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Simon O’Brien one clip…

Simon O’Brien has a one clip as spotted over on Focalpoint.

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Shintaro wins

Shintaro seems to travel alot which is great. He recently travelled to Indonesia for the LevelBikeco flatland competion which he happened to win! Congrats Shintaro.

Simon O’Brien random photo…

A nice random photo of Simon O’Brien entertaining the local fishing kid taken by Nathan Penonzek.

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Simon O’Brien checks in…

Simon O’Brien sent in a quick update on what he has been up to…

Yesterday I met up with Michael Harris and took some pics at an old brick factory, got some good ones. Here is one from my camera. Some good ones to come once Michael sorts them. I’m starting to film again now also, collecting some clips for an edit down the track.

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Shintaro Misawa bike check

Shintaro sent us in a nice photo of his current set-up. Check it out…

Bars: Colony Bull bars
Bar ends: Colony Konka
Cranks: Colony Colonial Flatland version
Frame: Colony Dejavu 17.0″
Grips: Colony HFL
Pedals: Colony Fantastic plastic
Sprocket: Colony Jam Circle V2 20T
Stem: Colony L.T.D
Back wheel: Colony Contour cassette (male)
Front wheel: Colony Contour

Shintaro takes out 1st place…

Over the weekend at the FLATdev 2011 Comp in Malacca, Malaysia our own Shintaro took out 1st place. Congrats mate !!

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Shintaro clip…

Shintaro posted a clip of a link that he has been working on for a while now. Buttery smooth…

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Round 2 – DUG this weekend

The second round in this years DownUnderGround flatland comp series is on this weekend in Sydney. Check the flyer below for full details. There is also a fresh new Flatland Australia website recently launched which you can check out here now.

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Simon O’Brien checks in…

Simon has been keeping really busy of late with a bunch of demos & even TV appearances. Read on below…

Had a gig with NSW Art Gallery on the weekend, did some work with the ‘7pm Project’ prime time TV as well. Also did a demo Saturday and Sunday for the opening of a new exhibition in the art gallery as well, the NSW Premier was also there giving a speech. – Simon.

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Simon O’Brien checks in…

Simon sent in a quick email from his weekend…

Finished up working on the art job Friday then hit up a B boy event in the rocks on the Saturday. Was a great event and location, got to ride the awesome basket ball court outside! Paul Chamberlain and I put on a show for the B boy crews and spectators.

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More from Badman…

Shane Badman with an awesome run before he goes under the knife for surgery on his elbow. Check out more videos from Shane over on the Newcircle site.

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Shane Badman…

Shane Badman has been doing some filming lately & has a bunch of mini edits coming out over the next week. He goes under the knife next week to fix an elbow issue he has had for a while now. Wishing you the fastest recovery mate. During his down time it will give him a little more time to work on Newcircle. If you’re looking for anything Colony flatland then make sure you check out Newcircle BMX.

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Simon O’Brien checks in…

Simon O’Brien sent in a quick email on what he has been up to of late…

I’ve been working in Sydney for last 2 weeks on another art gig, Danger is involved with this project. This project is taking place in a skatepark, using the space to explore the world of abstract. The photo below is of Danger & I half way through our duo piece. This is the first development stage to do a show to try and get backing from the Sydney Festival etc for future development.

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Shintaro checks in…

Shintaro just recently went over to a flatland event in Swiss called Bikedays. He scored a 3rd place finish in the comp amongst some heavy hitters of the flatland world. Congrats mate !!

1st – Matthias Dandois
2nd – Jean-Francois Boulianne
3rd – Shintaro Misawa

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Mat Dagu…

Our distro in Singapore, Twenty Inch Circle, hook up Malaysian flatlander Mat Dagu with Colony parts to ride. Below is a sweet photo of him doing a blender on his Deja Vu frame. Word.

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Simon O’Brien random edit…

Simon O’Brien recently sent up a bunch of footage that he had laying around in his hard drive. In between his work duties here in the warehouse, Glen McGlaughlin edited it together to make this mix of flatland & ramp trickery. Check it out, it’s well worth the look.

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Colony JoMoPro Flatland video…

We supported the JoMoPro Flatland comp went down over the weekend & below is the video as seen over on the Ride BMX site. Click here for more details on the placings. Thanks to everyone that turned out & supported what is already deemed as one of the better flatland comps of late.

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Shane Badman’s new bike…

Shane Badman just put together a new bike with some fresh new colours. You can read about the special paint job over on the Newcircle site by clicking here now. Check out his Colony parts list below…

Frame: Colony Cube 18″
Fork: Colony Cube
Headset: Colony headset
Stem: Colony TLD
Bars: Colony Cube V2
Levers: Colony Transformer V2
Front wheel: Colony Contour wheel
Pegs: Colony Jam Circle (rear drilled out to 14mm)
Seat: Colony Flatland
Seatpost: Colony Flatland 330mm
Cranks: Colony Colonial Flatland Cranks 160mm
Sprocket: Colony Jam Circle 20t
Rear wheel: Colony Contour Rim laced to a 14mm Nankai Bamboo

Mods: Double front brakes yo!

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Broc Raiford back on it…

Broc Raiford has been off the bike for a little while since he lost a few teeth but is getting back into now. The other day he had a little chilled session with a bunch of flatlanders including the likes of Terry Adams & Matthias Dandois.

Thanks to Fat Tony for the photos.

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JoMoPro Flatland comp…

We are the proud presenting sponsor for the JoMoPro World Flatland Circuit that is going down this coming weekend. It should be a huge event with riders coming from all over the planet. Click here for more info now.

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Rayyan off to Switzerland

Rayyan is off to Switzerland for a flatland comp in May. He must be one of the most travelled flatlanders around… good luck over there mate.

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More injuries…

Simon O’Brien was recently up in Brisbane to film & crashed riding the bowl at Fairfield. His knee has now swollen up pretty bad & is in a lot of pain. Hopefully he isn’t out for too long & will be back on the bike soon enough. Rest up mate.

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Simon O’Brien video

Simon O’Brien did some riding for an FMX crew recently & they put together this edit in between shows, enjoy.

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Rayyan on a mission

Another buttery smooth link from Rayyan Ibrahim. Seen over on the Newcircle website.

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Rayyan one clip…

Rayyan Ibrahim (Shintaro Misawa) throws down a single clip for you all in Kuala Lumpur. Spotted over on the Newcircle site.

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Simon O’Brien checks in…

Simon O’Brien sent in a quick email on some stuff he has been up to of late, read on below. Simon also heads over to Japan next month as well.

“The other day made the 7 hour trip out past Albury to Mulwala Lake where I did a demo on the Friday night and Saturday with the Showtime FMX crew. Good times hanging out riding and partying.

I also took part in another of Shaun Gladwell’s art projects in Sydney. This project will
be shown in Melbourne in May. Again the topic is spinning but from a different angle, the footage looked amazing!” – Simon.

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2011 Down Underground Round 1

If you are into flatland & you have been looking for an excuse to travel to Tasmania, then you will want to make sure you are down there for this on February 19th. Check out the video the guys put together for where the event is to be held. Looks really sweet.

The series is presented by Newcircle & supported by many other good folks including us here at Colony. In fact, we’re giving away an Apprentice complete bike for the year end prize for the beginner/advanced class. So get your flatland moves on & get on down to it.

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Fat Tony flatland clips…

Last year we hooked up Fat Tony from Ride BMX with a Colony flatland set up. He wanted to get into flatland & see what he could learn & have some fun along the way. He didn’t get out on the bike as much as he had hoped but still managed to get some clips down. Check them out below.

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Rayyan Ibrahim Bike Check…

Rayyan Ibrahim (formally known as Shintaro Misawa)┬ásent over his bike check today, here is a list of the Colony product on his ride…

CRANKS: Colony, Colonial Cranks (Flatland)

FRAME: Colony, The Cube Frame

PEDALS: Colony, Fantastic Plastic Pedals

STEM: Colony, L.T.D. Stem

WHEEL-BACK: Colony, Contour Cassette Wheel Set (Male)

WHEEL-FRONT: Colony, Contour Front Wheel Set

Product highlight – DejaVu Frame & Fork

Simon O’Brien’s signature frame & fork for 2011 has a special feature in that for every one purchased comes with a free copy of Simon’s latest DVD, aptly named DejaVu. Not only do you get to ride the Australian flatland legend’s own set up but you get to watch his skills over & over at your own leisure. Check them out at the following dealers… Newcircle in Australia & 3edge works in Japan now & Flatland Fuel in a few weeks.

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