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Cooper Brownlee advert…

Coops scores our latest print advert in Ride BMX as seen below. Yeah boyee !!

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Swansea Edit.

On the long drive from Melbourne to Brisbane a few weeks back we stopped in at a cool new park in NSW called Swansea.

Just a few clips of Zac Miner, Cooper Brownlee and Liam Zingbergs hitting it before the rain set in.

Filmed by Cooper and Zac, sorry about the extra wind blowout in the audio, the external mic broke the day before and it was super windy…

Royal BMX visit.

Myself, Marnold, Tom and Mick arrived in Perth yesterday and we went down to the local BMX store, Royal BMX and hung out for a few hours. None of us have been over here before and it was definately a treat to hang out with Ben and everyone down at the store. Thanks to everyone who came down, it’s awesome to see another legit BMX store in this country.

One Clips…

Zac and myself had recent One Clips in the Focalpoint 365 clips project…

Damn weather…

All the boys got into town last night & we’re all itching to go ride but the rain is a real pain. Hanging in the office this morning doing bike maintenance & talking smack. Hopefully it clears up soon.

Don’t forget the Crossley Cycles in store tomorrow at 3pm. See you all there.

Paddy, Liam Z, Zac, Cooper, Mick & Tom.

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On the road…

We just got to Brisbane, it was a long drive! We had rain most the time but we did get a chance to hit up a couple of spots which was fun, just like this Swansea park in NSW that was just finished and super super fun!

Update from the road…

Cooper, Zac, Mick & Liam are almost in Brisbane now on their trip. Here is a photo of Coops before the rain hit in Sydney.

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Rainy Days…

So myself, Mick Bayzand and Liam Zingbergs are in Sydney at the moment trying to film some clips, the weather isn’t on our side but Liam did manage to get some solids at this spot before the rain hit us…

On the road again…

Cooper, Mick & Liam hit the road yesterday on their way from Melbourne to Brisbane via Sydney. Zac will also be meeting up with the guys Sunday morning for the last leg up here. They’re all coming up here to hang for a week then we all head back down to Sydney then Canberra the week after. Should be fun times.

Make sure to come along & say g’day at one of our store appearances scheduled over the next few weeks. They start this Thursday at Crossley Cycles then Friday at Helensvale BMX.

Cooper will be posting updates on our facebook page so make sure you’re a friend of us by clicking here now.

Liam & Mick… breakfast of champions.

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Cooper checks in…

Cooper Brownlee took a little four day trip with a couple of friends recently. They went down the south west of Victoria and just over the border of South Australia to Mt Gambier for something a little different. Cooper said they had a super fun time and wanted to thank all the locals they hung out with, thanks !!

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Found this random photo from last year’s Nora Cup & thought I would share with you all. Thanks to Ride BMX for hooking us up big time that night, good times.

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Colony shop tour…

Later next month, almost the entire team will be meeting up in Brisbane to ride for a few days then head back down south making our way to the BMX Games scheduled for February 25th, 26th & 27th in Canberra.

Along the way we will be dropping into some select Colony dealers with a bunch of giveaways, signings & a bunny hop comp open for all to enter. So come along & meet the guys at your favourite shop shown below.

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Random photo # 4791

Cooper Brownlee getting his boost on for all to enjoy.

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One clip Cooper

Spotted over on the Focalpoint site was Cooper Brownlee’s One clip as seen below. Enjoy.

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Cooper’s new paint job

Cooper Brownlee loves getting the spray can out often to change up his bike’s look & feel. His recent colour scheme is gloss black for something different. Check it out. Cooper has been keeping busy down in Melbourne organising the teams travel plans for next year, should be a good one for sure.

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New poster boy…

Our poster boy for this month is none other than Cooper Brownlee & the featured product is our Variant stem. Hit ’em with it !!

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Missions a plenty

The guys have been going out on heaps of missions of late down in Melbourne getting clips & having a blast. Here is Cooper getting his boost on in a drain down there. Braaap !!

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Out and about…

Stu Munro is down here in Melbourne this week so we have been trying to get out and about as much as possible. The photos below…

Stu, Marnold, Kym checking footage whilst Mick hangs out with the local scooter kids…

Marnold watching the Bayzand show…

Coops working hard…

Cooper Brownlee has been hard at work on & off the bike of late. His latest issue of Focalpoint magazine just hit stores this past week & he has been very busy working on a 2012 relaunch of the art direction for Colony. Busy times. He still finds time though to get his shred on as in this sequence shot by fellow media mogul, Stewart Munro.

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Sydney trip…

Marnold and myself were up in Sydney for the weekend to hit up the annual Halloween Jam along with hitting some spots. We had a great time as always on road trips. Below are a few B-side images from the trip… Thanks to Daniel Johnson for the photos.

Road trip to Sydney…

Cooper & Marnold have arrived in Sydney for a weekend of riding & the annual Halloween Jam. Expect some more updates from their trip here in the days ahead. Click here in the meantime for a little write up over on the Focalpoint site.

Click here to read about a close call for Cooper & the boys in Sydney.

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Bike checks!

Whilst we were in LA a few weeks ago, we hooked up with Fat Tony and he was down with doing some bike checks. Visit Ride to see the bikes from myself, Tom Stretton, Clint Millar, Mick Bayzand and Broc Raiford.

Check back soon for how you can win Clint’s bike featured in these checks !!

Focalpoint gets a re-vamp…

Cooper has been hard at work on a re-vamp of the Focalpoint website & it looks a treat !! Check it out by clicking here now. Go on, I dare you !!

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US trip coming to an end…

Our US trip is now coming to an end with Cooper, Mick & myself going home today. Broc also left this morning for home. Zac & Tom are heading over to Greenville to hang with Ryan for a week or so.

It’s been a great trip except for my broken ankle. Thanks to everyone that showed us around & rode with us. Special thanks to Ryan Navazio for looking after us while in LA, thanks mate.

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Off to the USA today…

Today Mick Bayzand, Zac Miner, Cooper Brownlee, Tom Stretton & myself are off to the USA for Interbike & then a week long riding trip in & around Cali. Should be a blast. Expect reports from the road while were there.

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Nora Cup…

Always looking forward to this each year & this year will be no exception. Maybe the last one in Vegas since Interbike is set for Anaheim next year? Mick Bayzand, Zac Miner, Cooper Brownlee, Tom Stretton, Ryan Guettler & myself will all be there this year. We have a team trip set for a week or so after Vegas as well. Can’t wait. If you see us there come up & say hi.

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Coops & Zingbergs…

Both Cooper & Liam get a little showing in James Wade’s August photobook project which you can check out by clicking here now. Nice one Wade !!

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My new ride.

Whilst up here in Brisbane I put together a new bike with the 2011 parts, Pretty stoked on the wasabi colour with the black. You will see the whole range of the 2011 parts online in the next few days.

Set-up as follows…

Frame: 2011 Teddy 20.85
Forks: Guardian.
Stem: Variant.
Bars: Bullbars.
Headset: Colony
Grips: Mountjoy
Seat: Cee
Post: Colony
Rims: Contour
Front hub: Clone
Cranks: Colonial V2
BB: Colony
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic
Pegs: Oneways Cr-mo

On the road again…

Cooper Brownlee is once again doing what he loves most, travelling on the road. He is on his way up to Brisbane to ride & photograph our 2011 ranges which arrive in the country in the next week. He stopped off in Sydney for the weekend & rode a new street plaza there to get this photo. Thanks to John Young for clicking the button.

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King of the Jibs setup!

We spent all day setting up the course that we had already build for the event, We had a quick test ride and it works really well! Little tight but all good. So make sure you come out tomorrow and check the comp out! You can get more info here about the comp, here for the address and transport info. Oh and also under 18’s get into the tradeshow for free! Practice is at 12.30 and the comp starts around 2pm. See you there!