 13.5″ rear end. It features a full post heat treated construction & should weigh in at around 4.6lbs. It will be available from early September this year. More info will be released in the weeks ahead.

Sweet Tooth frame in Purple Storm

In case you missed it check Alex’s web vid from last year. We’re working on a new one right now as well. So stay tuned.

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Nice Saturday ride…

Had a fun day of riding yesterday, first met up with Alex & Peta & then headed down to Matt King’s new backyard ramp to have a roll with him & Toby. The session got cut short with some showers so we headed north to Beenleigh for some dry weather. It was a good chilled session & I snapped this pic of Alex with a picture perfect Beenleigh sunset in the background. Gotta love BMX.


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Alex Hiam interview

Alex has a mini interview over on the NRYM blog which you can check out by clicking here now.

In other Alex news, his Fuel TV ‘New Pollution’ show is online now but I can’t seem to get it to work? Click here now to see if you can watch it. I am hanging to check this out.


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Alex Hiam’s new bike

Alex came by the office today with his new bike made up with our limited edition Acid Green painted & Gold anodised parts. It looks amazing. All these new colours just arrived into the country & dealers all across Australia will have stocks later this week. So hit them up at the end of the week. The USA also have their shipment now & other countries around the globe will have theirs in the weeks ahead.


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Colony / Vans trip video – Part 3

The final installment of our series of 3 videos from our Australian trip earlier this year. Got a few little bangers in there for you… hope you enjoy it !!

Colony / Vans Australian Trip Part 3 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

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Colony / Vans trip video – Part 2

Hope you like it… stay tuned, part 3 next week.

Colony / Vans Australian Trip Part 2 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

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Fuel TV – New Pollution

The past few days Alex Hiam has been filming with the guys from Fuel TV for their show called, New Pollution. It’s a show that introduces audiences to the next generation of action sports heroes. All of which are no older than 16 years of age. Alex ripped it up at various parks around Brisbane & even did his first street handrail. Not bad for a 13 year old! We will have links to the episode online in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.


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Stitches please!

Richo got 6 stitches to his chin today after a feeble on a round rail went a little bit wrong. All good though as he will be riding again in a few days. On another note, Alex Hiam did his first street rail today, so stoked.


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Dirty Drains Jam

Today Richo, Alex, Cooper Brownlee & myself went to the Dirty Drains Jam in Brisbane. It was a really good turn out & a good vibe as well. I got way too much sun but still had fun none the less. Here is a pic of Richo in the long jump comp that went down. It was a great day & a everyone had a good time. It was good to see everyone having a good time in one place.


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NYRM & Alex Hiam

Click here now to check out some news (a little old now) about Alex Hiam & nahyouritemate.


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Alex Hiam gets promoted

13 year old Alex Hiam has been promoted up to the rankings of our pro team & is being graced with his very first international Colony advert. Expect to see this in magazines such as Ride BMX, 2020, Dig & Focalpoint. In the months ahead expect some more big news about Colony & Alex… more on that one later.

Oh, by the way. We will finally have our team section of the website over hauled real soon too… been way over due on this one.


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Driving back from Melbourne

Zac Miner, Alex Hiam & myself left Melbourne today for the long drive home. To pass time in the van Alex did some work on Zac’s ink & showed his true art skills. We made it to Canberra this arvo & are staying at Zac’s place for the night. To stretch our legs we dropped off at Tugga’s for a roll. Zac & Alex had fun there & we took a few pics for the site. Enjoy.

Zac’s ink & a pic of Wallis on Zac’s fridge.

Alex & Zac stunting it up.

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