Hey guys,

I just got to California after spending 12 days in England. I’m here for 3 months. I wanted to say Thankyou so much for getting me out here. It’s truely a dream come true I had such a amazing time that I will never forget In England and I’m looking forward to the next 3 months In Cali.

England :
First day I had a super chill ride taking it easy and ending up having a fall and got concussed , spending the first 24 hours in hospital. It was rough. I am never riding with jetlag again. I got picked up from the hospital And drove 3 hours straight to Mongoose Jam the first weekend , met a lot of people there and had such a amazing time but unfourtunatly did not get to ride the contest. I was told I didn’t have to ride Saturday so I stayed in the hotel to rest and
Over come jetlag , then on Sunday I was feeling good to ride the Park and Street but because I wasn’t there Saturday my spot got taken. It was good to watch a contest and take it all in. I learnt a lot.

Then the second weekend I rode in Nass World contest. That was super crazy it was at a Huge music festival with kids, tents and techno music. I spent 3 days camping at the festival and riding all the contest. I competed in Dirt and park. I made it into the finals Dirt out of +40 riders and ended up placin 16th in the world finals for dirt. Pretty stoked, this was my first time riding a dirt contest so I surprised myself.

Park was what I was looking most forward to and what I am most comfortable on. The qualifiers there was 70 riders so it was Only 1 run to qualify to save time. Unfourtnaly I messed up my run and didn’t make the finals. Overall I had the best time competing at NASS I met so many cool people and learnt a lot. So looking forward to going back next year and I know what to expect.

In between the two contest I got amungst London city and rode a bunch of street. I shot these photos with Eisa Bakos for an interview in Endless Magazine ( popular UK BMX mag ) I love London the place is crazy I was in heaven riding through the streets there.

I also filmed a WEBISODE for one of the days.