So the New Years off to a cracker, I’ve been living it up in Cairns for a week to start my new years with my misses. Then flew up to Brissy to join the boys on the Brissy to Melb trip you may have seen played out in a few raw tapes. The trip was a blast, cruised the east coast stoppin’ in at a few new spots. Coffs Harbour was by far my favourite! Parks got endless flow. Got to witness Bobbie and Ricky’s bike wizardry for the first time, along with hanging out with most of the crew and catchin’ up with the local scenes which was sick! Trip was amazing!

Besides from that, been home about a minute and went out filming for the Bone DVD, first spot put my face straight into the concrete. Crash was brutal, Got some stitches and some grazes all over me but apart from that I got out of it pretty lucky!

All in all it’s been an awesome start to the year, should be back on my bike in no time.

photo 1

photo 2