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Zac Miner 2011 Colony DVD Part

We close out The Colony DVD with a bang! Courtesy of Zac Miner’s incredible section. From start to finish you can tell Zac put it all on the line for this video part.

Shot and cut by Stewart Munro.

Zac Miner update

So the New Years off to a cracker, I’ve been living it up in Cairns for a week to start my new years with my misses. Then flew up to Brissy to join the boys on the Brissy to Melb trip you may have seen played out in a few raw tapes. The trip was a blast, cruised the east coast stoppin’ in at a few new spots. Coffs Harbour was by far my favourite! Parks got endless flow. Got to witness Bobbie and Ricky’s bike wizardry for the first time, along with hanging out with most of the crew and catchin’ up with the local scenes which was sick! Trip was amazing!

Besides from that, been home about a minute and went out filming for the Bone DVD, first spot put my face straight into the concrete. Crash was brutal, Got some stitches and some grazes all over me but apart from that I got out of it pretty lucky!

All in all it’s been an awesome start to the year, should be back on my bike in no time.

photo 1

photo 2

Zac Miner in Melbourne

Over the weekend Zac came down to Melbourne for 3 days to film for his next video project and although we had some security guard problems we came out on top at the end of the 3 days. Zac really produced some serious clips and put in work doing so. Here are a few shots from the days without giving away too much…


The vent has always been an issue for this wall ride but Zac locked and loaded and roasted straight past it.


This was insane, great way to finish off the day.


I think Zac was just happy to be alive after this clip.


We’d been kicked out of this spot on Zac’s last filming trip to Melbourne but fortunately luck was on our side this day.


Game changer.

Screen Shot 2014-12-16 at 10.30.13 am

2 days in a row with no luck thanks to security being super tight now days at this place.

Zac Miner – Colony DVD section

We finally got a chance to upload this to the worldwide web! Zac’s part from the 2011 Colony DVD was one hell of a section!

You can check out his signature Miner Frame by clicking here now. Available worldwide right now.





Product highlight – 2015 Stainless Steel Kits

We’ve just released in selected countries such as Australia, the USA & Spain these very limited edition Stainless Steel finish frame kits using our 2015 frames. This includes Mick Bayzand’s Burna frame, Alex Hiam’s Sweet Tooth V4 frame, Zac Miner’s Miner V3 frame & the team issue Castaway frame.

Be fast as there are only 5 of each model made for the planet. Check them out here now in more detail.





Yo yo !!

Zac Miner night sessions

Zac Miner has been out in the crisp Canberra evenings of late getting some riding in. Stacking clips no doubt for the Backbone BMX DVD that’s in the works. Here are a couple pics captured by B-Dog the other night. Thanks for the pics mate !!

You can check out Zac’s latest version of his signature Miner V3 frame by clicking here & also available now in dealers worldwide.

Zac MIner Weaston Lookback (SEP Update)

Zac Miner Weston (AFRAY HOOD CHILL)





Yo yo !!

Zac Miner update

Hey guys, the ‘berras had some cracker days. Been Riding a heap of bigger bowls and stuff, she’s to cold for hittin rails!
Other then that, got a new job roofing, it’s pretty sweet, better then being in a bloody workshop hey! Doesn’t give me a lot of afternoons free to ride which is a downer. But I’m goin to Deni this weekend so I’ll hopefully get a ride in then.

Till next time.. Peace



Zac Miner update

Hey guys just a little update to let y’all know I’ve been out an about lately.. Despite it being around the 5 to 10 degree mark at best for the last few weeks we’ve been out riding some spots. I’ve got a new bike to which I’m over the moon about and it’s made me stoked to ride.
Besides that me the mrs have been busy traveling a bit, been up to the Blue Mountains abseiling and stuff. Just been trying to keep motivated in this weather. But better then being stuck in the house. Can’t wait for some warmer weather!

photo 1

photo 2

Zac Miner bike check

Zac recently set up a 2015 version of his signature miner frame which looks so fresh! These will be available in September so keep an eye out for them.

“Here my new whip guys, pretty stoked on the whole layout, with help from the Backbone crew we come up with a pretty crazy set up.”

Frame – 2015 colony Miner in Gun metal Grey
Forks – Colony Guardian
Bars – Colony Talons
Grips – Colony Muchroom
Stem – Colony Squareback
Headset – Backbone
Seat – Division XL
Seat post – Backbone
Cranks – Colony new 22mm bad boys
BB – Backbone
Sprocket – Colony CC
Pedals – Colony Plastics
Hubs – Colony female Wasp front and back
Pegs – Colony One ways


Zac Miner update

Hey guys, I just recently went over on a weeks trip to New Zealand with some girlfriends of mine for their birthday. The trip was pretty good, NZ is amazing! Traveling around with three girls, not so amazing! After one forgot her current passport, losing one of their phones and keys to the apartment and crashing the campervan we had, it really put a downer on the trip. Mind you the country is sick, the people are lovely, I’m definitely going back some time soon and having a proper ride.

My biggest advice I can give anyone, make sure you get travel insurance if your traveling anywhere with women ha.


Zac Miner update

Hey guys, so shits been happening in the Berra of late! If you didn’t make it to the act jam the was on last month, you missed out! So many people, so much good riding. Was awesome to see sooo many people come out to shred or hang out. Aiden Chard took out the act jam crown with effortless flow and big lines, dude just kills it when ever he rides. Apparently the video John Young is working on isn’t far off. After watchin what went down you’ll wanna come next year! Big shout out the Backbone for throwing such a killa event. It’s only gunna get bigger n better.

Speakin of the Bone, we’re well under way into filmin for a full length video. Got a bit banged up on the weekend filming actually. But it’s all so worth it when you actually sting the clip, I don’t wanna share to much but people have been puttin work, gunna be one sick DVD.

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3

Set Ups with Zac Miner

Zac recently set up a fresh new bike so we spent some time with him in Canberra and shot this feature showcasing his ride.

Zac Miner update

Zac shot through some recent updates along with a pic of his fresh new rig. Full bike check coming soon.

I just got back from an eventful weekend down the coast with a good bunch of the lads from Canberra, it was Bdog from Backbone’s bucks party and we headed down to Wollongong for the night, shit got good to say the least, everyone woke up a little worse for wear. We managed to get a few little rides in between everyone being well liquored and the rain pissing down. Got my new whip together, actually that stoked on it! The new wasp hubs run like a treat, was flying around with out barely putting in a crank. Love the new set up. Was such a good weekend! Congrats to Bdog.

photo 1

photo 2

Zac Miner Backbone advert

This would have to be one of the craziest gap to rails around and I know Zac has eyed up a few things on it, Stoked to see him get this one ticked off. Props to Raine Turnbull on the photo aswell. The Backbone DVD is going to be nuts!

Click here now to read some behind the scenes info over on the 2020BMX Magazine site now.


Zac Miner update

Zac shot through an update from down in Canberra…

Hey y’all.. So not much has been happening at my end, the weather in Canberra has only just kinda come good. With all the shit weather we’ve had before spring we made the most of the climate and went up to the snow for two days for a friends birthday. Couldn’t wipe the smile off my face up an down the slops all day, ate shit a heap of times but had ball. I’ve been rolling around a little at some of the local little parks near my house, but I get my license back in two weeks so i’ll be definitely doing some trips once I get it back, not sure where but yet? Other then that I’ve just been Laying low passing the time.


Zac clips

Zac Miner has a few really good clips in this mixed section from JT’s Blazeguard DVD that came out a little while ago now.

Zac Miner update

Zac just shot through an update from the recent long weekend…

So the long weekend just flew by, but I did manage to get out of Canberra. I went down to Albury for Tenna’s (Matt spencer) birthday, was such a good night, got pretty reckless till all hours of the morning. It’s always good to catch up with the Albury crew! Next day I set off to see some good friends down in Kyabram then went up to Deniliquin to catch up the folks.. Managed to get a bit of a ride in at the old local. It was an awesome weekend, good to catch up with a heap of people I never really get to see! Won’t be really traveling solo for a bit, as I’m losing my license yet again. But this coming week I’m heading up to Brissy for a week long trip. Can’t wait…

Zac Miner B-Roll

As we did with Alex’s video recently, here is a collection of 2nd angles, un-used footage and other randomness from the filming of Zac‘s most recent Colony video…

Custom Miner at Backbone BMX

The good crew over at Backbone BMX in Canberra have built up a very special Miner custom complete bike. Backbone know what’s up & are all BMXer’s themselves who ride daily. So you know this beast is legit.

Starting with one of the very limited edition Miner frame, fork, stem & headset kits in Black Confetti, they have built a very special bike that you can make yours now. Check it out in full detail by clicking here now !!

Yo yo !!

Advert – Zac Miner

Latest advert of Zac Miner in the latest issue of Focalpoint. gap to pegs to gap past the sketchy rocks at the end of the rail.

Product Highlight – Limited Edition Frame Kits

We just got in the latest & very limited edition frame, fork, stem & headset kits into Australia. This drop we chose an awesome Black Confetti colour way with a Black Stem & headset.

Only 3 of each of these kits came into the country & you will have to act fast to make one yours.

Hit Strictly BMX up for the Teddy kits & Sweet Tooth kits as they took them all for Australia.

Hit Backbone BMX up if you’re chasing a Miner kit.

As for The Living kits they are still available so contact your favourite dealer to get one now.

Dubbo trip

Zac just got back from a trip with the Backbone guys…

Last weekend was sick, Rhys got most of the Backbone crew together and hit the road heading out to the Midwest of NSW. We hit up Will and Chris’s trails on our way through Youngs, I sat back and watched the boys shred the dirt! We then hit up a heap of parks like Manildra, Dubbo and Milthorpe.. It was just a real good trip to hang out with the Backbone crew. Thanks to Jason Cousins for driving in his tour van. If anyone out there wants to do trips up and down the coast you should definitely scope out