Shane Badman shot through an update…

Busy time for me lately as I’ve been trying to ride as much as possible as I’ll be heading to Europe for the summer over there and living in Budapest, Hungary. I’ve spent a lot of time there over the years so I’m stoked to be able to go there and just spend all day, everyday riding! Got a bunch of trips planned across Europe and keen to hit up a few events as well. After having all that time off over the past couple years with my injury I am STOKED to be back on it and motivated to ride. Fun times ahead!

I also had a chance to hang out with Simon O’Brien the other day when he had a weekend away from his hardcore Navy training that he’s doing at the moment. Was good to spend time hanging out and riding. Also got a mini-interview done with him which is up on the BMX Flatland Australia site that you can check out here. We’ve got a few more things planned in the coming weeks if he gets the chance to get another weekend away so stay tuned….

Talk soon peoples and don’t forget to hit me up on Instagram @shanebadman