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Street Spine – Best Trick – Hard Yards #1

Watch all the wildness that went down on the Street Spine for Best Trick! No one held back and some insane riding came from it.

Riders featured…. Dean Florian, Clint Millar, Sean Gardner, Pat Fallico, Chris James, Karl Southern and James Assimakopoulos.

Shot by Troy Charlesworth and Cooper Brownlee.
Cut by Cooper Brownlee.

Watch the full video here:

Sam Grace Footage Friday

Peep this raw footage of Sam Grace I just posted from the Roads Less Travelled video we put out last year…

Watch the original video below…

20″ Colony Horizon Complete Bike

The all new Colony Horizon 20″ BMX bike in Clear Gold or Clear Purple. In stores now!

Ricky Catanzariti Footage Friday

This week’s Footage Friday I put together some gems of Ricky from his 2018 trip to the USA..

Here’s the full video as well…

Australian made Colony Zeal signature frame for Jayden Fuller

It’s been something we’ve tried to do since 2010, have an Australian made frame within the Colony range.
Well after 13 years we’ve finally made it a reality.
What better way to grace Jayden Fuller with his very first signature frame?

We are beyond stoked to release the Colony Zeal Frame.
Hand made in Byron Bay to Jayden’s personal details.
It has come out a pure treat of CrMo perfection.
Not to mention painted in an iconic Australian ColorBond colour, Pale Eucalypt.

Only 6 produced with 5 available for purchase to the public, these will be a rare beast out in the wild.

Available now for purchase online, while stocks last.

Full details & spec can be found on the website & make sure to watch the video explaining the project.

Hard Yards #1 – RAW CUT

Sit back and enjoy over an hour of raw footage from Hard Yards #1 Backyard Invitational. Plenty of un-released clips, crashes and interviews with some of the riders.

18″ Colony Horizon now available

The all new Colony Horizon 18″ BMX bike in Clear Purple or Clear Gold.

Hard Yards #1 – Full Video

We just posted the Hard Yards #1 video on our channel so if you missed it when it dropped a couple weeks back on the OUR BMX channel then enjoy!

16″ Colony Horizon Now Available

We’ve got the new 16″ Horizon now available in both Clear Gold and Clear Purple. Check it out at your favourite store.

Marcel Gans Aus Vacation

Marcel recently spent a couple weeks in sunny Queensland whilst on vacation from Germany. Whilst Cooper was in Brisbane for a week they stacked a bunch of clips for this new video.

Shot and cut by Cooper Brownlee.

Colony Horizon 14″ BMX Bike

All new 14″ Colony Horizon is now available in both Clear Purple and Clear Gold. In stores now.

Jack Kelly Footage Friday’s

Some raw throwback clips of Jack Kelly, good way to start your day.


Hards Yards #1 presented by Colony BMX was a different kind of event with the aim to be all about fun & great riding. Inspired by legendary events in the past, The Metro Jam’s & Rebel Jam’s from the 2000’s.

With a different format to most BMX jams of late, jam format, rider judged & winners in various classes such as, Tech, Style & Flow as well as Burly. Plus best trick events on the street spine, wall ride & sub-rail / hitching post.

With an invite list of 20 riders from all over Australia, a broad range of rider styles in the mix, the level of riding was a treat to watch.
The guys were all having a blast while aiming to grab a share of the $4,500 rider purse.

Filmed by Cooper Brownlee & Troy Charlesworth.
Edited by Cooper Brownlee.
Announced by Nick Richardson & Yonny Wakefield.

As Richo says, “Get to the fridge, get a litre of milk & let’s get into it!”

Colony Horizon 12″ BMX (Clear Gold)

The all new Colony Horizon 12″ BMX bike in Clear Gold, these are in stores now!

Colony Horizon Alloy Frames – Now Available!

With the release of the new Colony Horizon bikes we also brought in some frame only options for the ever popular Horizon range. We’ve got the frames available in Clear Gold with 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″ and 20″ size options.

colony horizon alloy bmx frame gold

Horizon Alloy BMX Frame Gold

Horizon Alloy BMX Frame Gold

What A Colony Swarm Cassette Hub Sounds Like…

We recently released a full cassette version of the Colony Swarm hub. So since we get asked a lot what a hub sounds like, here’s exactly what the Swarm cassette sounds like…

Colony Horizon Bikes – Now Available!

We’ve just landed fresh colours in the newly re-designed Horizon bikes. Both the Clear Gold and Clear Purple are looking great with 12″, 14″, 16″, 18″ and 20″ sizes available!

Colony Horizon 12" BMX bike Gold

Colony Horizon 14" BMX bike Purple

Colony Horizon 16" Gold BMX Bike

Colony Horizon 18" BMX bike Purple

Colony Horizon 20" BMX bike Gold

Clint Millar 49th Birthday

Ten years after the tradition started, we have another year & another birthday video from Clint.

Typically filmed all in the one day on his actual birthday. He wanted to give it all he could this time around. This year we spent 4 days riding & filming at a few parks with good friends.

All while celebrating Clint’s 49th we came out the other side with a great video. Not to mention, another great 80’s soundtrack to boot. We hope you enjoy. Now for that 50th next year?

Shot and cut by Cooper Brownlee

Kim Lea Müller Bike Check

Kim Lea Müller just built up a fresh Colony Sweet Tooth custom that is looking great! Check out the full bike check spec below…


Frame: Colony Sweet Tooth 20.4″ TT
Forks: Colony Sweet Tooth, 25mm offset
Bars: Colony Sweet Tooth 8.8″ rise 

colony sweet tooth bars chrome

Headset: Colony
Stem: Colony Squareback

colony squareback stem polished

colony blaster sprocket polished

Cranks: Colony Venator 165mm
Sprocket: Colony Blaster 28T
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastics 
Seat: Colony AH Combo
Hubs: Colony Wasp Cassette / Colony Wasp front

colony wasp cassette hub

Rims: Colony Contour
Tyres: Colony Griplock LITE 2.2″ 
Brakes: Colony Brethren / Gyro

colony brethren brake lever

colony sweet tooth forks chrome

colony griplock tyres black

Welcome Kim Lea Müller

Ever since meeting Kim Lea Müller through Dean Florian, something just clicked. She is obviously one of the best up and coming female BMX riders out there. Her progression, style and all while having a smile on her face while doing so, is refreshing.
But more importantly, she is a great person to hang out with and be around. I’d have no issue with spending a week on a road trip with her and the team.
It’s with great pleasure, that we welcome Kim to the Colony family.
Welcome to the team Kim!
– Clint Millar.

Kim Lea Müller

Kim Lea Müller

Hard Yards #1

Hard Yards has been an event in my head for quite some time now. Saturday the 24th of June, 2023 was the day we finally made it a reality. I wanted to put on a BMX event that was completely fun & with a feel like an older comp from the 1990’s or the 2000’s. From the feedback I’ve received, looks like we achieved that. Really stoked on seeing so many smiling faces all day from riders & the crowds alike. All riders were absolutely killing it, with almost all styles of ramp riding going down.

I wanted Hard Yards to really stand out from other events. It had to be fun for those to ride in it & fun to watch those who were lucky enough to attend. Being it’s in my own backyard, invitees (19 x riders this time around) & crowds had to kept to a minimum, it’s just how it has to be.

But luckily, for those that weren’t there on the day, Cooper Brownlee & Troy Charlesworth were on hand to film the action. Expect some full blown comprehensive video coverage to come out soon. We even had Nick Richardson & Yonny Wakefield on the microphone, which was pure gold. Thank you guys.

Hard Yards was a jam format comp with groups of 4-5 riders having a 20 min jam to take as many runs on the ramp as they wanted. They could also take as many attempts at a certain trick that they wanted as well. Just like the old days, you were not stopping until you pulled what you wanted. It was great.

Classes were judged & split into different styles of riding as well. We had Tech, Burly & Style/Flow. This really enabled all riders to be able to excel in their own style of riding & grab some glory. Some riders did well in all 3 categories.

To top it all off, it was all rider judged. That’s right, each rider after the event, had their own judging form & then chose their own top 3 riders for each Tech, Burly & Style/Flow.

We also had 3 best trick events as well. One on the street spine, one on the wallride & to finish it off, one on the hitching post. Again all rider judged with all riders choosing their own winner for each.

To top it all off we had $4,750 as the prize purse for the winners.

Once all was tallyed up, the results were…


1. Paterico Fallico $500
2. Karl Southern $300
3. Clint Millar $200


1. Sam Grace $500
2. Chris James $300
3. Dean Florian $200

Style & Flow

1. Sean Gardiner $500
2. Dean Florian $300
3. Jayden Fuller $200

Street Spine Best Trick

1. Paterico Fallico $500

Wallride Best Trick

1. Chris James $500

Hitching Post Best Trick

1. Dean Florian $500

There was also a Pixeld Energy rider of the day chosen by none other than Nick Richardson himself, the owner of Pixeld Energy. For absolutely killing it all day in every way, Richo chose his rider of the day.

Pixeld Rider of the Day

1. Karl Southern $250

I plan to have two Hard Yards events each year with the next one already in the planning stages to be about 5-6 months from now.

Look out for the video coverage to be coming out in the weeks ahead. It’s going to be something really special to watch & will give you the feeling of being here in person, regardless if you were or not.
Thanks to all those that helped out along the way, you all rule. Thanks to all the riders that came along & rode all day, you all rule. Thanks to everyone that came out & supported the event, you all rule.

Hard Yards #2 will have a date announced soon.


Yo yo !!

Beenleigh 40 Years Sprocket – Now Available

Celebrate 40 years of Beenleigh BMX Park with this special release, limited edition BMX sprocket. Launched as part of the Transitions Book by Unscene History documenting the 40 year history of Doug Larsen Park, home of the infamous Beenleigh BMX Park.

Subtle mentions of key groups, ramps, sayings & more with a black on black style. Retro inspired Colony Beeneligh 40 years CD style BMX sprocket, keeping the design clean with a single locator bolt.

Only 100 made.

Check it out here.

Colony Beenleigh 40 years CD sprocket

Volo Park Session

Paterico Fallico and Clint Millar dodge the rain in Melbourne by catching a fun session at the Volo indoor park.

2008 USA Trip Throwback

Clint recently dug up an old Colony video from a trip some of the guys did to the USA back in 2008. Featuring Ryan Guettler, Steve Woodward, Dave Freimuth, Mick Bayzand, Liam Fahy-Hampton, Nick Richardson, Matt King, Toby Matthews & Clint Millar

Paulo Sacaki Bike Check

Paulo Sacaki current M8 build is looking fresh!

Frame: Colony M8 20.6″ TT
Forks: Colony Sweet Tooth, 25mm offset
Bars: Colony Bloodyoath 9″ rise 
Headset: Colony
Stem: Colony Squareback
Cranks: Colony Venator 165mm

Sprocket: Colony Blaster 28T
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastics 
Seat: Colony Blaster Combo
Hubs: Colony Race Wasp front, Colony Wasp LITE rear
Rims: Colony Contour
Tyres: Colony Griplock LITE 2.2″ 
Brakes: Colony Brethren / Gyro

Meadowbank Jam Video

Doug Underhill was on hand at the recent Meaowbank Jam in Sydney with his camera and put together this video from the jam which was a blast! You can also check a bunch of photos I shot from the jam here. Jayden and Josh killed it until Josh had a rough crash which ended up breaking his collarbone.

Roads Less Travelled – Toowoomba Raw Cut

Here’s the RAW CUT of the recent “Roads Less Travelled” trip we took around Toowoomba, QLD. Watch Paterico Fallico, Chris James, Clint Millar, Dean Florian, Marcel Gans, Koby Clayton and Dean Anderson have a blast on and off the bikes for a couple days.

Jayden Fuller Podcast

Jayden Fuller sits down with Tyson from Backbone and talks BMX!

Roads Less Travelled – Toowoomba

Our 2nd video instalment where we travel outside of our comfort zone and head out on the road hitting parks that aren’t frequented by most and making the most of the places we end up at.

On this trip we head inland from Brisbane hitting Kensington Grove park, Newtown park, Toowoomba park, Meringandan park and Toogoolawah park.

Featuring Paterico Fallico, Chris James, Clint Millar, Dean Florian, Marcel Gans, Koby Clayton and Dean Anderson.