Chris Courtenay sent in a quick update on what he has been up too of late. Read on below…

Hey guys, lil check in.. Fair bits been going on since 2012’s kicked off. Went skydiving the other day which was ridiculously amazing and suggest everyone should do it, best 21st present ever! But apart from that, been working at RideOnBMX a fair bit and riding heaps. Working on a new video project at the moment which I’m real excited to start getting more and more into. Then at the end of March off to Simpel Sessions 12 which is gonna be an amazing event. I’ve always wanted to go to and now finally have the opportunity to go!! Also been getting into the whole instagram thing heaps so anyone out there who has it follow me at @chriscourtenay. PEACEEEEEE!

Photo by Adam Cox.

Yo yo !!