Hey Guys,

I am back riding everyday now , feeling healthy and strong. So motivated to ride as much as I can.

Myself & Troy Charlesworth have been busy working on a new edit hitting all parks around Brisbane. Troy’s also filming separate videos with Boyd Hilder & Jason Wattz aswell, there all such good dudes.

The past week Ryan Guettler has been staying at my place. It’s been awesome having him here, never a dull momemt. the night he flew in, We drove to Alexander Headlands skatepark with Boyd & jason, Booked a hotel and woke up at 4:20 and shot the sunrise of the halfpipe on the beach. check all the photo’s below.

I just got back from the Fox Breaking Boundaries Tour. We flew to melbourne, Sydney & Goldcoast all in 5 days. At all stops there was a Fox Demo, signing, meet & great with the Fox BMX team. Was amazing how many kids were at these events riding there hearts out. Was a good feeling to give back to the younger riders. At Melbourne, Moomba festival, Me & Ryan got picked to feature on Australia wide national TV on Channel 10 for 30secs which was cool. So stoked I got to be apart of such a fun trip. I’ll never forget this one. Was great to hang with the rest of the Fox crew. On the trip, I took a little slam and got a real hip bruiser now, So for the next week I have to stay of the bike & let this minor injurie heal

Also Shout out to Wahoo Taco’s for the amazing taco’s the other day,,, Always looking after the Bmx’rs !

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