Troy Harradine Riding Skateparks

A few months back Troy Harradine put in some work stacking solo clips for the gram. After he posted all the clips he put together the footage an out out these 4 videos, check them out!

Weekend Vibes – Pat Fallico

Troy Charlesworth hung out for a session in the backyard over the weekend and Pat Fallico didn’t hold back for Troy’s camera.

Sam Grace – 2 Days @ Rampfest

Sam Grace recently spent a few days ripping Rampfest indoor park so we documented all the wild moves he was doing. Extra special cameo clips from Mick Bayzand.

Colony Sweet Tooth Pro Complete Bike

The Colony Sweet Tooth Pro is a high end BMX bike setup for all types of riding. Be it hitting parks, trails or street riding this bike has you covered.

The current all Black model also features the Colony Swarm Freecoaster hub.

For The Love Of Transition – Jayden Fuller

Jayden Fuller’s love for deep bowls is almost unmatched so we spent 5 days travelling from Victoria to Queensland riding some of the deepest transitions we could find. While we were on the road we sat down with him and talked about why he loves riding deep ends so much…

City Roaming 001

A new little video series I am working on capturing the going on’s during city rides with friends.

Colony Emerge Complete Bike

The Colony Emerge is a dialed entry level Freestyle BMX bike, coming standard with a full CrMo frame, sealed hubs and sealed mid bottom bracket… Available now.


The Prody Pro is a high end limited edition BMX bike setup for all types of riding with a mid school BMX feel & look.
Be it hitting the parks, street riding or just remembering the good old days. This bike will bring smiles & good times.

Cooper Brownlee Interview

I sat down with Tyson from Backbone recently and talked BMX! Really enjoyed this so i hope it’s insightful for you guys…

Colony Endeavour Complete Bike

The Colony Endeavour is the original complete bike from the range and still holds its own as one of the best bikes in the game. The 21″ top tube gives you plenty of room to move even if you’re a tall person.

Understanding BMX Hubs

Over on the Family distribution site we created an in-depth article on understanding the differences in all BMX hubs, check it out here.

Colony Premise Complete Bike

With the universal 20.8″ top tube and the full CrMo frame, forks and bars the Colony Premise is a great all round BMX Bike.

Colony Prisma Frame

The Colony Prisma BMX frame is our latest street orientated frame with progressive geometry, having a steeper headangle of 76.3˚ and short rear end of 12.7″ slammed.

As run by Jai Lakeman, Max Cvetkovic & Ricky Catanzariti.

Available now.

Joey Battaglia Video

New video for Joey is out for Dans Comp, Joe rips through some great looking spots throughout this video, check it out…

“Joe “Shredder” Battaglia is best known for his tech ramp skills and crazy spins, but the man get down on some street! For his latest Dan’s Comp video Joe set out to film an all street edit with his own unique style. Rain and snow won’t stop Joe.”

Clint Millar Interview

Boss man sits down with Brant Moore and talks BMX! Check this out…

Welcome to the Team – Dean Florian

We’ve been hanging out with Dean Florian a bunch the past few months, not only is he an amazing and creative rider but he’s got a great attitude towards riding & life in general.

We’re stoked to welcome Dean to the team with a session in the backyard on his new Colony M8 build. Looking forward to the years ahead!

Paterico Fallico Bike Check

Pat Fallico recently built up a Blue Colony M8 Lite frame so we sat down. with him and he ran us through his setup. Not only that Paterico smashes out some great riding clips in the backyard.


I put together a collection of my favourite photos from 2022, hope you guys enjoy…

Best of 2022 Footage

Another great year on the bikes! Here’s a collection of some of our favourite clips from the video projects we released this year….

Riders featured:
Paddy Gross. Troy Harradine, Joey Battaglia, Alec Danelutti, Koby Clayton, Jake Wallwork, Steven Woodward, Paterico Fallico, Sam Grace, Jayden Fuller, Clint Millar, Ricky Catanzariti, Max Cvetkovic, Josh Eaton, Chris James and Mick Bayzand.

Anthony Napolitan podcast

Napo sat down with OUR BMX to talk bikes! This is a great listen and history lesson…

Sam Grace Sweet Tooth Build

Sam Grace recently built up a Latte coloured Sweet Tooth frame whilst in Brisbane at the warehouse so we documented the build, check it out, the bike looks awesome!

New Gold Colony BMX Rims

We just landed new Contour and Pretoria BMX rims in limited edition Gold (Australia only) They look great!



Joey Battaglia Bike Check

Joey recently put together some chrome bits on his M8 frame and it sure does look good!

colony m8 bmx frame blue

Frame: Colony M8 20.6″ TT
Forks: Colony Sweet Tooth, 25mm offset
Bars: Colony Sweet Tooth 9.4″ rise
Headset: Colony
Stem: Colony Squareback
Seat: Colony slim Plume seat
Seatpost: Colony Pivotal
Cranks: Colony Venator 165mm
Sprocket: Colony Blaster 28T
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastics 
Hubs: Colony Wasp front, Colony Wasp rear
Grips: Colony Much Room
Barends: Colony Konka
Rims: Colony Pintour
Tyres: Colony Griplock, 2.2″ & 2.35″ 
Brakes: Colony Brethren

colony m8 bmx frame blue

colony m8 bmx frame blue

colony m8 bmx frame blue

Big Air Bike Park Session

Watch Jayden Fuller, Paterico Fallico, Sam Grace and Mick Bayzand keep dry whilst in Sydney and session the Bike Air Bike Park.

Shot and cut by Cooper Brownlee

Prody 8 – What Goes On

Last night we had the premiere for Clint’s full length “Prody 8 – What Goes On” . It was a great night watching the video along with Glen’s recent video piece in the company of good people…

New Colony Tee’s

We just dropped a few new tee’s and colourways, peep them below and grab them here or from your local store!


colony bmx t-shirt white

colony bmx t-shirt black

Jayden Fuller Video

Jayden Fuller ripping around as many deep-ends as possible in his latest video part. Primarily shot around QLD along with a few clips from Sydney and Canberra during our travels.

Shot and cut by Cooper Brownlee.

Rampfest Nationals

Watch Jake Wallwork, Alec Danelutti, Sam Grace and Sarah battle it out at the Rampfest nationals today….

Slam Factory Session

On the road to ACT Jam recently we dodged the rain by catching a session at the super fun Slam Factory indoor park. Watch Pat Fallico, Jayden Fuller, Sam Grace, Clint Millar, Mick Bayzand & Kenny Raggett have a blast ripping the park.

Thanks to Kurt and everyone at Slam for helping us out with the session.

Prody 8 – What Goes On premiere

23 years to the day after Prody 7 was premiered, it’s finally happened.

Featuring riders from all over the planet, it’s a video that will appeal to anyone that loves BMX from the ’80’s, ’90’s, 2000’s, 2010’s & to the current day.

A classic mix of mini ramp, park, flatland, dirt, vert & street riding.

Filmed & edited by Clint Millar.

“Prody 8 – What Goes On” will premiere on the big screen at the Elizabeth Picture Theatre, 175 Elizabeth Street, Brisbane City.

Tickets on sale now with only 130 seats available & as of right now, there are only 25 seats available.

Head to the Family Distribution site or the link here to grab your seat now.

Yo yo !!