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Simon O’Brien interview

Simon was recently in California and he teamed up with TCU for an interview all about his life dedicated to Flatland. Such a good look into Simon’s life, really enjoyed this.

Simon O’Brien update

Just got back home from my month long trip to the states.It was an amazing trip, it’s been so long since ive been back to the USA. I went over for my brothers wedding but turned it into a riding trip also. I spent some time in LA and then Denver as well as traveling around Colorado which is a beautiful state.

Some BMX highlights were….
Pistoleros jam’ in LongBeach.
Doing a shoot with RideBMX.
Doing and interview for TCU.
Riding with locals in both LA and Denver.
Filming for an upcoming project with @stewartmunrovideo
Battle in the Rockies comp in Denver.

Upcoming will be the release of a video i’ve been working on with @stewartmunrovideo and I will be working on an edit for @thebboyspot.

Follow me @simonobrienofficial. Photo is at Red Rocks shot by Bobby Carter.


Down Underground Final

As usual we are supporting the Down Underground Flatland series. Well the final is upon us so for anyone near Melbourne at the end of the month make sure you go check out the session, no doubt it will be entertaining. Check our entire Exon Flatland range right here.

dug round 3 series 7 melbourne 28th November 2015

Pistolero Jam

Simon was recently in LA and whilst in town he hit up the Flatland jam that went down in long Beach with a bunch of crew. He puts out some amazing lines in this video. We do an entire Flatland range so click here for more info on the EXON range.

Shane Badman update

Hey guys! Finally winter has passed and spring is here meaning that I can go back to riding regularly and without worrying if I’m gonna snap a finger off because of the cold!

To pass the final month of winter in Australia, I headed over to Europe for just under 4 weeks with my lady, Nina. We basically a week in the UK, Lake Como in Italy and in Greece where we did some sailing around the Greek Islands. The bike came with me (of course!) and I managed to get a bit of riding in which was awesome and catch up with a few friends over there while enjoying some awesome Euro summer weather.

The other cool thing was that Nina and I got engaged! Being a bit of Star Wars and James Bond fella, I popped the questions at one of the villas near Lake Como where the movies are filmed, so not only did she say yes but I have an awesome story to go with it haha!

Since being back in Australia it’s been pretty hectic as I’m about to be moving back to Adelaide in the next month which will be awesome. Before I go I’ve got a bunch of shows lined up with Nikon Cameras in Melbourne and at a festival in Derby River in Tasmania. Can’t wait, some good times on the road coming up.

The other thing I am really stoked on is the full 2016 Colony EXON Flatland range is now out and available worldwide. Massive thanks to Clint and everyone at Colony for being behind flatland since day I and making this happen!

Hopefully see all you guys out there riding! Check where I’m at on

Instagram @shanebadman

Ride on!


Badman_The Green Mile London

Simon O’Brien update

Just a little update of what i’ve been up to of late……..

I’ve been doing a lot of recovering from being unwell towards the start of the year, which has involved finishing off study ( Diploma in Safety / WHS ) , getting back on the bike and finding work in my not so booming area.

I recently got hooked up on American clothing company ‘Biggest and Baddest’ who are right down my alley being all about hip hop, graff and breakdancing! I love their style and direction. Be sure to check them out everyone…such good quality!

I’m hanging out for the release of Colony’s EXON flatland line, it’s gonna be great! I’ve been working on a dvd section for Stewart Munro, which is good motivation.

Also starting to film for a section for Viki Gomez for the Tokyo film festival, I also have an upcoming art gig which will be different and fun. And heading to LA and Denver in October. Busy with my BMX which is great!

Photo by @michaelharrisphotography




Shane & Simon update

Hey guys – just got home from an epic weekend! Simon O’brien and myself were recently asked to do shows for super producer and DJ, Mark Ronson at Splendour in the Grass where he headlined. He’s won a bunch of awards for his music, but has also produced for other massive artists like Amy Winehouse, Adele and Lana Del Ray. Crazy.

This year he put together a massive show to take around the world and for one of their tracks, The Bike Song, they wanted to have Flatland in it – stoked! While rain, a wet stage and tiny, tiny area to ride in made it tough, the massive crowd were stoked which was awesome.

Huge shout out to Mark Ronson and crew for getting BMX and flatland out there and putting on a massive show!

Check out more photos on our instagrams – @shanebadman and @simonobrienofficial

Show time - photo by Nina Wiltshire

Simon and Shane backstage - photo Nina Wiltshire

Simon, Mark Ronson, Shane - photo Nina Wiltshire


Over on the Focalpoint website there is a photo gallery shot by Cooper which among others features Zac, Marnold, Luke Parker and Shane Badman. You can view all the images right here.



Yo yo !!

A night with Shane Badman

Tuesday night I spent rolling around Melbourne city with Shane on the hunt for some unique spots to shoot photo’s. We came up on a few great spots and the photos below are the result from shooting at them, we had a bunch more spots planned but ran out of time so no doubt we will be back at it soon…




Simon O’Brien video

Any Simon footage is good footage, check the latest wizardry from him in this new video filmed at a few of his local spots…

Simon O’Brien video

Simon O’Brien is the man. We have some big things underway in regards to our Colony flatland range for 2015. More on this soon.

Check out the video below from Simon.

Simon O’Brien update

In between these crazy storms I’ve been getting a bit of a ride in on the new bike. I haven’t had a new set up in so long, so I’m really enjoying it! Also getting used to a new style of bike is always fun. I have an edit coming out shortly, which I’ve been working on for a while…watch out for that! Follow me on Instagram @simonobrienofficial and my Facebook athlete page!





Shane Badman update

2014 has been a hectic year! Crazy to think that it is December all ready, it wasn’t that long ago I was thinking what I wanted to do this year riding wise and now I’m starting to think about 2015.

The past few months have been super busy. I got a chance to go on an awesome riding trip to Japan for 8 days with some really good crew. Such a good place for BMX for sure with so many young riders that dominate! We rode at Osaka, Kobe and Kyoto – all with amazing scenes and Japanese awesomeness.

On getting back I got the demos done for the T20 International Cricket competition in Adelaide and Melbourne. We had a really small space to ride, but stoked that over 50,000 people got to see BMX and Flatland up close and personal over the two shows. Good times.

We also recently had the last round of the national DownUnderGround BMX Flatland series that Colony are behind and have supported since day One (thanks guys!). Strong turnout in Pro and I ended up finishing in 3rd place and 2nd overall for the year end title. Pretty happy, but keen to do better next year for sure!

The best thing that has happened though… The prototype frame and parts that Simon O’Brien and myself have been working on designing with Clint and Colony on, have arrived. This includes: frame, forks, bars, stem, cranks, sprocket and pegs. They are riding really good and the feedback on them from everyone has been awesome so very stoked on that for sure. Massive thanks to Clint and Colony for supporting Flatland all these years!!

Summer officially has landed so it’s all about riding as much as possible! Hit me up on instagram @shanebadman


T20 International Cricket Demo_Shane Badman


DownUnderGround video results

The DownUnderGround flatland series for which we’ve been long time supporters of recently just had their latest video round go down. You can see the winners & all videos entered by clicking here now. Shane Badman came out in 2nd place & you might even notice Mr. Millar in the mix with a respectable 3rd place? A big thanks to Freestyle Now & BMX Flatland Australia for getting behind these events.

The finals are on this weekend in melbourne, so if you’re into flatland & want to see what it’s all about head on in to the Imax in Melbourne for some flatland action. Click here for more info.

DownUnderGround Round 3 the finals Melbourne November 2014

Down Underground final

Get down to Melbourne on the 29th of November for the Down underground series final that is happening at Imax. We are supporting the event and you can read more about there event here.DownUnderGround Round 3 the finals Melbourne November 2014

Down Under Ground Rd 2

Round 2 of the Down Under Ground flatland series is a video round. So get out there & film your own 2 min run & get it entered. Click here for full info on the BMX Flatland Australia website for full details.

Downunderground round 2 - the video round 2014

Yo yo !!

Shane Badman update

Hey guys, daylight saving has arrived which means more riding time. Stoked. Got a busy month or so coming up with some demos at the T20 and heading to Japan next week for a riding trip with a bunch of rowdy BMXers… good times ahead. I also did a interview with BMXflatlandAustralia in their Who’s Downunder series. You can check it out here.


Shane Badman_water tank | Photo by Andras Pentek

Photos by Andras Pentek.

Shane Badman update

Hey guys – it’s been a long, cold winter down in the south in country Victoria where I’m living at the moment. Still been pushing on though and had got the chance to do some demos at Federation Square in Melbourne in July, then in August went on a 3 week road trip up the east coast with my good mate from Hungary, Andras Pentek, to Brisbane where I was stoked to catch up with the Boss, Clint Millar and get out for some flatland sessions! From Brisbane, I then drove straight to Adelaide for a few days, then back to country Victoria. Good times on the bike and the road.

Stoked that summer is on it’s way. Will be heading to Japan in October for 8 days on a riding trip, then soon as I get back, keep a look out on your TV’s as I’ll be getting busy doing demos at the T20 International Cricket matches in Adelaide and Melbourne. Thanks to Freestyle Now for that hookup, will be good to get Colony and BMX out to the masses.

Keep in touch on Insty @shanebadman Thanks to Greg Barnes and Andras Pentek for the images.

Shane Badman_Fed Square_Photo by Greg Barnes copy

Shane Badman_Perth_Photo by Andras Pentek

Simon O’Brien back in AUS

After quite some time in Japan Simon is back on home turf and going hard at it. He has been posting up daily content via his Facebook page so be sure to check that out for constant amazing flatland moves…


Simon O’Brien – Deja Vu

The first half of Simon‘s Deja Vu dvd is now online which is great to see. flatland wizard with some crazy tech park moves. More to come…

Simon O’Brien

Simon sent through another great shot that Jason Halayko took. Simon is about to head home from a 3 month trip in Japan. From the sounds of it he has been riding more then ever!


More from Simon

Just a quick update to what I’ve been up to,

The other weekend I went to the monster street comp in Odaiba, Tokyo. Some amazing riding went down. I caught up with Shuhei who is the Japanese Colony team rider, he was shredding and had made a big trip to the comp.

Last weekend I went to ‘Trinity Skatepark’ in Ikebukuro, Tokyo for the ‘On it’ jam. This was a great event, while riders and skaters rode the park, there was live bands, djs and food stalls. It was pretty much a party…people who wanted to ride could, those who wanted to drink and enjoy the music and riding also could.

This weekend coming im going to a big flatland jam on saturday then a demo on sunday. Should be good.




Flatland Fracas 2014

We are supporting the Flatland Fracas this year over in Massachusetts on July 20th so be sure to hit it up if you are in the area.


Simon O’Brien in Japan

From the emails I’ve been getting from Simon lately it seems he has been having a blast over in Japan, here is the latest…

I just got back from the Toyama C3 jam which is on the north west side of Japan. As well as checking out the sites of Toyama including the cool castle there, I had a good ride with everyone and also judged the contest.

Lately I’ve been spending alot of time in Tokyo lately. Catching up with some street rider and flatland mates. The last few days ive been cruising the city with Jason Halayko (Japans No 1 Redbull photographer) and getting some great shots. More photos here.

Thanks to Jason Halayko for the really nice shot of Simon here…







Simon O’Brien video

Simon O’Brien is a wizard! Even if flatland isn’t your thing this video is well worth a watch. Simon put a lot of time and effort into perfecting his craft and that’s something I can really appreciate…

Simon O’Brien – Made you look

Part 4 of Simon O’Brien‘s solo dvd project from a few years ago. Simon is a true wizard. Check more sections here.

Shane Badman update

Hey guys, the other weekend I made the trip over to Sydney for the first stop of the DownUnderGround Flatland Series for 2014. The series has been going for a few years now and it was awesome to see the turnout with so many riders throwing down in all 3 classes. I managed to get second place in Pro which I was super stoked on!

There’s a full writeup on the DownUnderGround weekend over at BMX Flatland Australia and a few pics and whatnot on my instagram @shanebadman.



DownUnderGround Round One 2014

Next Saturday, on the 18th of January is the first round of the DownUnderGround Flatland Series for 2014. Being held in Sydney it should be a good central event. Word has it that our Shane Badman & Simon O’Brien will be attending.

The organisers would like to make a point of letting everyone know, that all riders are welcome, especially those that are not actual “flat landers” themselves. It will be a great day to hone in those bike controls skills, like hang fives & nose wheelies that are all so integral to modern day BMX riding.

So get yourself along for an awesome day with some of the best flatland riders in the country, should be good times for sure. We are once again proud to support these events & must thank Freestyle Now for organising them as always & for 2020 Magazine for their continued support for series as well.

downunderground round one sydney january 2014

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Shane Badman update

Shane always seems to be up to something cool…

“Busy past few months for sure. Since coming back from my trip to Europe I hit up the final stop of the DownUnderGround Flatland series in Australia in Melbourne and was stoked to take the win!

A good mate of mine from Hungary, Andras Pentek also came for a month to travel, ride and shoot some photos and video for some magazine and web projects that he’s got going on back in Europe. We started in Perth, then Adelaide, then onto Melbourne and a roadtrip through Tasmania. Good times.

While in Tassie, I also did some demos for one of their biggest country festivals, the Derby River Derby which was a lot of fun.

A couple of weeks back, I got an invite to do a flatland show at a professional photographic studio in Melbourne as they were doing a product launch and needed an action subject to test the equipment to an audience of pro photographers. Good times and thanks to Chris Polack for that one.

Gonna be on the road for 16 days over Christmas and New Years across Victoria and South Australia so will keep you guys updated!

And don’t forget to follow me on instagram @shanebadman. I’ve also been updating my site a lot with what I’ve been up to with a heap more detail as well”

Photo: Matt Harvey

Shane Badman - photographer Matt Harvey

Downunderground – Round 3

Round 3 of the 2013 dowunderground flatland series is going down this weekend in Melbourne. If you’re in the area & keen to get in on the action head on over this Sunday to the iMax in Carlton. Hats off to Freestyle Now for putting these events on & for guys like 2020 for getting behind them as well.

DownUnderGround round 3 the finals october 20th 2013

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