Kim Lea Müller just built up a fresh Colony Sweet Tooth custom that is looking great! Check out the full bike check spec below…


Frame: Colony Sweet Tooth 20.4″ TT
Forks: Colony Sweet Tooth, 25mm offset
Bars: Colony Sweet Tooth 8.8″ rise 

colony sweet tooth bars chrome

Headset: Colony
Stem: Colony Squareback

colony squareback stem polished

colony blaster sprocket polished

Cranks: Colony Venator 165mm
Sprocket: Colony Blaster 28T
Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastics 
Seat: Colony AH Combo
Hubs: Colony Wasp Cassette / Colony Wasp front

colony wasp cassette hub

Rims: Colony Contour
Tyres: Colony Griplock LITE 2.2″ 
Brakes: Colony Brethren / Gyro

colony brethren brake lever

colony sweet tooth forks chrome

colony griplock tyres black