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Richo & Simo’s Fat Fav’s…

Nick Richardson & Simon O’Brien both have Fat Fav’s going on right now over on the Fat BMX site. Click here for Richo’s & here for Simon’s. Word.

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Simon checks in…

Simon O’Brien wrote in to say he recently had the wall at his riding spot done with some art. Should make for some really cool photos & footage there now. Speaking of footage, Simon has been hard at work on his new solo DVD, can’t wait to see that piece.

wallgraffd 002

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Simon O’Brien checks in…

Simon wrote in to say he is loving his new bike & is really happy how it turned out. We’re stoked as well. Here are a couple pics from the weekend of Simon on his new DejaVu frame, forks & bars. Click here now if you want to buy these items in Australia. Enjoy.



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Simon O’Brien checks in…

Simon has been keeping busy of late with a few projects such as his next solo DVD which I am sure will be amazing. Can’t wait to see that one.

He also recently just got back from Sydney doing some demos at a b-boy break dance event. He said it was amazing with some of the best breakers in the world there. He also clocked some footage there as the scenery was amazing.

Simon also put together a couple new bikes based around his DejaVu frame, one for street/ramp & the other for flatland. Check them out below.


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Product highlight – DejaVu Frame

The long anticipated signature frame from Simon O’Brien with Colony is now available. Click here for the full scoop now.

dejavu frame black

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Simon O’Brien bike check

Simon has a bike check over on the ‘Same Thing Daily’ flatland blog. Click here to check it out.

pics for dane 025-1

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Simon & Shintaro footage

The ‘Colony Down Underground Series’ finals went down on the 4th of July in Brisbane, Australia. This here is some footage from the final battle between Colony team mates, Simon O’Brien & Shintaro Misawa. Simon came out in front for the win by 1 point, making it a very close competition. Enjoy.

Down Underground Finals – Brisbane. from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

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Simon O’Brien checks in…

Simon O’Brien sent in an email on his travels in Japan the last weeks. Read on below…

So I’m at the end of my trip now, it was a fantastic time. Catching up with friends, sight seeing in Tokyo and 2 hrs north of Tokyo, went with my girl(Akane) up there for 2 days, went and saw some nice temples and stayed in a traditional japanese hotel,that was awesome! It was at a real small town and we went walking and came across a small shrine to the penis god, pretty funny.

I went to a small BMX jam in West Tokyo which was cool to check out some of the local talent, it was put on by a local shop in a side street, low key and fun. While in Tokyo I checked out Odaiba, Asakusa, Akihabara, Ueno Zoo, Kita-senju (amazing square and sunny diner) and lot’s of other places. Was a great relaxing time, lots of amazing Japanese food and beer,
and temples. Enjoyed it so much, already thinking of planning next trip back there! 🙂 – Simon.


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Simon O’Brien in Japan

Simon sent me a cool email today saying he is in Japan, read on below…

OK, I arrived in Japan last Saturday and have so far been having a great time catching up with friends. My girl and Maja and Bashi, 2 street riders I have cometo know pretty well from last years Disney gig. I just needed a break from home, having been so busy this year and just thought I’d get away for about 2 weeks. I’m staying in Tokyo or just outside the city in Chiba, pretty much an outer city suburb.

This is the first trip without my bike which is pretty surreal, it’s great not having to lug a big box around but I miss my bike! So been sight seeing a bit and generally just relaxing enjoying the food and what not. On Sunday I’m heading out to West Tokyo for a little street comp which should be fun to be at. I will get back to you on how that goes.

Its great to be over here with some warm weather compared to back home. Thats about it so far. Sorry no pics. I will try and get some soon to you and an update on the street comp.

Talk soon, Simon.

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Handyman – Simon O’Brien

Simon became a home owner recently & has been working hard on his own home improvements for a few months now & here are a few fruits of his labour. Before & after shots showing Simon’s recently acquired skills of being a handyman.


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Simon’s house renovations

Simon O’Brien recently bought himself his first house & has begun renovating it to his liking. Check the pics below for how it is now. I am looking forward to seeing the after shots & the fruits of his hard work. Congrats go out to Simon for making this huge step into home ownership !! Well done mate.


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Simon O’Brien back from Japan

Simon is back from his trip in Japan & sent in this email about his trip…

I had the most fortunate opportunity to go to Japan and live for 11 weeks while being part
of a stage show at Disneyland Tokyo! Mike Daly and Matt Holmes were a big help in organising this &
we (Dan Baker, Mike Steingraber and myself) were just one part of this half hour show with all the Disney characters and many other crazy costumed people involved! We were part of a team with the inliners, freeliners and BMXers.

Big thanks to all of them because I had a great time while I was there. It’s pretty crazy to think I was in a show with Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy and all the rest, doing tricks and all while they carried on dancing, good times!

While I was there I did some day trips to some cool places, thanks to my Japanese girlfriend Akane.
I really miss Japan, what a great country with an awesome culture and best food in the world I reckon!



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DejaVu Bars… soon.

Simon O’Brien’s signature bars are nearing completion on their first production run & here are some samples of them before they are painted. Expect these out pre-xmas in Australia & the USA & in selected other countries in the new year.



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Simon O’Brien video

Stewart Munro made up this quick little web video of Simon O’Brien riding his prototype DejaVu frame in his front yard flatland mecca. Seems Simon quite likes his new bike & the riding shows it for sure. Simon’s frame wont be out till July/August next year though but you can get his & Shane Badman’s Pivotal seat now.

Simon O’Brien in Japan

Simon O’Brien is over in Japan for 11 weeks doing shows with Michael Steingraber & Daniel Baker. He will also have the chance to hit up a couple flatland comps while there too. They also found a skatepark near where they are staying just outside of Tokyo so Simon will be kept very entertained during his stay. He also sent me these couple of pics before he left taken by Michael Harris, thanks Michael.




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Film montage up on Vital

There is a cool little film montage by Stu up on Vital featuring Simon O’Brien & myself as well as Corey Bohan & Dave Dillewaard. Enjoy.

See More BMX Videos at

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Simon O’Brien’s DejaVu

Simon sent me the first pic of his DejaVu frame all built up with his DejaVu forks, bars & Pivotal Seat. His Colony parts list reads like this… all with various availability dates as shown.

Frame: DejaVu 18.9 (due mid 2009)
Fork: DejaVu (due mid 2009)
Bars: DejaVu (due late 2008)
Bar Ends: Konka (available now)
Stem: T.L.D (due late 2008)
Headset: Colony (available now)
Levers: Transformer (available now)
Cranks: Colonial 160mm (due late 2008)
Sprocket: Jam Circle (due late 2008)
BB Kit: Colony Spanish (due late 2008)
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic (due late 2008)
Seat: DejaVu (due late 2008)
Pegs: Plastic prototypes (no set date yet)
Freecoaster: Clone prototype (no set date yet)


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Revealed… the Dejavu frame.

The frame featured a few days ago is Simon O’Brien’s signature frame, the Dejavu.

Simon’s frame will come in two sizes… 18.2 & 18.9″ with a 75 degree head tube angle & 71 degree seat tube angle. The rear end is 12.4″ with 10mm drop out slots with 14mm cutting lines.

It will come with removable brake mounts & hardware & features a built-in seat clamp with replacable nut & bolt. Spanish BB system is standard as is an integrated headset.

The entire frame is post heat treated giving it a great strength to weight ratio. The weight as tested is 4.09 lbs or 1,800 grams.

It will be offered with a lifetime warranty as well & the release date is set for early 2009.





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Simon O’Brien interview

Simon has an interview up on a website that gives a different perspective of flatland & BMX in general. It’s worth checking out & you can do so by clicking here.

On another note… Simon will have his first prototype DejaVu frame, fork & bars in the next two weeks. Expect some photos once he receives them.


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Simon O’Brien video on Vital

Check out a video on Vitalbmx from Stewart Munro by clicking here.


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Welcome to the team… Simon O’Brien !!

Yes, Simon has joined the team !! We here at Colony are very excited to see Simon join Shane in our very exclusive flatland team. Welcome to the team Simon !!

Our flatland program is starting to take shape exactly how I wanted it. Both Simon O’Brien & Shane Badman will have a huge input into what our products look like & the specs they have. Expect to see Shane’s, The Cube frame, that you already know about & some bars from Simon. Also from Colony a sprocket, freecoaster hub, some 2 piece cranks, pegs, stem & Pivotal seat & seat post combo. All these will be available around July/August this year depending where you live in the planet.



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