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Attila Godi video

Attila Godi is our flow team rider in Hungary supported in conjunction with Harlee Distributions. He has put together this cool little park edit. Attila is primarily a street dog but as you can see here can hold his own the parks just as easy. Enjoy. Many thanks go to Harlee Distro & Attila for their support for Colony.

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Shane Badman checks in…

Shane Badman sent me an update on what he has been up too of late… read on below.

After finishing up the shows in Egypt, visiting Cyprus, Hungary & the UK, I’ve settled myself down for the moment in the south of Sweden with my lovely girlfriend Jo. We live in a small town called Staffanstorp which will be our home for the next little while. Even though we live in Sweden, we’re about 30 minutes from Copenhagen in Denmark & a few hours from Germany. Unfortunately, I’ve not come across any other riders in the area, so if there are any out there holla at me! In between learning some Swedish & riding I also dug up some footage I had lying around from around 2000. Check it out below.

comboNATION Vol. 1: Shane Badman BMX Flatland 2000 - 2001 from Shane Badman on Vimeo.

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Interbike video on Vital

We have a short video up on Vital from Interbike about a few of our new products coming out very soon. Our Fantastic Plastic pedals, Colonial cranks & Hell Stallion frame. Click here to watch it now.


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Film montage up on Vital

There is a cool little film montage by Stu up on Vital featuring Simon O’Brien & myself as well as Corey Bohan & Dave Dillewaard. Enjoy.

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Richo web edit

A few weeks ago I met Nick at Beenleigh to film one last time before his pending knee surgery. We got some footage clocked in an afternoon & this is the result. Nick is now out for 8 months with his knee recon & we wish him the best & fastest recovery.

Click here to check out his efforts that one afternoon a few weeks ago.


Check back in the next week or two for info on how you can make a bid for Nick’s personal bike, as seen above, to help him pay off his medical bills.

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Oleg edit & jam in Moscow

Oleg Alexsandrov, our boy in Russia, sent me a link to his latest web edit he has floating around cyber space. Some rather impressive moves in there for sure. He also told me about a comp called the Adrenalin Games happening in Moscow September 20th & 21st. If you’re in Moscow then check it out. Click here for more information.

Untitled from insidebmx2 on Vimeo.

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Interview on Vital


For those that are interested I have an interview that is up on Vital right now with some riding as well. Check it out there or below.

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Bored this weekend?

If you’re feeling bored this weekend & are sitting in front of your computer screen then maybe you want to have a refresher course on all the various web videos we have been putting out over the last year or so?

Click here for a short cut to them all.


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Canberra web video…

Yo… a few weeks ago now a bunch of the team were in Canberra for a riding trip & we documented the action for a web video & an upcoming feature in 2020 BMX magazine.

Here we have the video… click here to see the action first hand.


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Random Pete Radivo pic…

Found this very random pic of Pete Radivo doing what he does best on Christian’s myspace & just had to post it. 

While your here you might as click here & check out some riding from Pete along with Richo, Haimona Ngata, Benny Paulsen & Tim Wood.

You rule Pete. Plain & simple.

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Jonny Devine video…

Check out this short video of our newest team rider in the UK, Jonny Devine.

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Ride On BMX web video

Spotted this web video up on Diversity & thought it was really enjoyable so I had to post it up here too. Steve & the boys from Ride On did a great job, just good old fun BMX.  

'Ride On' from Raphael Jeroma-Williams on Vimeo.

Video on Vital featuring Steve Woodward

There is a video up on Vital right now featuring Steve Woodward riding his local park with some friends. Check Steve’s last trick… banger material for sure.

Click here to watch now.  


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Mick Bayzand video

An old one but a good one none the less. Some of this was filmed about 5 years ago but can still hold its own today. Mick rules, always has, always will. He heads over to Vancouver to live for a couple years soon but I am sure we will continue to see & hear great things from him. Be on the lookout for some coverage from an upcoming farewell trip to Canberra with Liam Fahy-Hampton, Zac Miner & myself.   

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Alex Hiam web vid

Our latest web video is with our 12 year old ripper, Alex Hiam from Brisbane, Australia. Alex is on our flow team through Crossley Cycles & we filmed this section over the past 4 weekends.

I really like his riding because he has such a great mix of tech but check the video & make up your own mind. The best thing about Alex is his attitude towards riding. He is all about just having fun & is always smiling on & off his bike. Alex has the skills no doubt & I am looking forward to the years that lay ahead for this kid.

Click here to check out his video.


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Matt King & Toby Matthews web video

About 2 weeks ago I met up with both Matt & Toby one day after they finished work. The idea was to film for a web video in one afternoon. It was set in their local park (Helensvale on the Gold Coast, Australia) & we had about 2 hours of sunlight to get it done.

While dodging the masses of razor scooters they got some shit done & it turned out pretty good for an afternoon after a hard days work. Matt is a plumber & Toby is a painter… both of them can also ride a bike pretty damn well. Weekend warriors for sure.

Click here to check out the work they put in on this fine afternoon in April.


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Mick Bayzand web vid

A few weeks ago Mick came up to Brisbane & stayed with me for a week. Mick must have had some kind of curse on himself because as soon as he got off the plane things started going slightly wrong in almost every way possible.

It all started with the worst 4 hour traffic jam from the airport on a trip that normally takes about an hour. On the first day it was a crazy 43.5 degrees celsius (110 degrees fahrenheit) heat wave while trying to ride. The 2nd day Mick re-injured his wrist from a feeble grind gone terribly wrong & then it rained for days on end after this. Over the last few days of his visit he totally wrecked his body over & over again in between the rain showers. But he kept getting back up for more, proving that Mick really is the toughest rider in Australia.

Check out his offerings from the days that he did get to ride without the rain, heat, injury or hangovers by clicking here now. I reckon you did an awesome job Mick & you’re welcome anytime at my place. Yeah yeah!


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One for the girls…

Angela Dobbie sent me a reminder about her girls video comp that she is organising. It’s a great chance for the girls from all over the world to win some great prizes from Colony. Get out there filming & send in your section to Angela. The comp finishes the end of the month. Check her flyer below for full details & message her myspace if you want more info.



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Final bonus web video

You can check out our final release web video taken from the bonus section of our ‘A Month In The Life Of’ DVD here.

This one features Liam Fahy-Hampton, Mick Bayzand, Matt King & Kenny Raggett. Enjoy.

A huge shout-out goes to Cooper from Focalpoint for the clips of both Liam & Mick. Thanks Coops, you rule !!


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US trip park mix web video


What do you get when you mix constant rain, a bunch of Aussie tourists & a crazy driving schedule? A mad dash to make the next indoor park to have a ride & get some clips.

This is the result of our US trip late last year that was featured in last months Ride magazine story. Get the magazine with Liam on the cover & check out the 12 page story. 


Or you can click here & check out the footage we gathered on this rain infested trip.

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Web videos galore…


In case you have missed them in the past I have made it easier for you to see our recent web videos that I have posted. Click on the links below or you can also click on the category named Videos in the panel on the right.

Athens, GA street day 

Bonus Mix 2

Bonus Mix 3

I will be releasing more very soon so keep checking back every few days.

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Bonus Mix Number 3

Click here for our next web video taken from the bonus of our ‘A Month In The Life Of’ DVD.

This one features myself, Toby Matthews & Ryan Guettler. Enjoy.


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Web Video Mix Section

I have decided to release some of the bonus material from our ‘A Month In The Life Of’ DVD here for all those that haven’t been able to get a copy themselves. 

This week we have the ‘Mix 2’ section featuring Nick Richardson, Benny Paulsen, Haimona Ngata, Pete Radivo & Tim Wood.

Click HERE to check it out yourself.

If you wanna see the full length DVD contact your favourite BMX shop now.  


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Colony US trip web video #1…

Wanna see Liam’s amazing PSI rail ride as on the cover of the current issue of Ride BMX magazine? Then click HERE to see this & a bunch of other riding from the Colony team. This footage was filmed all in one day in Athens, GA late last year. Enjoy.Check back in the next week or two for the next in a series of web videos from the rest of our US trip & others filmed here in Australia. Hope you like my filming & editing…group.jpg 

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Alex Hiam video & I am off to Taiwan.

Click here to see an awesome little video of 12 year old Alex Hiam who we hook up on flow through Crossley Cycles. This was made before he got his custom 19.8″ Bloody Oath frame. Alex has skills.

I am also off to Taiwan today to work on the 2009 product range for a week. I will post some news from there about new products throughout the week. So keep posted.

170 kgs over 100,000 times…

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A Month In The Life Of – Teaser

Check out this little teaser for the up coming DVD release…

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[youtube VHVSY7bcih4]