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New Colony flow rider in France

The guys at Unleaded have hooked up another rider in France with Colony recently, his name is Libellule. Check out the cool bike check video below with some really good riding on his Bloody Oath frame with Official forks & our Colonial cranks. Many thanks go out to Unleaded for hooking him up.

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From Russia…

Our Russian team rider Oleg, (Bibu is his nickname) just sent me this cool web edit he put out recently. It has an artistic feel to it which is refreshing to see. Pretty cool stuff in there & good to see BMX is alive & well over there. Oleg also runs a really cool Russian BMX website, so if you can read Russian check it out here.

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Jonny Devine video…

Jonny Devine, our UK flow team rider sent in this cool little edit of him & some friends at a park escaping the cold weather over there. Look out for Jonny in the red flannel shirt. Some cool riding & good editing to boot. Thanks to Stephan Melling for making the video.

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Peta Shepherd edit

Peta sent me this edit she did from her riding over the last few months. She does some stuff in there that some guys (including myself) can’t do… check it out.

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Jonny Devine checks in…

Our flow team rider in the UK, Jonny Devine, sent over some pics of his current bike. A Bloody Oath with all our goodies on it. The weather over there is -2 degrees C at the moment so not much riding happening, just playing with the ice. A little bit different to here of late with 38 degrees C on new years day which was spent on the beach, perfect.



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Attila Godi bike check

Attila Godi, our flow team rider in Hungary, sent me some pics of his new set up. It looks the goods with the Black & Gold theme, check it out below. Many thanks go to our distro in Hungary, Harlee Distribution for hooking us up with Attila.




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Welcome Michal Mycek

With many thanks to our distributor in Poland, BMX Forever, we would like to welcome to the flow team Michal Mycek. Check out some pics of his new Bloody Oath below & the quick video of him riding an indoor park in his city, Wroclaw. It’s raining all the time over there right now so not much chance to ride outside.



Liam Vance’s new bike

Alan Wood’s from Alans BMX in the UK, sent me over an email about Liam Vance’s new bike he has just built up. Liam is hooked up through Alans with Colony & is now on a 2009 Bloody Oath 19.8″ frame. It looks the goods for sure with all the Tangerine parts on it. Click here for the full scoop on it now. Thanks to Alans BMX for helping out Liam with Colony.


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Jonny Devine update

Jonny sent me a little update from over in the UK today & it seems he had a little mishap with his ankle… see the pic below. He will be back on the bike in no time but still looks rather painful. The weather has gone to shit over there as Jonny put it & said that it’s all just indoor park riding right now. All good though as he has a few to choose from which he will be back riding soon enough. Jonny also just put our new Colonial Cranks & Teddy Bars on his bike from Alans BMX & loves them. Thanks Jonny!


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30 seconds with Bruno Faucon

Spotted this short video up on Data BMX. Short but sweet. Click here to check out our French connection.


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More Bruno Faucon…

The guys at Data BMX let me know about some more clips our own Bruno Faucon from France has scored in a recent video of theirs. Check it out below.

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Zac Miner’s new steed

Zac Miner recently put together a fresh new bike & here are some pics of it. Zac’s Colony parts lists is as follows…

Frame: Hell Stallion 21.25
Fork: Hell Stallion
Headset: Colony
Stem: Official
Bars: Bloody Oath
Cranks: Colonial
BB: Colony
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic
Hubs: Clone
Seat: Mid Pivotal
Seatpost: Pivotal
Pegs: Oneway CrMo


Many thanks to Nick Gascoine for the pics.

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Matt King bike check…

Matt King recently put a bunch of new 2009 parts on his bike & here it is for you to check out. All these parts are available now at a store near you.

Matt’s Colony parts list is as follows…

Frame: Hell Stallion 21.25
Fork: Hell Stallion
Headset: Colony
Stem: Official
Bars: Teddy
Barends: Konka
Cranks: Colonial
Sprocket: Official
BB Kit: Colony
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic
Hubs: Clone
Seat: Bones Mid Pivotal
Seatpost: Colony Pivotal
Pegs: Oneway CrMo




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Bruno Faucon video

Spotted this video of our French team rider, Bruno Faucon, up on the Unleaded BMX website, enjoy.

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Zac Miner scores the cover of 2020

Zac Miner has scored the cover of the new 2020 BMX magazine. This makes it 3 magazine covers in a row now for Colony with Mick Bayzand on the last 2020 & Liam Fahy-Hampton on the last issue of Rebelyell. A huge congrats goes out to Zac Miner who has been killing it of late. Thanks for all your hard work Zac !!


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Attila Godi random pic

Spotted this cool pic of our Hungarian flow team rider, Attila Godi, up on his myspace. Thought it was cool, so I stole it & posted it here. Enjoy. Attila rides for us through our Hungarian distributor, Harlee Distribution.


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Zac Miner edit

Yo… check out this little edit of Zac Miner that Troy Charlesworth did up. This is made up of his throw away clips from Troy’s new DVD due out this weekend. It’s still got some really good clips in there which shows just how much of a bad ass rider Zac is. You rule mate !!

Bibu ‘light street’ edit

Bibu, our Colony team rider in Russia, let me know about a little split edit with his friend Vanya & himself. Just some daily riding with nothing special he put it, just what we in Russia call, ‘light street’. Bibu filmed it in three days of riding around just having fun, enjoy.

Bruno Faucon footage

Yo… check out this footage from the recent Vibrations comp in France by clicking here. Looks like it was a good event with an amazing course. Keep an eye out for some clips from our Bruno killing it. Thanks to the guys at databmx for the hook up.


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Zac Miner pic & DVD premiere

Yo, here is a random pic that Cooper Brownlee from Focalpoint sent me of Zac at the Halloween jam in Sydney on the weekend. Thanks Coops !! Word on the street is that Zac has some big news popping soon… keep an eye out in the media over the next few weeks is all I am going to say.

Zac has a section in an upcoming new DVD from Troy Charlesworth, called Epic Invasion. The premiere is on Friday the 14th November in Canberra at Zac’s house. If you don’t know where Zac lives then it seems you’re not invited, haha. Gotta be in the know on this one.


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Bruno Faucon random pic

Spotted this random riding pic of our French team rider, Bruno Faucon up on our French distros site, Unleaded. That park looks amazing & as always Bruno comes through with the goods with his riding. Bruno has been on an Unleaded team trip throughout France the last few days.


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Jonny Devine web edit

Jonny is our team rider in the UK & he made up this cool little web edit from a few scrap clips he had laying around & a trip he did to Cologne, Germany earlier this year. Enjoy!

Jonny Devine 3 from Jamie Barron on Vimeo.

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Jonny Devine pics

Jonny sent me a couple recent pics of him riding an indoor park in the UK. The weather over there is starting to get bad so riding outdoors is not much of an option. Jonny has also just put together a new bike recently & we will have pics up here soon. Looks like the kid in the corner is pretty stoked to see Jonny do a taybo!


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Zac & Liam go to a birthday party…

A few weeks ago Zac & Liam thought it would be a great idea to go ride Rampfest one afternoon but when they arrived were told the park had been privately booked out for a birthday party. This meant they couldn’t ride, damn. Fortunately, the kid who’s birthday it was was cool enough to let them join the party & they got to session with the crew. Many thanks go out to Tom, the birthday boy, for letting Zac & Liam in on the fun. Greatly appreciated mate.

Due to Liam’s shoulder problem’s right now he has been only able to ride ramps of late & more so the foam & resi at Rampfest. Word has it that tricks like fronties, frontie drop-ins, double backies etc have been happening. Can’t wait to see Liam take those to the streets. He is due for keyhole surgery soon to have his shoulder fixed but will be back before you know it.

In other news Zac learnt flairs in like 3 goes which I guess helped him get 4th place at the recent Spinal Disorder in Melbourne. The boy killed it, good shit.

Zac with Tom on the left.

Is that a chain & sprocket on Liam’s bike? Liam & Zac at the b’day party.

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Attila Godi video

Attila Godi is our flow team rider in Hungary supported in conjunction with Harlee Distributions. He has put together this cool little park edit. Attila is primarily a street dog but as you can see here can hold his own the parks just as easy. Enjoy. Many thanks go to Harlee Distro & Attila for their support for Colony.

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Alex Hiam wins Spinal Disorder

I just got an email from John B that Alex Hiam won the Am class of Spinal Disorder in Melbourne on the weekend. Stoked. Alex killed it from what I am told & truly showed his skills on a bike. I am so very proud of him & gotta thank him for repping Colony & being such a cool kid. You rule Alex!

Alex with his bunch of prizes in the lost property box.

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Bruno Faucon bike check

Bruno has a bike check up on our French distributors website, Unleaded. He has just put together a Hell Stallion frame & fork loaded with Colony parts. Click here if you want to see his parts list & can read French.

Many thanks go to the guys at Unleaded for hooking us up with Bruno & supporting the French BMX scene.


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Alex’s new bike…

Alex Hiam was down at Crossley Cycles today building up a new bike, well actually giving his new ride a custom paint job courtesy of Mick Lav. They did a pretty good job & it looks the goods.

Alex rides our 2009 Bloody Oath frame in the special ‘kids’ size. It features a 19.8″ TT with a 13.5″ rear end & weighs in at 4.2lbs. It’s aimed at the younger riders out there that want a high quality, light weight frame that also has the geometry to suit them.

They are shipping to selected countries now & will be available over the coming weeks depending where you live.


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Alans BMX & Liam Vance

AlansBMX in the UK have been flowing Liam Vance some Colony gear for a little while now. The kid is only 11 years old & by the looks of these pics killing it already. Kids these days hey?



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Weekend up north report…

As reported myself, Alex Hiam & Peta Shepherd went up north for the weekend, namely for Tuckfest in Rockhampton. A great time was had by all & some riding was done. Both Alex & Peta ended up 3rd in the comp with Alex in pro & Peta in expert. Some great riding was seen from all the locals & there were plenty of riders from the surrounding towns like Mackay & Hervey Bay. It was a good day for sure.

On our travels we also hit up a few other parks along the way & had some sessions. We meet up with two sisters who ride by the names of Tahlia & Natalya Diehm. They both ride Colony Sect frames with Natalya on her Sect frame with many thanks to Chris Courtneay. He gave her the frame he won from the comp in Rocky, damn straight up awesome to see. In fact, everyone from the trip who won some prizes gave them back out to others who needed them more than themselves. So good to see. Alex even made some more fans & was asked for his first autographs… a star in the making for sure.



Calliope is like a mini version of Alex’s favourite park, Kuraby.

The fun little park in Childers.

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