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Simon O’Brien checks in…

Simon O’Brien sent in a quick update on what he has been up too of late…

Been riding a bit and filming…have a new edit out soon. Recently started a facebook athlete page for a bit of fun. My holidays are nearly up and then back to work. Here is bit of an old pic but I like it. Thanks – Simon.

Simon will also be at today’s DownUnderGround as well, so if you can, get yourself along for a good day with the countries best flatlanders.


downunderground round one sydney january 2014

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DownUnderGround Round One 2014

Next Saturday, on the 18th of January is the first round of the DownUnderGround Flatland Series for 2014. Being held in Sydney it should be a good central event. Word has it that our Shane Badman & Simon O’Brien will be attending.

The organisers would like to make a point of letting everyone know, that all riders are welcome, especially those that are not actual “flat landers” themselves. It will be a great day to hone in those bike controls skills, like hang fives & nose wheelies that are all so integral to modern day BMX riding.

So get yourself along for an awesome day with some of the best flatland riders in the country, should be good times for sure. We are once again proud to support these events & must thank Freestyle Now for organising them as always & for 2020 Magazine for their continued support for series as well.

downunderground round one sydney january 2014

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Simon O’Brien interview

Simon has an interview over on the Flatland Australia website where he talks about his transition into The Australian Navy and how important BMX still is to him.

Simon O’Brien’s next chapter

As we posted a week or two ago Simon is off to join the Navy here in Australia. ESPN did a interview and also a video to coincide with Simon’s move, make sure you check it all here.

Simon O’Brien joining the Navy

Simon is off to join the Australian Navy so riding won’t be as frequent as in past years but this wont be the last you see of him. Amazing skills… Put together by Stu Munro. Click here now to see the video.

Simon O’Brien update…

Stu Munro recently visited Sydney to film with Simon

My life is about to start another chapter which may result in less riding so the other day I invited Stu Munro down to my place to do some filming for an ESPN edit. I’m real happy with what we filmed in the three days so I’m looking forward to the edit.

Sydney demo’s

Simon and Shane were just down in Sydney doing demo’s at the waterpark in Penrith where the rowing was held at the 2000 Olympics, the guys said it was a solid turnout and a great day.

Down Under Ground Sydney…

The Down Under Ground flatland event recently when down in Sydney on the weekend & by the reports all went really well with a good turn out as well. Simon O’Brien took the win & had a blast doing so. Thanks to everyone involved… we will always support Australian flatland where we can with events like this.

Here are a few words from the man himself…

I went up to Sydney for the DUG, a pitty about some rain, would have been more riding. But we had a great turn out and ride out at bondi, with people stoked on the event and a BBQ afterwards at Paul’s. A great summer comp.

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Simon O’Brien video

Stu Munro put together this video of Simon reflecting on flatland along with some great footage, check it out!

Simon O’Brien in Brisbane

Simon was in Brisbane on the weekend doing some demo’s. Stu Munro caught up with him to do some filming and also snapped a few photos for an update.

Happy Birthday Simon and Brock!

Today is both Simon O’Brien and Brock Olive‘s birthdays. Have a great day guys!

Colony flatland program…

Way back in 1988 when I started riding, I primarily rode flatland. I was however one of the few riders that rode flatland & also did ramp, street & dirt back then. Given my links to flatland back in the day, it was natural that I wanted to do a flatland range within Colony as a company. Especially when good friends of mine Shane Badman & Simon O’Brien were without support at the time it made perfect sense to help them out.

Over the years we have supported flatland as much as we can. It’s no secret that the flatland market is a small one indeed. Through our strong position within BMX as a whole we have been able to support this for some time but at some point we needed the flatland program to support itself. Unfortunately this has not been the case & after much deliberation & sadness we have had to pull the plug on our flatland program.

We will still support Shane, Simon & Shintaro as much as possible with our products but we will no longer be making any new flatland products moving forward.

The guys at Flatland Fuel still have some stocks while they last so if there is something you want before it’s all gone, I would at fast.

I would like to take this time to thank everyone for their support throughout the years, we’ve had some of the best riders on the planet ride some of our products & that is amazing to think about. So thanks for the good times & may the they continue into the future. You never know… we may bring out some very, very limited edition flatland products from time to time.

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Simon off to Circle of Balance

Simon shot through this photo of him getting everything dialed in for the up and coming Redbull Circle of Balance in Japan.

Simon update

Simon shot through a quick update, he always seems to be travelling which is awesome!

“Just flew home from Japan acouple days ago, had a great time catching up with riding friends. Got to see a pretty cool festival the day before I flew out. Now got my sights set on getting ready for the ‘Redbull Circle of Balance’ back in Japan in September.”

Simon checks in.

Simon is escaping the cold weather of Australia by venturing over to Japan. He has been studying hard of late so it was time for a break. Hitting it hard with some good sessions with the locals over there, Simon also has some demo’s lined up so we will keep you posted on them also.

Simon off to Redbull Circle of Balance

Simon O’Brien just hit me up & said he has been invited to the very exclusive Circle of Balance put on by Redbull. It’s set for this September in Japan, should be awesome.

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Simon O’Brien checks in…

Simon O’Brien is always keeping busy. Here are some quick words from the man himself…

Recently I did a demo for cancer charity, ‘relay for life’. It was good to see a lot of people doing their part for the charity.
I did a demo and donated DejaVu DVD’s for sale with fund going to the cause and gave out some stickers.

In other Simon news, we recently made him a very special one off DejaVu frame, fork & bars in GOLD ED plated. We did it just a thank you for his hard work with us over the years. Expect to see Simon flaunting this new bling in the months ahead.

You can buy Simon’s DejaVu ranges & all our flatland ranges from fine flatland retailers like Flatland Fuel & Newcircle right now.

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Simon O’Brien interview…

Simon has a really good interview over on the Flat Matters Online website… check it out here now.

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Simon O’Brien

Simon sent in a few photos for your viewing pleasure, enjoy…

Blast from the past

Glennie our warehouse manager, uploaded this a while back now but it’s a collection of footage from back in 1996 / 1997 from the comps held at Fairfield in Sydney. Look out for clips from myself, Simon O’Brien & Glennie himself.

These comps were some of my best memories of BMX for me no doubt. Bloody good times for sure.

Here is another from back in 2000 from a comp down at The Shed in Melbourne as well. Commentating is Marc Urlich from Strictly BMX fame.

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Simon checks in…

Simon O’Brien is back home from Japan now & sent in a quick update…

Just days back in Oz, I headed to Sydney for the annual bboy event, Shadow Wars! It was amazing, free event in conjunction with ‘Outpost’ exhibition of street art on Cockatoo Island. I did a demo and the breaking was amazing as usual! – Simon.

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From The Sky Up – Simon O’Brien

Simon’s section from the DVD, From The Sky Up is now online for all to enjoy.

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More from Simon O’Brien

Simon O’Brien sent in his last report from Japan before he returns home…

Yesterday had a great session with the locals and a bunch of pros that came up from Tokyo, was cold though which wasn’t the best.
Flying home to Oz tomorrow for some warm weather and solo sessions. Thanks Japan, see you again !! – Simon.

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Simon O’Brien video section

Simon O’Brien’s section from Stewart Munro’s video from a few few years ago now – “Here Comes The Sun” is online now for all to enjoy.

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Simon checks in…

Simon O’Brien checked in from Japan with another little update…

I had a great session with the locals today at a great riding spot in a park. Afternoon storms clouds rolled through and were amazing, this area is known for good storms. A few of the top riders in Japan have made it up
here tonight, so tomorrow we will have a big jam, should be fun and some serious riding – Simon.

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New team pages…

It’s been a while coming but when you have a team as large as ours these things do take longer than expected. We have all new team pages with interviews, photos & videos on all the team members. This includes our newest editions to the pro team ranks, Marnold & Tom Stretton. Along with the flow team, flatland crew & family members there is plenty of new stuff to check out. This should keep you busy for a couple hours, plenty to read, watch & take in. Click here now to scope it all out in it’s freshness.

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Simon O’Brien session in Japan

Simon O’Brien had a late night flatland session north of Tokyo with some locals at a train station recently. In his words… good times !!

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Simon O’Brien video & interview

Over on the ESPN site, Brian Tunney did an interview with Simon O’Brien & you can check it out, along with fresh new video edited by Stewart Munro by clicking here now.

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Simon O’Brien in Japan

Simon O’Brien is in Japan & sent in a quick update on his trip so far… read on below.

I arrived in Japan on friday, a little bit colder here than back home, but it’s still great to be here. The following day was the G-Shock invite contest….I didnt win but was still happy with how I rode for the first comp back on the international circuit for sometime. It was great to catch up with great friends and some of the best riders in the business! 430 Clothing and G-Shock did an amazing job!

The last couple of days I have been chilling, checking the sights and checked out a 350 year old bonsai!

Thanks – Simon.

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Simon O’Brien

Simon is amazing! This video part came out in 2004 and although I am no expert in flatland I know this is good.