Better late then never but our distributor in the Ukraine, VeloJam, sent me this email about an event that happened over there a couple weeks ago & now I finally got around to posting it here. Read on below…

Yo Clint,

We just came back from a small but definitely nice event, called Broken Bones Session, held by VeloJam and sponsored with Colony, which took place yesterday in Kyiv at a small hand-made bike park. We had two categories – amateurs and pros. For the 1st place in pro we gave a way a Sect frame & many other Colony prizes.

We of course, experienced some probs with the weather, however, we did it! The dirt and water could not stop us to make those crazy people do some crazy stuff, like 360 from a drop or the flair in a small quarter.

Cheers, Bogdan.



Yo yo !!