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Ride BMX – Focus.

Both Nathan and Anthony have great photos within the latest Ride BMX photo gallery shot by Jeff Z, check it all here.

Bobbie & Sykes content

Both Nathan Sykes and Bobbie Altiser have photos in an Unseen Works gallery I have up on DIG, check it out here.

Spend the day with Nathan Sykes.

Nathan Sykes cruising around a few San Diego parks with Victor and Beev.

Check out Nathan’s signature Tradition frame here along with his new seat here.

New seats are in!

We just got in 3 new seats… The new AH seat/post combo, updated Chris Courtenay seat along with the new Nathan Sykes¬†shred seat.

Nathan Sykes Vista session

Nathan Sykes cruises around a few Vista parks with effortless style. Check out his signature Tradition frame here.

Nathan Sykes bike build

Nathan Sykes builds up his signature Tradition frame in the new Metal Bronze colourway then gets in a session at the Pala park. Put together by Chris Bracamonte.

Nathan Sykes – What I ride

Over on Ride BMX Nathan Sykes has a What I Ride feature showcasing his signature Tradition frame, signature seat and a stack of lovely Colony parts. Check it all here.

More from Nathan.

Nathan Sykes summer 2017

Primarily filmed on a 2 week summer trip to Oregon, Nathan Sykes tears around some lovely looking concrete then finishes it off with some clips on home turf back in California.

Filmed and edited by Matt Cordova.

Additional filming by Cooper Brownlee, Beev and jason Watts.

Advert – Nathan Sykes signature seat

Nathan Sykes’s signature seat has been one of our most popular seats and it’s easy to see why.

Nathan Sykes photos

We spent a few days with Nathan in the heat and came out the other side with some great content. Stoked on the photos we got like these two…

FOD Super 8

Nathan Sykes has some great footage in this really good video piece put together by Matt Cordova. Shot using Matt’s Super 8 film camera.

Nathan Sykes Interview

TJ Lavin fired out a cool interview with Nathan whilst he was also up in Vegas.

Nathan Sykes Q&A

We caught up with Nathan recently to see what he’s been up to which you can read right here.


Nathan Sykes seat promo

Nathan filmed this promo for his signature seat reppin’ the Brown colourway which is out now along with the new Black on Black option. Filmed and edited by Chris Bracamonte.


Nathan Sykes pool session

Thanks to Matt Cordova for sending through these solid shots of Nathan from a local poll session they had recently. You can check more images of Nathan’s signature colourway in the Tradition frame right here.




Nathan Sykes bike build

Nathan built up a 2017 Tradition frame in his signature Metallica Red colourway and it came out really nice.

The frame is available now and you can read more about it here. You can also see more on his signature seat right here.

Nathan Sykes update

What up guys! Just wanted to send through an update on what I have been up to. Just got back from a week trip in Colorado doing shows with Team Soil. Had a really fun time riding and adventuring around Colorado. We drove from Huntington Beach to Long Mont. 1200 miles with the truck and trailer. Meet some rad people on the way and have many good memories.

Just got home last night and already excited for another trip.

Next week my signature color in the Tradition frame comes out in Metallic Red. Very stoked on that! Also I have a new signature seat that will be releasing also. Lot of good stuff and I’m excited for you guys to be able to get your hands on it!





Nathan Sykes ditch session

Nathan Sykes gets in a fun session down at a classic LA ditch spot. For any video heads out there, this was shot on 120p for something a bit different for me.

SoCal trails weekend with Sykes

Nathan has some great photos over on DIG that are well worth a click.


Also check the video again from the weekend the photos were shot on.

Nathan Sykes video bike check

Nathan shreds his local of FOD trails whilst giving you a run down of what he runs within the Colony range.

Subscribe for more videos on Youtube.

Parts list:
Colony Tradition frame.
Colony Guardian Forks.
Colony 8.8″ Sweet Tooth bars.
Colony Squareback stem.
Colony Wasp hubs.
Colony 22’s Cranks.

Nathan Sykes – Dirt Daze video

Really cool video from the guys at 100% featuring Nathan Sykes along with friends Matt Cordova and Larry Edgar. Get at it…

Nathan Sykes video & interview

Sykes is all over DIG right now with a rad video shot by Chris Bracamonte along with an in-depth interview with some great photos from Andrew White. Check the interview here and the video below.


Instavids – Chris Courtenay, Jayden Fuller and Nathan Sykes

A video posted by Jayden Fuller (@jdoogg) on

A video posted by Nathan Sykes (@nathantsykes) on

Trails weekend with Nathan Sykes

The DIG crew caught up with Nathan for a few sessions at some Californian trails spots along with good friend Matt Cordova and the result is 3 minutes of effortless style and creative moves…

More trails goodness…

Nathan Sykes update

Hey guys summer is here and that means fun in the sun! This month I took a trip to Florida with my girlfriend for her sisters wedding. We drove from Southern California to Pensacola Florida and back in 12 days. Lots of miles across the United States, 3 rental cars later, 2 new tires and our 4500 mile trip there and back was a success. Was able to meet up with style cat Chad Osborn in Texas for a morning sesh at a really rad park close to were he and his family lives. Made for a nice break in between all the hours Aubri and I had been putting in on the road. On your way home we stopped at a few spots in Arizona that are a must go to. Antelope Canon and Horseshoe Bend.

After getting back from the trip I have been getting some riding in down a Bundy Trails. Great place to ride right now with the weather being really warm. The trees hold back some of the sun most the day so it’s been nice cruising laps down there.

And as of now I also just finished the first week of BMX Summer camp with Team Soil in New Port. Had a rad group of kids for our first week. Mike Hucker Clark and Ryan Brennan and myself along with Dylan Stark for a few days help kids learn basic BMX skills, from riding quarter pipes and learning to jump and gain bike control. It was great week on the beach with this young riders. Can’t wait for week two!





Day at the trails video

I met up with Nathan Sykes and Victor Salazar for a day in the sun at Stephen Murrays trails and then onto the Hood Rich trails. Thanks to the guys for letting us have a session we really appreciated it. Check the video below along with the photo feature from the day right here.

Nathan Sykes update

As always another month has come and pass, but so much has happened! Cooper was over in the States for a month and we had the chance to do a decent amount of riding and filming. Produced a few different projects that I’m excited to see the final out come of. Was able to ride a few spots in Southern California that I haven’t been to. Always nice to mix it up and get to ride new stuff.

One of the days Victor, Cooper and myself made it out to the Stay Strong compound. I knew that Stephen and the family were getting ready to move soon so I wanted to get out there to see Stephen before he left the States. Was a great day riding and hanging out and Stephen and the boys will be missed very much by all the guys out here in California.

Also been working on a fun Dig project with Chris that should be out in the next month. Always enjoy working with Chris. He makes me laugh most of the time so it makes for fun days out riding and filming. Stay on the look out for this one.




Feature – Nude bowl in the heat

We have a new section to the site, above in the Navigation bar you will see a FEATURES tab which will now host a bunch of original content shot with the guys. It could be a road trip article, bike check or an interview with one of the guys. Basically anything we think of. First up is a photo feature from the trip to Nude bowl a few of us took. Check it out here.


Day @ the trails

Earlier this week we spent the day hitting a couple different sets of trails with Nathan and Victor. More photos and a video dropping soon.



Nathan Sykes @ Hippy bowl

Nathan Sykes gets in an afternoon session at the Hippy Bowl and lays down a few clips for the camera.