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Nick Richardson – Tide Apparel

You should know that Nick Richardson is the man behind iconic Colony signature products like the Bloody Oath Frame & Bars & the Gnarkill Frame & Bars. Since leaving the BMX world a few years ago, he has been killing it with his own brand – Tide Apparel.

I for one, am so stoked to see Nick have great success from his hard work over the recent years with the brand. Bloody proud of ya Richo !!

Check out this interview below about what he has been up too the last few years. Go give him a follow on Instagram @tideapparel & grab a shirt or two on his website here now.

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Nick Richardson trails session.

Richo recently went up to the Maryborough trails and filmed a fun little session from the day.

Nick Richardson – Know the team…

Queensland shredder Nick Richardson hit us back with some answers for the next Know the team, continue reading to learn a little more about Nick…


What are you up to today?

Just drinking a few VB tallies, watching this chick have her photo shoot! Nothing better to do because my ankle is f@cked!!

You were over in the states a few months back hanging out with Ryan, how was that? Do you plan on heading back sometime soon? Or are you loving it being back in your home town?

It was awesome hanging out with Guet again! Greenville has some amazing street and some f@cking rad people! I f@cking love it! I also love being back home, Australia is the nicest place on earth hands down! but yeah I wanna go back this year for sure to ride and party! 5th street is calling!!!!

How are the trails going at the moment? Didn’t they recently get washed away from Queenslands crazy rain?

They are dead and gone! Could be some more going somewhere though!!! =)

Your signature frame is called the Gnarkill, where did the name come from?

The name came from my badass greyhound! He gets all the girls haha

Tell us something about yourself people probably don’t know…

I love playing the drums! I bought a drum kit the other day and I’m in love, I haven’t had one for years! We have a band starting soon baby woo!

Nick Richardson Day in the Life teaser…

This is the best thing I have seen in a long time, so good. For those that know Nick personally, will know how funny this really is. Ryan Guettler produced this teaser for Richo’s upcoming Day in the Life video. So bloody good !! Love it. Can’t wait to see the real deal… check back soon.

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Nick Richardson’s new bike

Nick Richardson has been on the long road to recovery from his knee surgery earlier this year & is nearing the end of it all. He still won’t be riding till about February but we got him a brand new bike so he at least has some transport to get around. Check it out below…

Frame: 2009 Bloody Oath 21.25
Fork: Official
Headset: Colony
Bars: Bloody Oath
Stem: Official
Cranks: Colonial
BB: Colony
Sprocket: Official 25T
Pedals: Fantastic Plastic
Hubs: Clone
Brake Lever: Transformer
Seat: Mid Pivotal
Seatpost: Pivotal
Pegs: Oneway Alloy




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Nick Richardson & knees = :-(

Richo goes in tomorrow for his second operation on his right knee. He has to have a full recon & will be off the bike till about February next year. Bummer.  

Yesterday we met up & filmed one last little session at Beenleigh for a web video which will be posted in a week or two. Richo killed it & did some damn good riding for someone with half a knee.  

We wish you the best & quickest recovery mate! 


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Hards Yards #1 presented by Colony BMX was a different kind of event with the aim to be all about fun & great riding. Inspired by legendary events in the past, The Metro Jam’s & Rebel Jam’s from the 2000’s.

With a different format to most BMX jams of late, jam format, rider judged & winners in various classes such as, Tech, Style & Flow as well as Burly. Plus best trick events on the street spine, wall ride & sub-rail / hitching post.

With an invite list of 20 riders from all over Australia, a broad range of rider styles in the mix, the level of riding was a treat to watch.
The guys were all having a blast while aiming to grab a share of the $4,500 rider purse.

Filmed by Cooper Brownlee & Troy Charlesworth.
Edited by Cooper Brownlee.
Announced by Nick Richardson & Yonny Wakefield.

As Richo says, “Get to the fridge, get a litre of milk & let’s get into it!”

Hard Yards #1

Hard Yards has been an event in my head for quite some time now. Saturday the 24th of June, 2023 was the day we finally made it a reality. I wanted to put on a BMX event that was completely fun & with a feel like an older comp from the 1990’s or the 2000’s. From the feedback I’ve received, looks like we achieved that. Really stoked on seeing so many smiling faces all day from riders & the crowds alike. All riders were absolutely killing it, with almost all styles of ramp riding going down.

I wanted Hard Yards to really stand out from other events. It had to be fun for those to ride in it & fun to watch those who were lucky enough to attend. Being it’s in my own backyard, invitees (19 x riders this time around) & crowds had to kept to a minimum, it’s just how it has to be.

But luckily, for those that weren’t there on the day, Cooper Brownlee & Troy Charlesworth were on hand to film the action. Expect some full blown comprehensive video coverage to come out soon. We even had Nick Richardson & Yonny Wakefield on the microphone, which was pure gold. Thank you guys.

Hard Yards was a jam format comp with groups of 4-5 riders having a 20 min jam to take as many runs on the ramp as they wanted. They could also take as many attempts at a certain trick that they wanted as well. Just like the old days, you were not stopping until you pulled what you wanted. It was great.

Classes were judged & split into different styles of riding as well. We had Tech, Burly & Style/Flow. This really enabled all riders to be able to excel in their own style of riding & grab some glory. Some riders did well in all 3 categories.

To top it all off, it was all rider judged. That’s right, each rider after the event, had their own judging form & then chose their own top 3 riders for each Tech, Burly & Style/Flow.

We also had 3 best trick events as well. One on the street spine, one on the wallride & to finish it off, one on the hitching post. Again all rider judged with all riders choosing their own winner for each.

To top it all off we had $4,750 as the prize purse for the winners.

Once all was tallyed up, the results were…


1. Paterico Fallico $500
2. Karl Southern $300
3. Clint Millar $200


1. Sam Grace $500
2. Chris James $300
3. Dean Florian $200

Style & Flow

1. Sean Gardiner $500
2. Dean Florian $300
3. Jayden Fuller $200

Street Spine Best Trick

1. Paterico Fallico $500

Wallride Best Trick

1. Chris James $500

Hitching Post Best Trick

1. Dean Florian $500

There was also a Pixeld Energy rider of the day chosen by none other than Nick Richardson himself, the owner of Pixeld Energy. For absolutely killing it all day in every way, Richo chose his rider of the day.

Pixeld Rider of the Day

1. Karl Southern $250

I plan to have two Hard Yards events each year with the next one already in the planning stages to be about 5-6 months from now.

Look out for the video coverage to be coming out in the weeks ahead. It’s going to be something really special to watch & will give you the feeling of being here in person, regardless if you were or not.
Thanks to all those that helped out along the way, you all rule. Thanks to all the riders that came along & rode all day, you all rule. Thanks to everyone that came out & supported the event, you all rule.

Hard Yards #2 will have a date announced soon.


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2008 USA Trip Throwback

Clint recently dug up an old Colony video from a trip some of the guys did to the USA back in 2008. Featuring Ryan Guettler, Steve Woodward, Dave Freimuth, Mick Bayzand, Liam Fahy-Hampton, Nick Richardson, Matt King, Toby Matthews & Clint Millar

Bloody Oath Bars

Colony Bloody Oath Handlebars are a re-release of the very popular Nick Richardson’s signature bars from 2009.

  • Re-Release of Nick Richardson’s signature Bloody Oath bars from 2009.
  • 9″ rise.
  • 12 degrees back sweep.
  • 2 degrees up sweep.
  • 29.5″ wide.
  • Full 4130 CrMo post heat treated BMX bars.
  • The Bloody Oath bars are available in Gloss Black , ED Black and Chrome only.

We’ve written a very in-depth article about everything you need to know when it comes to bars which you can read here.

Click here to shop all Colony BMX handlebars.

Bloody Oath limited parts!

Very stoked to announce that we will have a special limited re-issue of Nick Richardson Bloody Oath frame and bars for BMXmas. 21.25” TT for the frame and 9”x29.5” for the bars. Full details coming soon.

Colony Bloodyoath 26″

Colony Bloody Oath 26″ complete bike.

  • Frame: Colony BMX Bloody Oath 26″ Nick Richardson Full CrMo 23.85″ TT 14.4″ rear, 74.0 HT, 73 ST,
  • Mid BB, Integrated Headset. Extra wide tire clearence.
  • Welded brake mounts & hardware.
  • Stand over Height: 14.0″ (centre of BB shell to centre of TT)
  • Forks: Colony BMX Bloody Oath 26″ Cruiser CrMo
  • Brakes: Alloy 990 style (rear) with clear pads
  • Cables: Linear Slick (rear)
  • Headset: Integrated
  • Stem: Colony Top Load Forged Alloy
  • Bars: Colony Bloody Oath 26″ CrMo
  • Grips: Colony Much Room
  • Sprocket: Colony Endeavour Alloy 25T
  • Cranks: Colony CrMo Tubular 8 spline 19mm spindle
  • Bottom Bracket: Sealed Mid 19mm
  • Chain: KMC
  • Pedals: Colony Fantastic Plastic
  • Rims: 26″ Alloy Double Wall 36h.
  • Front Tyre: Wanda 26×2.3″
  • Rear Tyre: Wanda 26×2.3″
  • Spokes: Black
  • Front Hub: Alloy 3/8″ Axle Full Sealed Bearing, 36h.
  • Rear Hub: Alloy Cassette 14mm Female axle, Full Sealed Bearing with 9T driver, 36h.
  • Seat & Seatpost: Colony Railed with 25.4mm post
  • Weight: TBA
  • Comes in Gloss White with Red accents only.

Blast from the past…

Remember Nick Richardson? You might remember him from such signature Colony products as, the Bloody Oath Frame & Bars or the Gnar Kill Frame. Affectionately known as Richo, Nick has departed the BMX scene in recent years but still holds a place in our hearts & thoughts. I for one am stoked to see him doing what he is these days.

Read on below as to what Nick has been up too of late…

G’day guys,

It’s been a few years since anyone has seen or heard about me in the BMX industry, What have I been doing? Well… haha

Ever since I stopped riding BMX full time, I started studying Graphic Design. It was something that just really appealed to me. I liked the fact that it allows you to create something from nothing. Ever since I was younger I always wanted to start my own brand and by doing this course it gave me the skills to do so.
That brings me to fishing…

Fishing has always been a part of my life even when I rode BMX, but as I got into it more I discovered the more technical side to it. I got addicted to it and it pretty much became my life, everyday I was out on the water discovering new things and places.

So at the end of last year, I decided to start a clothing brand completely dedicated to the fishing industry. I didn’t want to be “just another clothing brand”, I wanted the brand to have meaning! What this brand is about is awareness, I want people to know how their actions affect the marine life above and below the water. For our new range our slogan is “Respect Our Waterways”. I want to push that as much as I can, to make people aware of what they are doing, I want my kids and their kids to be able to fish the same spots we do and catch the same fish!

I decide to name the brand “Tide Apparel” … To me this is more then just a clothing brand, it’s a movement.

Follow us on Instagram @tideapparel and Facebook

Or to shop, please go to the website 🙂 Thanks – Richo.

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An oldie but a goodie…

The Selftitled DVD was released in 2006 & features O.G. Colony team riders, Ryan Guettler, Nick Richardson, Kenny Raggett, Haimona Ngata, Pete Radivo & myself along with a large crew of riders.

It took us 3 years to film for this & it took me 9 months of editing. Crazy thing is after 9 months of editing, my hard drive crashed & we nearly lost the whole damn thing. After an epic 12 hour straight drive from Brisbane to Sydney, had Matt Holmes save the day with his Mac savvy knowledge. Thanks Matt !!

This one for me, is full some amazing memories & a chapter in my life that I will never forget. Good times for sure.

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Team changes…

I have some rather big team changes to announce which are never easy things to do.

As of today, Liam Fahy-Hampton & Nick Richardson are no longer on the Colony pro team.

It was a very difficult decision to make but one that had to be done. Everything is still cool between us all though. Both Liam & Nick will still be getting flowed Colony product for as long as they need or want it.

I would like to publicly thank them both for everything over the past years. Thanks for being a part of the journey with Colony & I wish you both the best in your future endeavours. At this point in time, both guys have no plans or desires for ride for any new bike companies.

In the next few days we will release some farewell edits from footage gathered recently from both guys.

Thanks again for everything guys – Clint Millar.



Product update – No Dig No Ride Seat

Introducing our first team rider colab product. Ryan Guettler & Nick Richardson came up with this seat design together to make our first joint signature product. Trails inspired these will be offered in our 2011 product range in our super slim shape as well as our new mid shape. Expect them available September this year around the world.



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Product update – Mountjoy Grips

Our second grip is going into production right now & will be available in September this year. It is named after the street I grew up on when I got into BMX back in 1988. It has a smaller diameter than our current LFH Grip & feature the same cross pattern as used on our Fantastic Plastic Pedals.

In the words of Nick Richardson, who is testing the first pair right now, ‘These are the best F@*#ing grips I have ever run!’

These are a team design grip & not a signature product of any one rider. They will also be spec’ed on our complete bikes for 2011.




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On the road again…

We’re on the road again heading our way down from Brisbane to Sydney then Canberra & some of guys making their way back down to Melbourne. On the road we have Liam Fahy-Hampton, Mick Bayzand, Alex Hiam, Nick Richardson, Tom Stretton, Chris Courtenay, Cooper Brownlee & myself. We have also got Stewart Munro along to capture the video moments.

Come along to the Above All grand opening on Saturday too… should be a blast. Click here for all the details.



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Above All official opening…

Above All BMX have moved into a new store & to help celebrate this fact, a vast amount of the team are venturing on down. Come hang out & later go for a ride with Alex Hiam, Liam Fahy-Hampton, Mick Bayzand, Nick Richardson, Zac Miner, Cooper Brownlee, Chris Courtenay & myself. We will also be on the road between Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra & Melbourne & anywhere inbetween, so keep an eye out for a couple vans full of riders.


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Product highlight – Gnarkill frame

Nick Richardson’s signature frame the Gnarkill comes in a wide range of colours like all our 2010 products. One of the more popular ones is our Candy Red as seen below. Check one out at a Colony dealer near you now.

GnarKill_008ps800 copie

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Orange Jam next weekend…

One week from today is the Stephan Dark memorial jam in Orange, make sure you get yourself there for some fun times. Rumour has it that both Ryan Guettler & Nick Richardson may now also be attending… so make sure you say what’s up to them both & don’t forget Alex Hiam will be there as well.

It’s also good to see heaps of industry support on this one too. Make sure you support those that support the local scenes around the country. Without them, events like this could not be as good as they are.


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Toormina comp…

Alex Hiam, Nick Richardson, Tom Stretton & myself all went down to Shane Conlon’s comp at his local on the weekend & it was a really fun time. Shane organised the event to raise awareness of the fact that Coffs Harbour needs it’s own ramp park, as it is well behind other regions in the area.

Alex ended up killing it & got 2nd place & $500 for his efforts while Shane ended up winning, showing he really is unbeatable on his home turf. A big shout out must go to Shane for all his efforts in organising the weekend.

We also rode a local full pipe which was a bit of fun & got up to plenty of party antics during the night. Good times in general.


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Richo & Simo’s Fat Fav’s…

Nick Richardson & Simon O’Brien both have Fat Fav’s going on right now over on the Fat BMX site. Click here for Richo’s & here for Simon’s. Word.

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Product highlight – Bloody Oath V2 Bars

Nick Richardson’s signature bars for 2010 have grown a little & are now taller & wider. They are also available in all our new colours. Check them out at a shop near you now. Click here now for more info.

bloodyoath bars group1

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Mini interview with Richo


Check out this mini interview with Nick Richardson, enjoy. Thanks to Guettler for the pics.

1. You have been in America for around 2 months now, you still having fun?

Hell yeah, its so much fun here, I already can’t wait to come back!

2. 5 favourites you have seen in America.

1. Sorority houses
2. Zaxby’s
3. Campus street
4. Cheap beer
5. 5th street distillery

3. What are some of the places you have been riding here?

I usually go ride street at the campus or Guettler’s back yard, that shit is so fun!

4. What was the idea behind the ‘Day in the Life’ teaser?

haha, Guettler & I were sitting around the newly made fire pit one arvo, drinking a beer or ten, and he was like “yo, we should film a funny day in the life of you” I was like “fo sure son” then we just started coming up with some ideas and it just went from there I guess!

5. Are you filming for anything else right now?

Yeah gotta start filming a real day in the life so everyone doesn’t think I’m training for the Tour de France. Other then that, I have just been getting clips here and there for Colony!

6. Are you looking forward to going home the Australia?

Yeah I guess, can’t wait to go to the beach, ride my local trails and see my friends, but I kinda wish I stayed longer too!


7. Talk about some of the night life or what you have been doing off the bike?

Well the nightlife is pretty rad except everything shuts around 2am, but its still fun. I got out around 5 nights a week, haha. Other then that I try and help Valvoline build the back yard ramps, that kid is out of control I’d let him build my house for sure!


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Product highlight – Bloody Oath V2 bars

Nick Richardson’s new signature bars are out now. They are now wider & taller than last years. Click here for the full scoop now.

bloodyoath bars group4

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New 2020 out now

The new 2020 BMX Magazine is out now & is packed full of all the best in Australian BMX. Alex Hiam has a little feature about his Sweet Tooth frame coming out, Zac Miner has pic or two plus a Backbone advert, we have a 2020 subscription giveaway with 50 x Colony Pivotal seats & Nick Richardson has a really clean advert for his Gnarkill frame from Helensvale BMX. Check it out at a shop near you now.


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Lost footage…

I thought I had lost this edit but found it tucked away in my portable hard drive. The footage is from a while ago but still has some good stuff in there. Featuring Liam Fahy-Hampton, Alex Hiam, Nick Richardson, Toby Mathews, Zac Miner, Peta Shepherd, Matt King & Pete Radivo. Enjoy.

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Product highlight – Gnarkill Frame

Nick Richardson’s newest signature frame, the Gnarkill will be available next week in bike shops all over Australia & the USA. The rest of the planet will get theirs in the weeks ahead. Click here for the full scoop now.


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World travellers…

Thought I would let you all know of some of the travel plans the team have going on now or very soon…

Tim Wood was in Singapore last weekend for some demos at a brand new concrete park there, it was amazing park according to Tim. He took a bit of a spill on the vert bowl there but is OK.

Nick Richardson is off to the USA for 2 months to stay at Ryan’s house in Greenville. Expect some good things to come from Nick while over there. Nick also recently put together a nice new 2010 Gnarkill Frame.

Zac Miner & Liam Fahy-Hampton are off to China at the end of the month for an invitational comp over there in Beijing. Should be interesting.

Shane Badman is due back to Australia soon after a few years in Europe.

Mick Bayzand is also coming home in October after 18 months in Canada. It will be good to have him back in Australia.

I am off to the US in a couple weeks for Interbike. So looking forward to the Nora Cup party once again, just not the day after.


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