Hey guys

I’m writing this update from a doctors surgery. It’s basically where I’ve been spending most of my time lately other than bed. 3 weeks ago in Canberra I came off in something stupid and small and hurt my leg. At the time I wasn’t sure wether it was bad or not so I hung around for a bit and sauced it up with the best crew so I could see the Backbone Video premiere. (which you should all go out and get as soon as humanly possible!) Thanks to Colony, Clint, Rhysty and Backbone for such an incredible weekend.

Apparently I have destroyed my tibial plateau (shattered into little pieces) and fractured my tibia, along with destroying my ACL and possible damage to my PCL. They wanted to operate on my leg asap but apparently it was so fidgety that it would have done more damage than good. So at this stage I’m waiting for my MRI next week and then an appointment with some important orthopedic dude to make a plan for the best outcome. I won’t know the extent of my ligaments until after the MRI obviously but they have already said I’ll most likely need a knee reco.

At the moment I’m just trying to stay positive and really looking forward to finally having a plan for all this. I can’t walk for 6-12 weeks so that’s a bummer, but I’m at my parents recovering and Carolyn Stretton is a god damn SAINT! Hahah, thanks mum.

As soon as I know what the go is I’ll try and put an update up to let people know what’s happening. It may be a long while until I’m riding again but shit happens and I fucking love my bike. Just glad I’m not Pete Radivo and don’t do this every other weekend haha. Love ya Pete.

Until next time. Peace!



Riding photo: LC