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Simon checks in…

Simon O’Brien wrote in to say he recently had the wall at his riding spot done with some art. Should make for some really cool photos & footage there now. Speaking of footage, Simon has been hard at work on his new solo DVD, can’t wait to see that piece.

wallgraffd 002

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A month in Europe

Shane Badman put together this video from his travels throughout Europe in August earlier this year. Enjoy.

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Shintaro’s bike…

Shintaro Misawa just recently put on some DejaVu forks on his bike & the front brakes are back on. Interesting. We will also have some more news on Shintaro soon… so keep an eye out for that.


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2010 Flatland Calendar

Fat Tony has been busy once again producing a flatland calendar & we here at Colony are a part of it this year with our own month featuring Shane Badman. The calendar is available now exclusively through Flatland Fuel for free with every order placed while stocks last. Get on it !!

Click here if you want to read an editorial feature about the calendar.


In other Shane Badman news, he won the Down Underground Round 1 in Perth on the weekend. Click here to read all the results. Congrats Shane !!

Shane also had this this to say…

After being out of Australia coming up to 4 years it’s good to be back. With so much that’s going on in the Australian Flatland scene with Newcircle & the Down Underground National Contest Series I’m so stoked to be getting involved & helping flatland grow even more!

I’m gonna be living in Brisbane which has one of the strongest scenes in Australia so loads is gonna be happening!

Photo by Troy Williams.

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Shintaro off to the Philippines

Our own flatland superstar world traveller, Shintaro Misawa is off to the Philippines early December for a comp over there. I am sure as usual he will do very well in the comp. Shintaro has been on a roll this year. Click here for more details now.


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Shintaro takes 3rd at K.O.G

Our own Shintaro Misawa rode well enough all year to take out 3rd place for the year end at the K.O.G in Japan. Such a good result for such a cool guy. Congrats mate !! Click here & here to read more about it.


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Down Underground is back…

Round 1 is set for November 6th over in Perth once again for the Down Underground flatland series. This time brought to you by Newcircle with support from us here at Colony along with many others. Make sure you go check it out.

downunderground round one 2009

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Shane Badman’s new bike

Shane sent in some pics of his new Cube & it looks killer. He went for a Superman theme & it actually suits Shane very well I think. Shane is super human after all. Just please don’t start wearing tights mate !! Click here now if you want to read his full parts list.


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Simon O’Brien checks in…

Simon wrote in to say he is loving his new bike & is really happy how it turned out. We’re stoked as well. Here are a couple pics from the weekend of Simon on his new DejaVu frame, forks & bars. Click here now if you want to buy these items in Australia. Enjoy.



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Simon O’Brien checks in…

Simon has been keeping busy of late with a few projects such as his next solo DVD which I am sure will be amazing. Can’t wait to see that one.

He also recently just got back from Sydney doing some demos at a b-boy break dance event. He said it was amazing with some of the best breakers in the world there. He also clocked some footage there as the scenery was amazing.

Simon also put together a couple new bikes based around his DejaVu frame, one for street/ramp & the other for flatland. Check them out below.


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Shintaro wins ‘One Cup 2009’

Shintaro just won the ‘One Cup 2009’ in Akita, Japan. It is a rather prestigious comp in Japan & huge congrats must go out to Shintaro. Well done mate !! Top 3 results were as per below…

1st. Shintaro Misawa
2nd. Kentaro Nishiwaki
3rd. Keiji Nakamura


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Shintaro Misawa checks in…

Shintaro Misawa wrote to let me know that he qualified for a spot in the 2010 BMX Flatland World Classic. Congrats !! Click here to read more now.

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Product highlight – DejaVu Frame

The long anticipated signature frame from Simon O’Brien with Colony is now available. Click here for the full scoop now.

dejavu frame black

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I am very pleased & proud to announce the introduction of Australia’s premiere online flatland specific BMX store, Newcircle.

Long time friends Shane Badman & Ross Lavender have teamed up to bring riders in Australia, a place to get all their flatland needs from Colony & much more in the future. They are also set up to export to the world to any country. I believe this is going to be a huge benefit to the local flatland scene & I am excited as to what the future may bring.

Click here to find out all about Newcircle now & while you are there support some fellow Aussie riders & buy some stuff !!


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Shintaro Misawa

Shintaro has a section in the new DVD out now ‘Same Thing Daily.’ Click here to read more about it & Shintaro.


In more Shintaro news check out the video from the Paseo Cup in Japan that he placed 3rd in recently.

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Shintaro on the podium

Shintaro Misawa recently got 3rd place at the Paseo Cup ’09 in Fukushima in Japan. Congrats mate !!


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Shane Badman checks in…

Shane sent in an email on what’s been going on with him. Read on below…

After spending nearly a year in Sweden it was time to get moving. It’s been well over 3 years now since i’ve been living in Europe & i’m starting to lose track of the countries that i’ve visited & lived in. Never forget the riders that i’ve met, nor the riding sessions that i’ve had though… funny how some things stick in your mind?!

I’m in Hungary at the moment just chilling & riding as much as I can. Living in Sweden was great, but winters that last 6 months & very few riders make it tough for any nomadic BMXer. Hungary is awesome for riding. The weather rocks 9 months of the year & all the riders are super motivated – probably a reason I’ve been here every year since 2005. I’ve been staying with one of my good mates, Andras Pentek, who co-owns OG Bike Company. In between him running the business & their shop, we’ve been hitting up spots all over the country including the OG Summer Camp & Contest in Szombathely & visiting riders in a bunch of different cities.

I’ve got another week of riding here & then off to the sunny UK for more riding… stay tuned!


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Shane Badman interview

Shane Badman is over in Sweden right now & has been for quite a while now. He recently did this interview for a Swedish media outlet over there. Click here to check out the short video. If you can read Swedish then click here to check out a short interview with him as well. Shane is such a superstar world traveller. Hurry up & come back home mate !!


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Product highlight – T.L.D. stem

Click here for the full deal now.

TLD Stems

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Simon O’Brien bike check

Simon has a bike check over on the ‘Same Thing Daily’ flatland blog. Click here to check it out.

pics for dane 025-1

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New Shane Badman video

Shane made this awesome video of some ‘scrap’ footage he had collected over the past 9 months. Wish my ‘scrap’ flatland footage was anything like this! Enjoy.

Shane Badman Winter 2008/09 from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

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Simon & Shintaro footage

The ‘Colony Down Underground Series’ finals went down on the 4th of July in Brisbane, Australia. This here is some footage from the final battle between Colony team mates, Simon O’Brien & Shintaro Misawa. Simon came out in front for the win by 1 point, making it a very close competition. Enjoy.

Down Underground Finals – Brisbane. from Colony BMX on Vimeo.

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Colony Down Underground finals

Yesterday the finals went down & it was a real success. Riding wise it all came down to a Colony head to head with Simon & Shintaro. Simon came out on top by 1 point for the win. A big thanks go to all those that organised the series & to all those that rode in it. Next series should be even bigger & better. Check back later this week for a short video of the day.


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Shintaro’s in town

Ross D dropped by the office yesterday with Shintaro, fresh off the plane from Japan. We hooked him with a bunch of tee shirts, one of our new hooded zip ups & some Fantastic Plastic pedals. You can check out Shintaro’s riding at the Down Underground finals today in Brisbane. Click here for more details. I snapped a couple amateur pics of his Colony Cube & a quick session in the warehouse below. Enjoy.


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Down Underground Finals

If you’re keen to check out the flatland scene in Australia make sure you get yourself along to the finals of the Down Underground Series on this Saturday. Heavy hitters from Colony Simon O’Brien & Shintaro Misawa from Japan will be there as well as the majority of the Aussie flatland contingent.


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Shintaro Misawa video

Shintaro Misawa is coming to Brisbane from Japan this weekend for the finals of the Downunder Ground flatland series. Check out this video of him riding on his Colony Cube. Make sure you make it this weekend to the comp. Should be a good time for sure.

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Mini interview…

I have a mini interview over on the Flatland Australia blog, if your interested to check it out feel free to click here now. You can also check out my new flatland bike which was proudly painted by Rob & Ross at Lewis & Sons Powder Coating, thanks guys. Appreciated. Make sure to give them a call for any powder coating needs you may have.


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Flatland session & new Cube bars

Over on the Flatland Australia blog there is a little report from a flatland session we had the other day & some sneak peaks on Shane’s Cube bars on Ross D’s bike. Check it by clicking here now.


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Sneak peak – Cube Bars.

We have been working for some time now with Shane Badman on his own flatland specific signature bars & here are the final samples. They will be out worldwide late August/early September 2009. Specs are as follows…

Material: Full post heat treated multi butted CrMo
Width: 24.5″
Height: 7.9″
Backsweep: 2.5 degrees
Upsweep: 2.5 degrees
Weight: TBA


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Jam Circle flatland pegs…

Click here for the full details now.


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