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USA distribution moved to Portland, OR

For those in the USA, we’ve recently moved our distribution centre out of Vista, CA & up to Portland, OR.

Bike shops in the USA can now get our products from our warehouse there. We will have the full 2018 ranges arriving mid September which will include our 2018 complete bikes, frames & parts ranges.

In the meantime, we have many parts available now for shipping.

Shops can contact us at usa@colonybmx.com.au to get sorted with orders.

For those that have used it in the past the B2B dealer online store is all packed & ready to go. Shops can access this here…


Long time friend & team rider, Paddy Gross will be the man on the ground there packing & sending out all orders.

For the riders out there, hit up your favorite BMX shop to get in touch with us & order in what you’re chasing from our ranges now.

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Julian Molina

This is a very inspirational story. Much respect to Julian for breaking boundaries and not letting anything stop him from riding. Learn more here.

Product highlight – Ultra Knee & Shin Pads

Our latest safety gear offering is the all new Ultra Series of pads.

We have an all new knee pads to take any punishment you can throw at them.

Also along with our shin pads that feature a tail whip pad for the protection of your inside of your calk muscle & shin bone.

Check them both out here now along with our Ultra Gloves.

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Merry BMXmas !!

Merry BMXmas everyone !!

From everyone here at Colony we wish you the very best for the holidays with your friends & family.

We hope that you receive all that you wish for & may there be many new BMX treats coming your way.


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Happy birthday Glen !!

A big birthday shout out to one of our dedicated staff members, Glen McLaughlin who’s birthday it is today. Glen is our warehouse manager here in Australia & a very important person in the company. Glen is the man.

Happy birthday Glen !!

We all ride here at Colony, always have, always will.

Have fun, ride bikes !!




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Jack Kelly Monash frame build

Jack recently setup his signature Monash frame in the good looking Makita Green colour and the outcome is something real nice.

Fantastic Plastics

Thanks to The Merged for including us in their top 5 BMX Pedals feature with the Fantastic PLastics. Check it here.


Q&A with Jayden Fuller

We sat down with J-Dogg and hit him with a bunch of questions on what’s been happening lately, moving from New Zealand and the DVD he is working on. Check it all here.


Strictly BMX custom Tradition bike

Strictly BMX have a deal on a custom Tradition build that is looking the goods! Get all the info right here.


2017 complete bikes landing soon

Our all new range of complete bikes for 2017 will land soon around the planet. Expect to start seeing them in stores in October.

In the meantime, you can check them out here now.







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Peta Shepherd in Pumped BMX 3

We are stoked to announce that Peta Shepherd will be one of the riders you can play in the new release of Pumped BMX 3 Which is dropping in the coming months.


Tom Stretton update

Hey guys, just a quick update.

So finally after all the nonsense my knee surgery is booked in for the 5th of April.

I will be getting my tibia shave off at the top and a full knee reconstruction. It may sound silly but I’m looking forward to it getting done more than anything in the world right now haha.

This photo down the bottom was almost a year ago in ACT and it’s only just being dealt with properly.

Also I should be at act jam this year with the boys to have a good time and cheer everyone on. Come say hello!

Much love to everyone and a special thanks to Clint and Colony BMX for sticking by me for so long. This is truly a family and I couldn’t have found a better one.




Keith Treanor Podcast

Keith has a great podcast interview up on the DIG website via Snakebike BMX. Keith has had a pretty wild life, some of which he reminisces on in this interview…


RIP Dave Mirra

It didn’t really sink in until now but it’s true and as with the rest of the entire BMX community we are left shocked and devastated. RIP to a true great of this lifestyle we lead. Dave Mirra you will never be replicated.

Service Centre – How to fit BMX pedals

Detailed look into how to fit BMX pedals to your cranks. Any questions feel free to leave in the Youtube comments and we will do our best to answer them. Make sure you subscribe to our channel for more videos.

Products featured:
Colony Fantastic Plastic Pedals.
Colony 22’s cranks.

Custom Monash

The guys over at Strictly BMX recently built up a fresh looking custom Monash. You can check out a bunch more images right here



Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! Thanks for the support over the past year. Let’s make this one a banger!

colony new year


From everyone at Colony we thank everyone that have supported us in anyway this year. Enjoy the holidays and stay safe out there.

colony xmas

Colony bottle opener / key rings

We’ve just landed in Australia a batch of these fine little puppies with perfect timing for BMXmas. Perfect for those hot summer days ahead & the need to open your favourite cold beverage. Hit up your favourite Colony dealer next week for one. Sorry but only available in Australia.


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Welcome to the team: Anthony Napolitan

Today we are stoked to welcome Anthony to the family. He recently set-up a Tradition frame off the back of his Bikes over Baghdad trip and it’s looking fresh! Anthony is about to start on a project with Nathan Sykes so be on the lookout for some fresh footage really soon.