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Off to Barcelona…

Cooper, Liam, Mick, Zac, Marnold & myself are off to Barcelona today to ride for ten days. Stewart Munro is also coming along to film all the action. We will also be doing a 5 day trip through the south of France with our boys from Unleaded. Hit the guys up at Unleaded for more info on the France trip.

Expect some updates whilst on the trip. Can’t wait to session iconic spots like this below & find our own gems along the way.


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New team pages…

Everyone worked hard to get some new photos for their team pages along with new Q&A’s. I am stoked on how they came up! Check them here, have a read to learn a bit more about the team. Extra thanks go out to the photographers from around the world that helped out with team riders photos. The photo below is of Liam Fahy-Hampton from a fairly recent trip from Brisbane down to Melbourne, it’s amazing what you will find in small towns.


Interview over on ugzine…

James Wade from ugzine was cool enough to approach me about doing an interview for his site. Done over a couple of weeks you can check it out by clicking here now. Thanks for hooking it up James… appreciated. James also runs Dishonour Clothing & you can check it out by clicking here now.


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BMX Union interview…

Kurt over at BMX Union sent me over a bunch of questions recently on Colony & you can check out the end result by clicking here now. Thanks Kurt !!


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On the road again…

We’re on the road again heading our way down from Brisbane to Sydney then Canberra & some of guys making their way back down to Melbourne. On the road we have Liam Fahy-Hampton, Mick Bayzand, Alex Hiam, Nick Richardson, Tom Stretton, Chris Courtenay, Cooper Brownlee & myself. We have also got Stewart Munro along to capture the video moments.

Come along to the Above All grand opening on Saturday too… should be a blast. Click here for all the details.



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Us vs Them… is today !!

Riders from Colony are confirmed as Alex Hiam, Zac Miner, Mick Bayzand & myself. See you there !!

Us-vs -sThem-A3-Print

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Independence day…

Recently we had the entire Australian team in Brisbane for some celebrations of the fact Colony became independent one year ago. We had a chilled jam at a street location with a bunch of pizzas & more than enough drinks for everyone, good times for sure. Here are a few pics from the day & DIG magazine did this interview up with myself on what has been happening the last 12 months & what lays ahead. Featured over on the DIG site now.

Liam Fahy-Hampton.

Clint, you must be stoked to have 100% control of Colony now?
Yeah it’s been a huge undertaking but something that needed to be done. I feel the brand is in a much better place now than just over 12 months ago. I now have total control with the direction of the company in all aspects. I could not be happier on where were headed.

Most satisfying accomplishment since the change?
Just knowing that the growth we have experienced has been because of the hard work I have put in along with the team & my staff members. Thanks guys!

What else are you looking forward to for the year to come?
I am really looking forward to sending the team around the world to ride. I will also get out there on the bike myself again which is something I have missed the last few years.

What else has changed with the brand since you took 100% control?
We have had a total brand re-launch with a new logo & look. Cooper Brownlee has done an amazing job with this & I feel it really looks so much better than before. Our product range has also grown & we have plenty in the works for 2010 & beyond. Another big change has also been that Colony now has two full time employees beside myself. It is so good to be able to share the work load now. Maybe I will even have a life a again outside of working on Colony?

Since the change, what has been the response with shops?
Our dealers across the world & especially here in Australia, have been very favourable with their comments & feedback. Colony is now the strongest BMX brand sold here in Australia which is amazing to know, in a saturated sea of international brands.

Until recently you were doing all the warehouse work yourself, it must be a good feeling packing orders for stores and seeing your products being sent out all over the country and world?
Yeah that was one of the most amazing things to be honest, I really enjoyed it. Just seeing the products I designed being sent out everywhere & in such demand is really satisfying.

Alex Hiam.

Liam Fahy-Hampton.

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Defero online

First online issue of Defero, this one features the recent Flem Banks Jam. Zac, Marnold, Mick, Clint and myself all have footage in this one. Such a great day!

Toormina comp…

Alex Hiam, Nick Richardson, Tom Stretton & myself all went down to Shane Conlon’s comp at his local on the weekend & it was a really fun time. Shane organised the event to raise awareness of the fact that Coffs Harbour needs it’s own ramp park, as it is well behind other regions in the area.

Alex ended up killing it & got 2nd place & $500 for his efforts while Shane ended up winning, showing he really is unbeatable on his home turf. A big shout out must go to Shane for all his efforts in organising the weekend.

We also rode a local full pipe which was a bit of fun & got up to plenty of party antics during the night. Good times in general.


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Flem Banks…

Myself, Mick Bayzand, Zac Miner, Marnold & Liam Fahy-Hampton (although injured) will be there flying the flag for Colony. Should be a fun day. See you there !!


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The other new bike…

Here is my other new bike I made up recently. Something a little different for me with no pegs, gyro or front brakes. Just to mix things up a little. Should keep things fresh. Matt Black this time with Laser Green highlights.


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My new bikes…

I recently put together two new bikes & this is one of them. I am really stoked on how this one turned out. Silver Storm frame, forks, bars & cranks with Dark Blue parts all round. I am looking forward to riding this baby. I will post photos of the my other bike in the next day or two, stay tuned.


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World travellers…

Thought I would let you all know of some of the travel plans the team have going on now or very soon…

Tim Wood was in Singapore last weekend for some demos at a brand new concrete park there, it was amazing park according to Tim. He took a bit of a spill on the vert bowl there but is OK.

Nick Richardson is off to the USA for 2 months to stay at Ryan’s house in Greenville. Expect some good things to come from Nick while over there. Nick also recently put together a nice new 2010 Gnarkill Frame.

Zac Miner & Liam Fahy-Hampton are off to China at the end of the month for an invitational comp over there in Beijing. Should be interesting.

Shane Badman is due back to Australia soon after a few years in Europe.

Mick Bayzand is also coming home in October after 18 months in Canada. It will be good to have him back in Australia.

I am off to the US in a couple weeks for Interbike. So looking forward to the Nora Cup party once again, just not the day after.


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What a weekend…

These few pics here pretty much sum up the weekend just gone up here. Zac killed the Botanical Gardens rail in the city with this over ice. Then smashed his face on a messed up gap to second stage tooth hanger on another rail. Everyone got pretty loose at Spinal Disorder. Way too much alcohol was drank over the weekend. Oh, and a little riding went down too. Good times.


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Carhartt store – Sydney

On my way back from Melbourne last week I dropped into Sydney for a few days & hit up the Carhartt store there. I love going there… so much good stuff & Andrew always hooks me up big time. Thanks again to the guys at Carhartt for the hook up.


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A little news…

On Tuesday the 11th of August, my lovely girlfriend Niki & I tied the knot & are now married !! It was a very exclusive event with just immediate family present. A wonderful day was had by all & exactly what we wanted.

We will have a large party later on this year to celebrate. Words can’t describe our good it feels to be able to call Niki my wife.


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Weekend trip away

On the weekend Alex Hiam, Mark Mathews-Frederick & myself travelled up north to Maryborough on a little roadtrip.

First we dropped into Gympie to stretch our legs & rode the park they have there. Not much to ride but was still a fun time. After there we headed to Woodgate as I heard about a concrete mini ramp there. This thing is amazing. So smooth & really good transitions. There were even a bunch of kangaroos hanging out in the field by the ramp. So Aussie.

That night we stayed in Maryborough with all the crew from Brisbane & the Gold Coast that were up for the trails jam the next day. It was a fun night of talking smack & having a few drinks.

The next day was all about the trails. These things are so much fun & a huge shout must go to the locals up there for their amazing efforts on these over the years. I didn’t get any pics of the trails but I am sure some will pop up somewhere soon.

On the way home we dropped in for a quick swim at a local river & I mean a really quick swim. The water was damn freezing !! After our swim we dropped into Nambour to ride the park there. Good times. Nambour is actually has the very first ramp I ever rode way back in 1988.

Getting away from the usual is always a good time & if you’re bored of your local, go get some mates, get in the car & go on a little road trip. You wont regret it.


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Mini interview…

I have a mini interview over on the Flatland Australia blog, if your interested to check it out feel free to click here now. You can also check out my new flatland bike which was proudly painted by Rob & Ross at Lewis & Sons Powder Coating, thanks guys. Appreciated. Make sure to give them a call for any powder coating needs you may have.


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Colony / Vans trip video – Part 3

The final installment of our series of 3 videos from our Australian trip earlier this year. Got a few little bangers in there for you… hope you enjoy it !!

Colony / Vans Australian Trip Part 3 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

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Colony / Vans trip video – Part 2

Hope you like it… stay tuned, part 3 next week.

Colony / Vans Australian Trip Part 2 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

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An oldie but a goodie…

Just an old video from last year when a bunch of the team travelled to Canberra for a week of riding. This video is the result of that week, good times. Enjoy.

Colony BMX in Canberra from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

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Dirty Drains Jam

Today Richo, Alex, Cooper Brownlee & myself went to the Dirty Drains Jam in Brisbane. It was a really good turn out & a good vibe as well. I got way too much sun but still had fun none the less. Here is a pic of Richo in the long jump comp that went down. It was a great day & a everyone had a good time. It was good to see everyone having a good time in one place.


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Interview on No Soccer online now…

I recently did an interview with an Italian BMX website called, No Soccer. You can click here now to read it.


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A little something…

Clint Millar - whip nosepick to whip back from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

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I wanna go to Japan again

My long time friend from Japan, Shoe-G, did an interview with myself a while ago now. He has just got it up in English for all to check out. It’s a little old now but still pretty cool & Shoe-G wanted to world to see it. So check it out by clicking here now.

Thanks for the interview & kind words at the end Shoe-G. I so wanna go back to Japan again. Last time I was there it was amazing & Shoe-G took me to the best Sushi ever while we shared a bottle of Jack together. Good times… you rule mate.


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Blast from the past…

Check this out from 1991, top left is myself while top right is Ryan Guettler.

This was at the FlatAmp Comp Series held at Nunawading & featured in the August/September issue of BMX National. I ended up winning 16 years flatland & Masters flatland while getting 3rd in 16 years ramp while Ryan won the 14 & under ramp class at a mere age of 8 years old.

Thanks to Matt Holmes from 2020 BMX magazine for the bringing back the cool memories that seem so long ago.


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Cali trip video

After interbike this year Ryan Guettler, Steve Woodward & myself did a little riding around Southern California for a few days. It was a good relaxed time riding our bikes & having fun. Here is a little video I made up from what footage we captured, nothing crazy but good times for sure. If you like you can click here for the higher quality quicktime file or watch it below. Enjoy.

Interview on BMX Union

Kurt from over at BMX Union sent me an interview a few weeks ago & I finally got the chance to complete it. You can check it out on Kurt’s site by clicking here.


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Carhartt advert

Carhartt are my clothing sponsor & they recently asked me to produce a video advert for the up coming RebelYell BMX Magazine DVD, due out with their next issue. If you click here now you can check out the extended version of this advert. Enjoy.


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Wanna learn nosepicks?

I did this how-to for Ride BMX on Saturday while out at Woodward West.

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