Hey guys!

Ahhhh summer – it’s here! I’m writing my first update from Adelaide, where I’m originally from but last lived here about 10 years or so ago before I went to Europe, Brisbane and a bunch of other places.

So the past few months have been beyond hectic with selling a house in Victoria, emptying and sorting out life, then packing everything into a truck and driving it over to Adelaide to start a new life. In between all this I’m stoked that I’ve been able to keen a fair bit of riding going which has been awesome.

I had a few really good demos that I did just before coming to Adelaide. The first one was with Nikon Australia where I worked with professional sports and action photographer, Mark Watson (who is a ninja when it comes to getting dope shots!). Mark was doing workshops over 3 days at the Nikon Digital Show that they were running at the Melbourne Convention Centre and what better way to instruct photographers than having a live test subject to photograph – me! So it was pretty awesome that flatland got centre stage and BMX got taken to a much different audience. After the workshops, we headed out into Melbourne and managed to catch some really good photos.

After the Nikon demos I had a week of riding at home before I flew out to Tasmania where I did the Derby River Derby festival. I had done this demo a few years back and it was a really good, chilled out vibe and more importantly a good crowd and there is also an awesome riding spot to have there. A lot of demos you do, you sometimes get pretty ordinary places to ride so it was really nice to have somewhere legit.

Massive thanks and shoutout to Mark Watson and Nikon for the workshops and also Matty Wootton and the rest of the Derby River Derby guys for inviting me out – cheers!

Since being back in Adelaide I’ve been trying to get myself sorted with my old riding spots. Once life settles back into a normal routine I have some really big things that I’d like to get onto for 2016 so watch this space!

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Shane Badman_front wheel switch_Photo - Mark Watson

Shane Badman_front wheel_Photo - Mark Watson

Shane Badman_Upside Pedal Megaspin_Photo - Mark Watson