A couple weeks back Chris set-up a new ride when he got back from from America, loving the matt red.

Frame:Colony Teddy V2 20.85″
Fork: Colony Dagger
Brakes: Colony Transformer
Bars: Colony Bull Bars
Barends: Colony Konka
Stem: Colony Official
Headset: Colony with Colony adjustable spacer
Cranks: Colony Colonial V2
BB: Colony
Sprocket: Colony CC 25t
Chain: Shadow
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastic
Seat: Colony Logo Fat
Seat post: Colony Pivotal
Front Wheel: Colony Contour
Rear Wheel: Colony Female Contour
Hub Guard: Colony Clone Rear
Tyres: Colony Agenda 2.15 & Agenda 1.9
Tubes: Colony Hidden Agenda
Pegs: Colony Oneway