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ADL trip…

On the weekend Cooper Brownlee did a trip to Adelaide to ride & met up with Liam Zingbergs while down there. He also went to the United DVD prem put on by the guys at Little Black Bike. Good times where had by all I am told. Check out LBB site for proof.

Both Cooper & Liam among many more will be at this weekends King Of The Jibs in Melbourne. More good times in store no doubt, can’t wait.

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FP goes HD

Cooper Brownlee recently invested in a Canon 7D & this is the first trial edit with his new toy. Look our for a few clips from both Cooper & Marnold. Enjoy !!

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Cooper Brownlee is…

… always busy !! He recently has been keeping occupied building the set up for the King of the Jibs contest we’re holding in a few weeks, stripping his bike back to bare metal & riding as much as humanly possible. Cooper is setting off on a road trip to Adelaide this coming weekend to shred & film. He will also be up here in Brisbane in a few weeks to photograph our entire 2011 ranges which will hit stores in September across the country. Never a dull moment for Cooper.

Photo: Sam Illman

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Melbourne is cold.

It might be sunny all year round up in Colony HQ land, Queensland. But down south here in Melbourne we sometimes have to retreat to the indoors to escape the rain. Last weekend we had a real fun session at a skater built spot (no beef here as far as I know). It works both ways you see. They skate spots we build and vice versa.  Here are a couple photos from the day of myself and Marnold. Thanks to Sam Illman for pressing the button on my photo.



Colony Ausbike Jam update #4

I started work on the two main banks for part of the course, before I built the 2nd bank I gave this one a quick test. Stoked on the pop it gives you!


New setup…

After getting my bike taken off me in Barcelona a few weeks ago by the Police. Once we got back I was keen to get a new Teddy going, exactly the same setup I had but this time in Candy Red! Stoked!


New DIG advert…

Our main man, Cooper Brownlee has scored our advert in new issue of DIG magazine. Check it out below & the magazine will be available any day soon. Now go buy some Fantastic Plastic pedals !!


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Cooper Brownlee update…

Cooper Brownlee has got his new bike together after his last one now resides permanantly in a Barcelona police station. We will have photos of his new bike in the next few days. In the meantime he has been having a blast riding again & doing 180’s over things. He has also been hard at work on the newest issue of Focalpoint, due out soon.


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Trip Round up #1

The trip is coming to an end now, we have a 15 hour flight in the morning then another 8 hours to get home, besides Mick Bazyand who has to wait in singapore for 15 hours until his 2nd flight. Here a few photos I put aside from the trip, I will post up a few more as well.

First up is a photo of me, on the borrowed bike I used for most the trip. Then we have a photo from the centre of Barcelona and last up is a photo of Zac Miner who unfortunately dislocated his knee half way through the trip but he kept positive the whole time.




One Less Bike.

So it seems Barcelona cops have decided it’s time to take action on bmxers and skaters that are riding spots here. Yesterday I had my bike confiscated by them for no real reason at all, all I was doing was riding a bank, no grinding no damaging property but with this language barrier all I know is that I just lost my bike! Whilst we were at the police station there was a booklet about how skating in the streets was an offence, I’m not sure if this is a new thing but either way anyone who heads over here be careful.

As much fun has it has been here I am really looking forward to going to France on Monday and hanging out with the Unleaded guys. The photo below is of Marnold shredding one of my favourite spots that I got to ride.


Barcelona Day One.

We flew into Barcelona this morning after a very very long flight. We were all really tired but we went out and explored and had a ball riding around. Tomorrow we should be back on the normal sleep patterns, more updates to come…



Off to Barcelona…

Cooper, Liam, Mick, Zac, Marnold & myself are off to Barcelona today to ride for ten days. Stewart Munro is also coming along to film all the action. We will also be doing a 5 day trip through the south of France with our boys from Unleaded. Hit the guys up at Unleaded for more info on the France trip.

Expect some updates whilst on the trip. Can’t wait to session iconic spots like this below & find our own gems along the way.


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New team pages…

Everyone worked hard to get some new photos for their team pages along with new Q&A’s. I am stoked on how they came up! Check them here, have a read to learn a bit more about the team. Extra thanks go out to the photographers from around the world that helped out with team riders photos. The photo below is of Liam Fahy-Hampton from a fairly recent trip from Brisbane down to Melbourne, it’s amazing what you will find in small towns.


On the road…

Myself, Chris Courtenay and Zac Miner were floating about in Canberra yesterday before we headed down to the Redbull Dirt Pipe comp, the weather was rad so we got a solid ride in. below is Chris at a pretty familiar spot.

Fresh paint.

I do enjoy painting my bike, keeps things fresh and for me personally it gives me a good feeling about being on my bike.


Cooper Brownlee edit…

Cooper joined the team officially a few months ago & had been collecting footage for his first edit as you see here. Some good stuff in there for sure with some good tech lines. Not only does Cooper take care of our artwork here at Colony, he is also our team manager & official photographer & can ride damn well too. Enjoy.

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Cooper, Liam & Marnold got some clips in a new Focalpoint advert… check it out below.

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On the road again…

We’re on the road again heading our way down from Brisbane to Sydney then Canberra & some of guys making their way back down to Melbourne. On the road we have Liam Fahy-Hampton, Mick Bayzand, Alex Hiam, Nick Richardson, Tom Stretton, Chris Courtenay, Cooper Brownlee & myself. We have also got Stewart Munro along to capture the video moments.

Come along to the Above All grand opening on Saturday too… should be a blast. Click here for all the details.



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On the road again…

I left Melbourne this morning for the drive up to Brisbane which is about 2000 km’s. I have made it to Sydney and I will continue the journey in the morning. Looking forward to meeting up with a bunch of the team when I get there!

This photo is from a random spot I found on the road out in the country a couple hours from home.


Cooper is a busy man…

Cooper Brownlee is one of the most busiest men in BMX in this country. Between his team managerial, art director & photographic duties with Colony & running Focalpoint magazine/website how does he find time to ride still? Somehow he does & here is some proof if you needed more. Thanks to James Patterson for the photo.


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My Bicycle…

I wanted to shoot a photo of my bike and lately I have been messing around with coloured flash gels. It didn’t work perfect but it was good practice.


Frame: Teddy 20.85

Forks: Phantom

Bars: Teddy

Headset: Colony

Stem: Official

Grips: LFH

Cranks: Colonial

Pedals: Fantastic Plastic

Sprocket: Official 25t

Front Hub: Clone

Rims: Clone

Seat post: Colony Pivotal

Seat: Focalpoint X Colony

Focalpoint edit…

Focalpoint edit featuring Cooper & Marnold as well as the rest of the boys. Edited & filmed by Troy Charlesworth & Cooper Brownlee.

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Cooper & Mick update…

Cooper Brownlee & the entire Australian team were up in Brisbane recently for various celebrations & just to kick it for a while. We did a little day trip up to Gympie last weekend while dodging the rain. It was a good day full of fun times, BMX how it’s meant to be. Mick Bayzand took this photo of Cooper doing his thing. Both Mick & Cooper are on their way back to Melbourne via Sydney & Canberra right now. Keep an eye out for them at a town near you. Word is that Mick already slid a rail in Port Macquarie that eluded me a few years back.

Click here for some pics of Mick over on the Focalpoint site.


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Wangaratta Comp.

Myself, Marnold, Liam and Zac went to the jam/comp at Wangaratta yesterday and had a ball, besides the crazy heat it was a super fun day, big thanks to Dre and the Sanction for organising a good day.


Cooper Brownlee checks in…

Cooper is about to head off on a mammoth road trip from Melbs up to Brisbane via Wangarratta for this weekends Jamuary Comp put on by The Sanction. He will also drop into Canberra on the way to see the guys at Backbone BMX & no doubt ride the amazing park at Woden. He will also be dropping off the fresh new issue of Focalpoint on the way too, straight off the presses. Word. He also sent me this cool photo as well… loving the trails styles. Oh by the way, a Cooper bike check is coming soon.


BMX Flyer 2010

On a side note: In case of rain, please contact The Sanction for details of an alternative plan & venue.

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Product highlight – Focalpoint X Colony seat

It’s fitting that our first collaboration with an Australian brand would be with Focalpoint BMX. I am stoked that Cooper was down with the idea & even more stoked on what he came up with design wise. Get them while they last as there were only 250 seats made & they are going fast. Click here now for more info.


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Defero online

First online issue of Defero, this one features the recent Flem Banks Jam. Zac, Marnold, Mick, Clint and myself all have footage in this one. Such a great day!

Welcome to the team…

… Cooper Brownlee !! Cooper has been an integral part of Colony for almost 12 months now being our art director & will now officially join the team as a pro rider as well as our team manager. He will be in charge of looking after the team worldwide, planning our team trips all over the planet & basically looking after everything to do with the team’s needs. Cooper will also take the role as our official photographer & videographer which will be a great asset to have.

The entire team along with myself, welcome you with both arms mate & I am really looking forward to the years ahead.

Check out Cooper’s first sequence on his brand new Teddy frame decked out with all Colony parts, full bike check & official team page coming soon.


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Cooper Brownlee interview

Cooper has a cool interview over on the DIG site. Click here now to check it out.


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Cooper Brownlee…

Our main man Cooper Brownlee, launched his own portfolio website last night & you can check it out by clicking here now. It’s really well done & has some interesting stuff to check out. Yeah Coops !!


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