Shane always seems to be up to something cool…

“Busy past few months for sure. Since coming back from my trip to Europe I hit up the final stop of the DownUnderGround Flatland series in Australia in Melbourne and was stoked to take the win!

A good mate of mine from Hungary, Andras Pentek also came for a month to travel, ride and shoot some photos and video for some magazine and web projects that he’s got going on back in Europe. We started in Perth, then Adelaide, then onto Melbourne and a roadtrip through Tasmania. Good times.

While in Tassie, I also did some demos for one of their biggest country festivals, the Derby River Derby which was a lot of fun.

A couple of weeks back, I got an invite to do a flatland show at a professional photographic studio in Melbourne as they were doing a product launch and needed an action subject to test the equipment to an audience of pro photographers. Good times and thanks to Chris Polack for that one.

Gonna be on the road for 16 days over Christmas and New Years across Victoria and South Australia so will keep you guys updated!

And don’t forget to follow me on instagram @shanebadman. I’ve also been updating my site a lot with what I’ve been up to with a heap more detail as well”

Photo: Matt Harvey

Shane Badman - photographer Matt Harvey