Marnold is next on the list for a quick Q&A, he is from Melbourne Australia and grinds alot…



What are you up to today Marnold?

Finished work, having a beer then getting ready to roll with coops later.

Tell us something about yourself people probably don’t know…
I have four sisters no brothers.

What is it like living in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne in Australia?

It’s the bomb I love living in the eastern suburbs just alot nicer and close to everything for me.

What do you do for a job?

I’m a 4th year metal fabricator (tig welder)

You have been known to enjoy the odd grind or two, what grind are you pumped on doing lately?

Crooks and smiths are the best and latley x pegs been trying to get them dialed soo hard though!

What is the largest t-shirt you own?

It’s a 4xl tall tee that Josh mete brought back from America awhile ago and its got like cards dollar signs rims and that kinda shit on it. WAY to big for riding so it just chills.