A few weeks ago Zac & Liam thought it would be a great idea to go ride Rampfest one afternoon but when they arrived were told the park had been privately booked out for a birthday party. This meant they couldn’t ride, damn. Fortunately, the kid who’s birthday it was was cool enough to let them join the party & they got to session with the crew. Many thanks go out to Tom, the birthday boy, for letting Zac & Liam in on the fun. Greatly appreciated mate.

Due to Liam’s shoulder problem’s right now he has been only able to ride ramps of late & more so the foam & resi at Rampfest. Word has it that tricks like fronties, frontie drop-ins, double backies etc have been happening. Can’t wait to see Liam take those to the streets. He is due for keyhole surgery soon to have his shoulder fixed but will be back before you know it.

In other news Zac learnt flairs in like 3 goes which I guess helped him get 4th place at the recent Spinal Disorder in Melbourne. The boy killed it, good shit.

Zac with Tom on the left.

Is that a chain & sprocket on Liam’s bike? Liam & Zac at the b’day party.

Yo yo !!