Shane Badman sent in an email about what he has been up to of late…

“After having my arm operation in May to get some issues worked out (I had my bionic, Terminator style arm installed), I’ve been keeping things on the downlow while it’s been healing up. As any rider knows, downtime seriously sucks. When you see all of your mates and everyone around you riding and you can’t… it’s tough! But I’ve been keeping busy with the store over at Newcircle and have done a few interviews on BMXflatlandAustralia and Offline Magazine out of Hungary which was super awesome.

Since I’ve slowly started to ride again in the past few weeks I’ve also been doing a few demos. I did one at the Bike and Lifestyle show in Brisbane and more recently got one done at a company called H2 Insurance Solutions for a launch party. The H2 Insurance gig was awesome – the guy Jason Holmes that runs it is fully down with BMX and action sports and is the guy who does the insurance for Travis Pastrana’s Nitro Circus when it tours Aus and also monster trucks. Stoked that I’m riding again haha!!”

Yo yo !!