Hey guys. Just a little update to tell you what’s going on.

So I kind of received good news and bad news on my leg. The good news is that I got my brace off and was allowed to start weight bearing over the next 5 weeks with no crutches at all starting from next week. Apparently the bone hasn’t displaced and has been healing correctly which is good. I have physio over those 5 weeks which really hurts but is apparently making my leg better or I will end up with a bent leg forever.

The bad news is my ACL is about 75 percent screwed. But my PCL is fine. After I finish off this 5 weeks of physio I go back in for an appointment with my orthopedic surgeon to tell me my progress and get his thoughts on where to go from there. It’s most likely that after that I will be getting surgery on my ligaments because at this stage they still don’t want to operate on an “angry” knee, as they put it.

It’s pretty frustrating and my leg almost doesn’t feel like it’s mine anymore but I’ll get there I guess. I just have to be careful over the next month or so. I just can’t wait to get to the spillway and start throwing downwhips on this old thing again.

Also I just wanted to say Rest In Peace to Glen Salyers. I didn’t know the guy personally but it’s never a good thing to hear about losing part of the BMX community, and from what I have heard, he seemed like such a great human being. My thoughts go out to his girlfriend, friends and family. RIP Glenn.

Until next time guys,