Archive Of March 2010 - Colony BMX

Ramp Attak…

We went out the other night and hit up the new indoor park up here in Brisbane, Ramp Attak which was a bit of fun, Alex Hiam and Chris Courtenay seemed to enjoy it…



Alex Hiam – Bro Cam.

Alex has been clocking some footage whilst out on usual shred missions over the past couple of months, with thanks to his mates that he rides with they filmed up this this edit we got going on…

Helensvale BMX media portfolio online…

The guys over at Helensvale BMX are huge supporters of Colony & have a fair amount of their shop team riding Colony’s which is great to see. Check out a portfolio of their adverts by clicking here now.


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Know the Team – Marnold

Marnold is next on the list for a quick Q&A, he is from Melbourne Australia and grinds alot…



What are you up to today Marnold?

Finished work, having a beer then getting ready to roll with coops later.

Tell us something about yourself people probably don’t know…
I have four sisters no brothers.

What is it like living in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne in Australia?

It’s the bomb I love living in the eastern suburbs just alot nicer and close to everything for me.

What do you do for a job?

I’m a 4th year metal fabricator (tig welder)

You have been known to enjoy the odd grind or two, what grind are you pumped on doing lately?

Crooks and smiths are the best and latley x pegs been trying to get them dialed soo hard though!

What is the largest t-shirt you own?

It’s a 4xl tall tee that Josh mete brought back from America awhile ago and its got like cards dollar signs rims and that kinda shit on it. WAY to big for riding so it just chills.

Liam’s new set-up.

Liam recently set-up a new rig, looks dialed! Good colour combo for sure!


The Sanction.

The Sanction are a cool BMX and clothing store in Albury (NSW). Dre and Simon stock a bunch of Colony product and do a lot for the local scene! Check them out if you are in town.


Mick and Liam arrive.

Last night we picked up Mick and Liam from the airport, should be a fun week in Brisbane then we head down south. I look forward to meeting some new faces along the way.


Product highlight- Fantastic Plastic Pedals

Got plastic? Check out our offering by clicking here now. Available everywhere now.


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Dirt Jam…

havic dirt jam 2010 med 150mm

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Michal Mycek bike check

Our flow rider Michal Mycek from Poland has a nice bike check over on Loked Bmx , there are a bunch of nice photos so be sure to check it out!


Ryan Guettler interview edit…

Spotted this little interview edit over on the Alpine Stars site of Ryan… enjoy.

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Amigos of Dave bike deal…

Doing our part for supporting the Amigos of Dave jam set for May, we are selling a Descendent compete bike in Matt Black online. The selling price is AUD$899.00 & 100% of the proceeds will go to Dave Montoya’s medical funds. Payment by credit card or direct debit only. You can email your order too Get in quick !!

If you’re after an Endeavour complete bike more so then click here to get one for the same deal from Helensvale BMX.


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Chris Courtenay welcome edit…

Chris gets himself initiated on the team with his first edit for Colony. Quite the CCC show indeed with him putting some work in on this one. It came out really well with bombs being dropped left, right & centre. Stoked to have you on the team mate !! It won’t take long for Chris to get promoted to the pro team at this rate. Filmed & edited by Big Salad, thanks son !! Oh, look out for the special guest appearance by Alex Hiam as well.

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Newcircle x Colony Tees

We have teamed up with the guys over at Newcircle on some colab tees & they are available now exclusively through Newcircle. Click here now to check them out. These are limited edition so be quick.


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Valvoline interview…

Valvoline has an interview over on the Beta BMX site from Brazil & you can check it out by clicking here now. It is all in portuguese though, so better brush up on your language skills. Still worth checking out.


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Above All official opening…

Above All BMX have moved into a new store & to help celebrate this fact, a vast amount of the team are venturing on down. Come hang out & later go for a ride with Alex Hiam, Liam Fahy-Hampton, Mick Bayzand, Nick Richardson, Zac Miner, Cooper Brownlee, Chris Courtenay & myself. We will also be on the road between Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra & Melbourne & anywhere inbetween, so keep an eye out for a couple vans full of riders.


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On the road again…

I left Melbourne this morning for the drive up to Brisbane which is about 2000 km’s. I have made it to Sydney and I will continue the journey in the morning. Looking forward to meeting up with a bunch of the team when I get there!

This photo is from a random spot I found on the road out in the country a couple hours from home.


Paddy Gross on Woozy site

Paddy Gross scored the photo of the day over on the Woozy site. Click here to check it out.

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Mick Bayzand advert…

Mick Bayzand scores his well deserved second Colony advert in the latest 2020 magazine. Check out Mick’s Teddy frame & bars at a store near you now.


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Rollercoaster 2010…

There is a new event on the calendar for New Zealand & the guys at have gotten behind the event with Colony as a supporting sponsor for the BMX part of the event. Should be worth checking out with a big air type event going down for BMX. Check the organisers website out for more info by clicking here now.


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