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Oleg edit & jam in Moscow

Oleg Alexsandrov, our boy in Russia, sent me a link to his latest web edit he has floating around cyber space. Some rather impressive moves in there for sure. He also told me about a comp called the Adrenalin Games happening in Moscow September 20th & 21st. If you’re in Moscow then check it out. Click here for more information.

Untitled from insidebmx2 on Vimeo.

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Happy Birthday Alex !!

Alex Hiam turns 13 years old today !! We wish him the best day possible & hope he has a great year ahead. Thanks for being an important part of Colony mate & I am looking forward to the times ahead of us.

If you need a refresher course on what Alex is capable of click here for his web video.


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Colony in Brisbane.

Yo… Liam Fahy-Hampton & Zac Miner are in town for the weekend to get some riding in, clock some clips & have a good time. Cooper Brownlee from Focalpoint is also in town to document the action for his next issue of the magazine.

Liam hurt his already wrecked ankles but could be good for the rest of the trip, only time will tell. Zac did some cool shit today, as always. Tomorrow we plan to hit a few more spots & Richo should be around too before his delayed knee operation due this coming Wednesday. Expect a brief web edit from the action this weekend soon.


Thanks to Cooper for the pics today.


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Alex Hiam bike check

I have been riding with Alex a fair bit lately & I thought it would be a cool thing to show you what he is riding at the moment.

We made him a custom Bloody Oath a while back & now it will soon be offered as a standard line for all those younger kids out there who want a high performance frame. The frame is a special Bloody Oath with a 19.8″ top tube & 13.5″ rear end. These frames will be available in selected countries in September.



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Matt King bike check…

Matt King has a bike check up on the new Helensvale BMX website. Click here to check out what Matt rides.


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Jonny Devine bike check

Jonny sent me some pics of his new set up & you can check out his list of Colony parts below. Also a shot of him riding a cool looking bowl. Jonny has also booked a trip to Cologne, Germany with Will Jackson & friends, should be a fun time. Be on the lookout for some pics & footage here from that trip.

Frame: Colony Bloody Oath 21
Fork: Colony Official V3
Bars: Colony Bloody Oath
Stem: Colony Official
Headset: Colony
Seat: Colony Pivotal Mid
Seatpost: Colony Stump Pivotal



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Bike checks up on Helensvale BMX

Helensvale BMX have a new re-vamped site up now & it features a few bike checks from some of the Colony team. So far there is one on my current bike & Toby Matthews.


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Jonny Devine video…

Check out this short video of our newest team rider in the UK, Jonny Devine.

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Welcome to the team, Jonny Devine !!

Our newest team member is all the way from the UK, his name is Jonny Devine & will now rep for us over there. We here at Colony are super stoked to have Jonny on board with us & he is now decked out on a fully loaded Bloody Oath with a swag of our stuff. Many thanks go out to Alan’s BMX for their help with getting him his new set-up so fast. I also must say a shout out to Will Jackson for putting us onto Jonny in the first place.

Check out this short bio on Jonny below… check back soon for a full bike check.

Name : Jonny Devine
Birthdate : 20/01/1989
City : Preston
Country : England
Riding since : 2001/2002 somewhere around that time!
Favourite riding spot : Anywhere that’s good and I’m with my friends!
Favourite Colony product : Official stem
Favourite Colony team rider : Not to sure either Liam Fahy-Hampton or Nick Richardson. I really don’t know the whole team is unreal!!!



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Hungarian bike check with Attilla Godi

Our Hungarian distributor, Harlee Distribution, has just received their first shipment of Colony parts & they are proving to be very popular already.

I would also like to formally welcome to our flow team, Attilla Godi, as our Hungarian Colony rider. We are stoked to have Attila in our worldwide family.

Check out Attila’s brand new ride he has built up here. Looks great with the Grey & Pale Blue colour combo. His bike is full of these Colony parts…

Frame – Colony Sect 2008 model 20.5″
Fork – Colony Official V3
Stem – Colony Official
Bars – Colony Unlucky13 7.9″
Barends Colony Konka
Headset – Colony
Sprocket – Colony Official 25T
Seat – Colony Slim pivotal
Seatpost – Colony pivotal




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Alex Hiam web vid

Our latest web video is with our 12 year old ripper, Alex Hiam from Brisbane, Australia. Alex is on our flow team through Crossley Cycles & we filmed this section over the past 4 weekends.

I really like his riding because he has such a great mix of tech but check the video & make up your own mind. The best thing about Alex is his attitude towards riding. He is all about just having fun & is always smiling on & off his bike. Alex has the skills no doubt & I am looking forward to the years that lay ahead for this kid.

Click here to check out his video.


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Bruno Faucon bike check

Unleaded in France hooked us up with Bruno Faucon to be on our flow team. Bruno kills it over there & has just built up a fresh new ride. Check out his bike check on by clicking here now.

Thanks for the awesome support from the guys at Unleaded, databmx & Bruno himself… perhaps one day we have to organise a Colony tour in France?


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Peta’s new bike…

Peta Shepherd just put together a 2008 MVP frame in 20.75. She wanted something a little longer than her Sect 20.5 which was actually one of the original prototypes that we ever had made.

Soon this frame along with all our 2008 frames will be available worldwide. 

Thanks for everyones support out there & waiting patiently, we appreciate it.



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