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Visited Vans yesterday.

We visited the Vans offices yesterday & had a good little session on the mini ramp set up they have. Jerry Badders the team manager also showed us around the offices which was cool to see. We were also lucky enough to meet Steve Van Doren, the legend who started Vans back in ’66. He is a cool, totally down to earth guy, it was a treat to meet him.

We also saw some of the new colourways for Ryan’s Whip 2 shoe & they look awesome. Be on the look out for the Vans/Colony Whip 2 due out Jan/Feb next year.


Yo yo !!

The Pit…

Justin Kosman took us to a spot yesterday called the Pit. Ryan had been there before & loved the place but mine & Josh’s experiences were a little different to say the least. It’s basically a huge derelict waste water pit that has huge banks with subs all around it with various other obstacles to ride. A rather ghetto spot which I am sure can be lots of fun on the right day. Just wasn’t our day with the drinking that took place the night before… haha.

Today we’re going to Vans to ride the mini ramp there & then do some street riding in the arvo.




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San Diego

We had our last day in San Diego yesterday & it was a fun one for sure. First we had to hit up the local BMX shop for some parts & it was a really cool store with everything 100% BMX. So good to see. EastCounty BMX was the name of the shop & they carried pretty much every cool brand around, including Colony. Stoked. If you’re ever in the area make sure you drop in & say g’day.

After that we went to the legendary Home Ave ditch & it was a real treat. We then headed back to the Mission Valley park for one more session. We are now in Carlsbad for the day & will do some street riding.

As you can see EastCounty BMX have a great range of BMX parts.


Ryan at Home Ave.

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