Simon sent me a cool email today saying he is in Japan, read on below…

OK, I arrived in Japan last Saturday and have so far been having a great time catching up with friends. My girl and Maja and Bashi, 2 street riders I have cometo know pretty well from last years Disney gig. I just needed a break from home, having been so busy this year and just thought I’d get away for about 2 weeks. I’m staying in Tokyo or just outside the city in Chiba, pretty much an outer city suburb.

This is the first trip without my bike which is pretty surreal, it’s great not having to lug a big box around but I miss my bike! So been sight seeing a bit and generally just relaxing enjoying the food and what not. On Sunday I’m heading out to West Tokyo for a little street comp which should be fun to be at. I will get back to you on how that goes.

Its great to be over here with some warm weather compared to back home. Thats about it so far. Sorry no pics. I will try and get some soon to you and an update on the street comp.

Talk soon, Simon.

Yo yo !!