Check out this mini interview with Nick Richardson, enjoy. Thanks to Guettler for the pics.

1. You have been in America for around 2 months now, you still having fun?

Hell yeah, its so much fun here, I already can’t wait to come back!

2. 5 favourites you have seen in America.

1. Sorority houses
2. Zaxby’s
3. Campus street
4. Cheap beer
5. 5th street distillery

3. What are some of the places you have been riding here?

I usually go ride street at the campus or Guettler’s back yard, that shit is so fun!

4. What was the idea behind the ‘Day in the Life’ teaser?

haha, Guettler & I were sitting around the newly made fire pit one arvo, drinking a beer or ten, and he was like “yo, we should film a funny day in the life of you” I was like “fo sure son” then we just started coming up with some ideas and it just went from there I guess!

5. Are you filming for anything else right now?

Yeah gotta start filming a real day in the life so everyone doesn’t think I’m training for the Tour de France. Other then that, I have just been getting clips here and there for Colony!

6. Are you looking forward to going home the Australia?

Yeah I guess, can’t wait to go to the beach, ride my local trails and see my friends, but I kinda wish I stayed longer too!


7. Talk about some of the night life or what you have been doing off the bike?

Well the nightlife is pretty rad except everything shuts around 2am, but its still fun. I got out around 5 nights a week, haha. Other then that I try and help Valvoline build the back yard ramps, that kid is out of control I’d let him build my house for sure!


Yo yo !!