Queensland shredder Nick Richardson hit us back with some answers for the next Know the team, continue reading to learn a little more about Nick…


What are you up to today?

Just drinking a few VB tallies, watching this chick have her photo shoot! Nothing better to do because my ankle is f@cked!!

You were over in the states a few months back hanging out with Ryan, how was that? Do you plan on heading back sometime soon? Or are you loving it being back in your home town?

It was awesome hanging out with Guet again! Greenville has some amazing street and some f@cking rad people! I f@cking love it! I also love being back home, Australia is the nicest place on earth hands down! but yeah I wanna go back this year for sure to ride and party! 5th street is calling!!!!

How are the trails going at the moment? Didn’t they recently get washed away from Queenslands crazy rain?

They are dead and gone! Could be some more going somewhere though!!! =)

Your signature frame is called the Gnarkill, where did the name come from?

The name came from my badass greyhound! He gets all the girls haha

Tell us something about yourself people probably don’t know…

I love playing the drums! I bought a drum kit the other day and I’m in love, I haven’t had one for years! We have a band starting soon baby woo!