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Escondido park

Earlier in the week we were looking into parks to ride in the San Diego area and this park popped up via Google which caught our eye. It happened to be a bike only night that night so we hit it up and there was only 2 other people there. The Esondido park was super fun and no doubt we will be heading back many more times. Here are a few quick shots from the session.





Forks with mounts

We’re one of the few brands who still make forks with brake mounts these days, always have, always will.

To celebrate this fact we compiled a bunch of front brake clips from Clint, Polly & Bobbie. Some new, some older but all showing good use of the front brake. It’s something we feel very strongly about & will always offer within our product range. Forks with brake mounts are here to stay & we’re helping that one bike at a time. #colonybmxbrand #frontbrakebrethren

Millar’s Coppin’ It Sweet DVD part

Stewart Munro, who filmed & edited our 2011 team DVD release, dropped his own full length DVD late last year called, Coppin’ It Sweet. It’s been out since October & he has started to drop some of the sections online for all to enjoy. The first one up is our own Clint Millar’s & here it is below.

I know Clint put in a lot of effort on this section & it has to feature some of the best riding he has ever done. Not bad for someone pushing 40 years old. It also has a cool intro with old footage & photos along with words from some legends like Ryan Nyquist, Dave Osato & Chad Degroot.

Sit back & enjoy some good old technical front brake ramp riding with a few world firsts thrown in the mix.

Clint Millar 39th birthday session

Millar and Glen teamed up a few months ago to film a session in his backyard on his 39th birthday. Being 39 and still progressing is pretty damn impressive and motivational in my eyes.

Advert – Clint Millar

How many BMX brand owners who are 39 years old are still out there killing it? Not that many I would say but I can honestly say Millar is riding better now then I have ever seen him ride in the past 6 or 7 years that I’ve known him. He features in our current 2020 advert with thanks to Brian Castillo for shooting this. That makes it even better that “technically” competing brands can put everything aside and work together and enjoy BMX for what it truly is.


Antipodes – Full video

The full video of the French Ride Sessions who came over to Australia in january for a month just went online. Both Clint and Tom have a couple clips throughout.

Brazil trip updates

So every day or 2 I have been getting sent photos from the guys in Brazil documenting their trip and I must say I am very jealous. It really does look like they are having such a good time along with the locals, just seeing how stoked everyone is in these shots makes me love BMX more and more. Go ride.

Thanks to Renan Souza for the photos.






More from Brazil

Valvo sent through some more photos from the Brazil comp that the guys hit up. Like I said the other day, the guys have been having a blast thanks to our great distro over there Dream BMX. The guys are setting off on a little roadtrip for a few days before heading home, look out for more updates from the trip soon.




I also just spotted this clip of Millar riding the ramp, so stoked he pulled that last trick

Off to Brazil

Ryan Guettler, Chris Courtenay & Clint Millar are off to Brazil this week to meet up with Valvo & ride a mini ramp contest organised with our good mates at Dream BMX. Should be a blast for the guys with a small road trip planned after the event for a few days as well. Look out for updates here while the guys are there.


Coppin’ it Sweet premiere

Stu Munro’s DVD is premiering very soon in Brisbane, Millar has a section in this which I can’t wait to see! Peep the flyer and trailer below.

coppinsweet flyer

Clint clip

Raw clip of Clint which was left over for the filming of his Coppin’ it Sweet section due out in the coming months!

Coppin’ it Sweet DVD trailer

So pretty much as soon as Stu finished the 2011 Colony DVD he put everything he had into filming the Coppin’ it Sweet DVD which is now very close to being finished. Here is the trailer for the DVD which definitely has a good vibe to it and both Clint and Marnold have full sections so keep an eye out for it.

Ten clips throwback – Millar

Today is a year to the day that this ten clips was filmed with boss man Millar, how time flies when you’re having fun. A new one is being filmed today as well, so keep an eye out for that. #frontbrakes

FTLT – Day 2

Yesterday was another good day. We started out in Maryborough & hit up some local street spots which turned out well. Then made the drive to Woodgate but stopped off in Childers on the way to hit some rails.

I was really wanting to show the guys Woodgate though, one for the awesome ramp & also to see the kangaroos that are always hanging right by the ramp. The local wildlife did not let us down & both Jourdan & Brandon got to see their first ever kangaroos. Some good riding went down from Chris as well with some solid stuff going down in the last specks of day light.

Today we are in Gladstone & will be at M1 Cycles at 11am then the park in town at midday. Come & say g’day !!

Yo yo !!

Millar update…

Clint Millar has been keeping busy of late. Riding wise he has been busy filming for his part in Stewart Munro’s new DVD, Coppin’ it SWEET. Filming has almost come to a close now & you can expect to see it out real soon. Check out some random info about the DVD over on the FB page for the project..

In other Coppin’ it Sweet news, Stu is looking to borrow a working type writer for an hour if anyone out there has one available? Contact him via the FB page for Coppin’ it Sweet. He would greatly appreciate it & offers a free signed copy of the DVD in return for the assistance.

Follow the Lines Tour

We are very excited to announce the Follow the Lines Tour which will be commencing next week. This is basically a filming trip along with getting to hang out with a lot of new riders around the country. Being that it will be school holidays we will be visiting a few stores along the way and their local parks & trails even. Make sure you get out to one of the sessions at the shops and local park for plenty of giveaways!

For everyone in between, we will no doubt be hitting up more parks and spots, so keep an eye on our Instagram to see where we are are to catch up for a roll. Can’t wait for this to begin!

A good chunk of the team will be on various parts of the trip and we even have Brandon Van Dulken (Canada) and Jourdan Barba (USA) coming out for it! Both of which have never been here before, so that will be a treat for them & us !!

Colony DVD – Clint Millar & Pete Radivo

Another section from the 2011 DVD we dropped… Clint Millar and Pete Radivo’s section. Plenty of technical mini ramp riding in this along with Millar sending it down some legit rails.

Clint Millar over on RIDE

Clint was apart of a recent interview over on the RideBMX website talking about altercations with the law whilst out riding, have a read here.

Keen for a roll?

Myself, Clint, Chris Courtenay and Peta Shepherd will be hitting up Helensvale park tomorrow afternoon around 2-2.30 then most likely onto Runaway Bay afterwards. If anyone is keen for a roll we look forward to seeing you guys down there!

Perth trip day 1

Myself, Clint, Alex, Tom and Dean are over in Perth for the week filming and heading to the Mandurah comp on the weekend. Today was a fun start to the trip hitting up a few parks and hanging out with local crew. Few random shots from the day, follow us on Instagram for some solid updates during the day/nights @colonybmxbrand

Dean Anderson in town

2020 cover boy, Dean Anderson is in Brisbane visiting for a few weeks & met up with Millar for a roll. Here are a couple happy snaps of the session that followed. More to come soon.

Day edit from Alex

Alex hurt his hip the other day so to keep him sane and still out with his boys he went out and filmed the day out riding with a bunch of crew. Chris, Dean and Clint all have clips in this.

Clint Millar – Ten Clips

A few months ago Clint turned 38 years young and to celebrate he wanted to film a 10 clips on his birthday. We hit up Crestmead until it rained so we finished it off at Rideon Indoor park. More proof that Colony is 100% rider owned and run!

Sunday arvo session…

I met up with Peta Shepherd, Nuke, Glennie & Jessie on Sunday arvo for a chilled roll at Woodridge skatepark & Jessie snapped a few pics, thanks mate! Nothing like a late Sunday arvo roll with good people. Summer is here in full effect people’s, take advantage of it & ride your bikes.

Yo yo !!

Woodward West recap

I thought it would be good to get all the guys from our Woodward West adventure to give everyone a few good memories from the trip. It seems the guys had the same feeling I had which was that everyone instantly gelled together like we had known everyone for years. Have a read, watch the web video and if your hyped on it help us out and go here to vote for it. Thanks!


– Bloody Chris Courtenay doing his hangfive to foot jam drop in, to me it was so crazy, so high and so smooth.

– Driving there in the RV and getting two flats in one day, spending the night in a random small town and riding there local park and going to the movies by myself. Got everything fixed the next day and driving to camp to meet up with everyone. Random 24 hours haha.

Peta Shepherd

– Me trying for hours to land a new trick, 270 footjam tail whip, and one of the awesome campers Kaden Weaver staying there the whole time watching me land it. He was even cool enough to bring me a bottle of water.

Seeing Alex win everyone’s money at dice. Haha.

Clint Millar

– Getting to meet for the first time, some of the new guys on the team – Jourdan Barba, Bobbie Altiser & Brandon Van Dulken. All of which are freaking awesome guys. They fit in with everyone else so well. Stoked.

– Woodward is an awesome place to hang there with all the campers and just ride everyday was perfect. Pitty I injured my hand only a few days into it but good times none the less. Thanks to all my team riders, all the campers & Woodward staff for making this such a good trip.

Paddy Gross

– Ryan being so patient and relaxed after all of the tires on his RV gave up one after another. I was really impressed that he kept smiling and made the best out of it.

– Meeting Bobbie, Jourdan and Brandon was awesome and seeing Bobbie pulling a quad nosepick tailwhip was one moment where I couldn’t find the right “yeah” to justify what I’d witnessed.

– One of the campers (who also lives in Portland) came up and said “you guys don’t act like pros, you act like friends” was a huge compliment and it made me appreciate my teammates even more and it remembered me when I first met the everyone on the team in 2011 for the tour. Everyone felt like being friends for years.

Jourdan Barba

– My best memories from Woodward would be how stoked the kids were to ride with us, it was awesome shredding and teaching them new grinds to try! Also how much of a lady’s man lil Alex is, he probably got 10 kisses on the cheek without trying haha.

Bobbie Altiser

– Bonding with all of you and feeling so welcome. Also, the campers were great. Can’t forget learning about sneaky finger and Australian cee-lo!!

Alex Hiam

– My best memories were playing this game with Ryan when we see a stranger we don’t know we pretend we know them and call out “Kevin” Or “crazy Kev from AFL” until they look and try and convince them that we knew them.

It was also amazing to chill with the team again, always a pleasure to hang with Ryan, Stretto, Millar, Coops, Paddy and everyone that I don’t usually get to see!! It was also rad to meet three new amazing friends and additions to the Colony family, Bobbie, Jourdan and Brandon.

Chris Courtenay

– Straight up when bobbie just comes hammering down the hanger and sends a flair out of nowhere! From doing a quad whiplash (nosepick whatever Clint calls them) haha but he just proved himself more of a legend than he already was!

– The kid who told all the girls he was Alex’s best mate to pick up girls! Hahaha gold.

Brandon Van Dulken

– It was awesome meeting and getting to know everybody! Great vibes with great people. Can’t ask for much more.

Tom Stretton

– My best memories would have to be just meeting the new guys on the team. Jourdan, Bobbie and Brandon. They are all ridiculously good on the bike and even better people off it. Was almost as though you had known them for years.

– Also watching Bobbie just huck flairs after only just trying them into the pit a couple of times one night. Dude is a maniac haha. Was awesome!

Woodward West video is live!!!!

Massive thanks to Woodward West for inviting us to be involved in the video shootout! Go here and watch the videos and vote for us if you enjoy the video!

Colony in the UK

Back In early September 2012 Ryan Guettler, Chris Courtenay and Clint Millar headed over to the UK for 9 days. We met up with UK riders Liam Vance and Sam Davies-Bate and trekked a ridiculous amount of kilometres to a bunch of cool BMX shops and parks hanging out with anyone that was out and about.

Thanks to all the riders and shops that we met and also to Tabletop Distribution for planning it all out. Check out issue 169 of Ride UK for an article from the trip along with 2020 BMX Magazine in Australia. The photos used in the intro were from the riders we hung out along with the team via instagram #colonybmxuk

Bike check – Clint Millar

The boss man Millar recently put together a new bike & after a few requests for a bike check on our FB this video came about. A riding / product feature filmed & edited by Glen McLaughlin our warehouse manager. Check it out.

Inception 2013 complete bike.

We put together this video of the 2013 Colony Inception complete bike so that you can see all the key features to the it. We also hooked up a bunch of clips from some of the team guys to top it off! Read more about the bike here, it’s available worldwide right now!

Colony Inception 2013 complete bike from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

Colony UK tour 2012!

We are very excited to be heading over the the United Kingdom for a week! Myself, Ryan Guettler, Chris Courtenay and Clint Millar will be over there hitting up some shops and riding parks along with Anton McGuirk, Sam Davies-Bate and Liam Vance. Thanks to Tabletop for helping out with the trip. Make sure you get out and come say hi at one of the stops or if you see us at your local park. We also want to get everyone involved so if you use Instagram, take some photos whilst you are out and about with us and #colonybmxuk so we can see them all. No doubt we will have plenty of giveaways for riders along the way aswell.