Jonny Devine is our team rider for the UK, read on to learn a little more about him….


What are you up to today?

Today im going on a trip to Scotland with 15 of my mates for the weekend! Gonna be mint! get out of Preston for a bit.

Tell us something about yourself people probably don’t know…

I dont know, I hate spiders!

It tends to rain a lot over there? How do you survive the winter months?

haha I only just manage! Fortunately there are alot of indoor skateparks within an hour from were I live and I have built some ramps in my grandads barn! Hopefully there wil be an edit from there soon!

What do you do for a job?

I’m a bike mechanic at Leisure Lakes Bikes but will hopefully soon be an arborist!

You have an interview coming up in RideUk soon, I bet you are stoked to see how it comes out, what was it like shooting for that?

Yeah I’m quite nervous to see how it comes out should be funny! shooting for it was awesome as one of my best riding companions (the world famous Northern John) shot all the pictures for it. I love shooting with John because nothing is rushed and its always really chilled it was more like just shooting some pictures in a session! and his pictures always turn out awesome!