Chris Courtenay is in Greenville, NC at the moment & he wrote a quick email on what he has been up too…

Been in America for 6 weeks now, still got another 2 weeks left. Greenville is going awesome, been riding everyday. Not too many people in town at the moment, seeing it’s going into winter. It’s sorta better in a way that sessions are really small and the parks aren’t really packed! Also the weather is soo perfect to ride in!

Filmed a ten clip edit with Ryan at Jaycee park a couple of weeks back which I was pretty stoked to film, been wanting to do one for a while but injuries weren’t letting me.

Also Vitamin Water put on a comp at Skatecary which is an hour and a bit away from Greenville. I was fortunate enough to win 1st in the pro section. The park was a lot of fun to ride and it was an awesome day, was stoked.

I attached a photo aswell and cant wait to get back to film some more Colony stuff on this new projects Coops has got going on!

Talk soon mate – Chris.

Yo yo !!