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Canadian Concrete video

If you follow us on Instagram or on here you would know a few of us went to Canada for a week to ride some of the amazing places the guys have over there. We also hung out at the Kirkstone jam/comp which Victor actually won. Bracamonte, Nathan and Victor all have clips in this video from the day.

Jack Kelly interview

JK has an interview over on the BMX Union website, hit this link to check it out…


Photo by Rubers.

Focus Gallery on RIDE

Nathan has a couple great shots in the July Focus gallery shot by Jeff Z on RIDE. Check them all here.

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 8.59.49 am

Screen Shot 2015-07-26 at 9.01.12 am

Clint Millar 41st birthday video

This was a nice surprise to see in my emails the other day…

“It’s become a bit of a tradition the last few years now for me to spend my birthday riding & film an edit from it. This year, my 41st birthday was spent doing exactly that. I wanted to ride as many varied spots as I could & make a true “freestyle” edit as such, with a bit of everything thrown in for good measure. Alex Hiam came along & we had a blast riding, even though it was the windiest day ever with gail force cyclonic winds. @hardythepuppy even makes a cameo appearance as in video’s past as well. Pretty stoked with the end result & a big thanks to Troy Charlesworth for making me look better than I really am.” – Clint Millar.

VW’s & BMX’s

This was from a few years ago now but spotted this over on the Type 2 Detectives website. It’s a behind the scenes shoot on our colab VW Type 3 Panelvan we built a few years ago now. Not all BMX but pretty cool to see none the less. Enjoy.

Yo yo !!

Shane & Simon update

Hey guys – just got home from an epic weekend! Simon O’brien and myself were recently asked to do shows for super producer and DJ, Mark Ronson at Splendour in the Grass where he headlined. He’s won a bunch of awards for his music, but has also produced for other massive artists like Amy Winehouse, Adele and Lana Del Ray. Crazy.

This year he put together a massive show to take around the world and for one of their tracks, The Bike Song, they wanted to have Flatland in it – stoked! While rain, a wet stage and tiny, tiny area to ride in made it tough, the massive crowd were stoked which was awesome.

Huge shout out to Mark Ronson and crew for getting BMX and flatland out there and putting on a massive show!

Check out more photos on our instagrams – @shanebadman and @simonobrienofficial

Show time - photo by Nina Wiltshire

Simon and Shane backstage - photo Nina Wiltshire

Simon, Mark Ronson, Shane - photo Nina Wiltshire

Instagram Slam at FOD

Nathan gets in on a bunch of clips for the latest TCU Instagram Slam down the local spot…

More from California

We hit up a trails session before heading out for a good time at Home Ave for the afternoon. Victor tried to break my new camera and Nathan got in on a few clips.








Jack Kelly update

Lately I’ve been riding a lot of indoors as the weather is horrible in Melbourne, but in between the bad weather I’ve been squeezing sessions in at the local skatepark and a few others in Melbourne. And managed to film a few Instagram videos in the process.

Once the weather gets better hopefully I’ll be filming for a new project in the streeeeetsss!

A video posted by Jack Kelly (@killjack) on

A video posted by Jack Kelly (@killjack) on

Tom Stretton update

Hey guys. Just a little update to tell you what’s going on.

So I kind of received good news and bad news on my leg. The good news is that I got my brace off and was allowed to start weight bearing over the next 5 weeks with no crutches at all starting from next week. Apparently the bone hasn’t displaced and has been healing correctly which is good. I have physio over those 5 weeks which really hurts but is apparently making my leg better or I will end up with a bent leg forever.

The bad news is my ACL is about 75 percent screwed. But my PCL is fine. After I finish off this 5 weeks of physio I go back in for an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon to tell me my progress and get his thoughts on where to go from there. It’s most likely that after that I will be getting surgery on my ligaments because at this stage they still don’t want to operate on an “angry” knee, as they put it.

It’s pretty frustrating and my leg almost doesn’t feel like it’s mine anymore but I’ll get there I guess. I just have to be careful over the next month or so. I just can’t wait to get to the spillway and start throwing downwhips on this old thing again.

Also I just wanted to say Rest In Peace to Glen Salyers. I didn’t know the guy personally but it’s never a good thing to hear about losing part of the BMX community, and from what I have heard, he seemed like such a great human being. My thoughts go out to his girlfriend, friends and family. RIP Glenn.

Until next time guys,

Californian sunshine

Here are a few photos from a session we had in the heat yesterday. Although we didn’t have any luck at a few spots it still ended up being a fun day out…







Life in the Peex

Attila Godi shot this really cool video from his local park showing how much work the locals are putting in to make the place unique and fun to ride.


Both Nathan and Victor have solid clips in this video from RIDE that was filmed down at the Wetlands trails in California a few months back…

San Francisco Trip – Day 3

We spent the day in the heat riding spots all around SF. Even with the heat we came through with some good clips and had some laughs along the way. Thanks to Mesta for helping us out with spots…



Alex Hiam off to the USA

Alex Hiam heads off to the USA today for a few months to ride his bike. Alex has been killing it as of late, so will be awesome to see what stuff he get’s done riding wise while over there. Check his Insta @alexhiam & our own for updates @colonybmxbrand

His full range of signature parts drops in September this year including his latest version of the ever popular Sweet Tooth Frame. Look out for his Sweet Tooth Forks & Sweet Tooth Bars to match & his already popular Alex Hiam Seat/Post Combo.




Yo yo !!

San Francisco Trip – Day 2

Yesterday was a pretty wild scene, seeing hundreds of riders taking over the streets of SF was unreal. It was pretty hard to get a ride in at the spots but still enjoyable to see friends you’ve not seen for a while, meet new ones and take it all in. Shoutout to the people who made it possible, let’s do it again sometime…





San Francisco Trip – Day 1

A few of us drove up from LA to San Fran yesterday for the street jam that is going down today in the city. We had a good drive up hitting a really fun pool along with a couple spots to break up the drive and get some clips…




Vancouver Trip – Day 6

The last day in Vancouver was a real good way to finish the trip, we headed down to the famous Hastings park early for a session before trekking out to a park in Squamish which was about a 45 minute drive from Vancouver but with amazing scenery the entire way. The park also had an amazing back drop as you will see from the photos. It was a really fun session to finish on before the 3am airport arrival time last that night/morning.

Big thanks to KEA and all the locals for making our time in Canada a real treat.







Vancouver Trip – Day 5

We headed out to a few spots in town during the morning to film a few things we had planned out on the first day, most of which went to plan. We then headed to a park called Poco (Railside) which was a big park packed full of good transition and plaza style jibs so everyone was happy. Brandon was really letting loose in the bowl (The table photo below is a transfer from the very far left vert wall into the right side of the bowl) along with Nathan and Victor coming through with some good clips as well. Victor really went in on one of his lines.

With about an hour of daylight left we then hit up a backyard set-up which was a really cool spot and good use of the area. All the guys were enjoying the session which went on until it was dark. Backyard ramps are always a treat so thanks to the locals for letting us have a roll.










Vancouver Trip – Day 4

The sun was out today so we headed to Parkgate park which turned into a pretty long session with the guys as the bowl had some lines that needed to be attempted. Not all went to plan but we got some good clips and headed onto the next park.

I have no idea what the park was called but it was an old school snake run that was pretty crazy and Nathan was hyped on it from the get go. We got in a few runs there before finishing up the day at an amazing watering hole that Brandon took us to, it was a nice way to end the day.