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Nathan Sykes @ Hippy bowl

Nathan Sykes gets in an afternoon session at the Hippy Bowl and lays down a few clips for the camera.

Nathan Sykes replica bike

The crew over at Strictly BMX have been busy building a few custom bikes spec’d from some of the pro guys personal set-ups. Here you can see Nathan Sykes replica build which is up for grabs at a great price right here.

Nathan Sykes 8mm

Matt Cordova put together this rad video of himself, Nathan Sykes and Kris Fox. All filmed on a super 8 camera, the look that comes from that camera suits these guys riding perfectly.

Nathan Sykes update

It’s been a interesting month for me. Anthony, Victor, Chris, Wolf and myself had the best trip back up to Fresno. It was great being able to stay out at the Sanctuary again and spending time out there. Unfortunately I crashed and hit my head pretty good on this trip. Gave myself some pretty good whiplash. Stoked though on how the edit came out and of course being able to spend time with the guys on the road.

My body has been pretty beat up so I have been trying to let some muscles relax and heal up but at the same time I struggle to stay off my bike. I just always love riding so I have a hard time making myself chill so my body can heal up. So I have been paining a bit and doing prints. Always enjoy doing that.

Also my really good friend from Oregon is out for a month. So we have been riding all the local spots and getting some good sessions. Always thankful to have my dude Beev around!





Instagram video feed #3

Another week or so of stacked clips from some of the crew, check it out…

Finding Sanctuary video

Nathan Sykes, Anthony Napolitan and Victor Salazar visited Sanctuary rest and ride prior to throwing a jam at Mosqueda bike park in Fresno CA. While at sanctuary they were able to visit Yosemite and ride an amazing skatepark in a neighboring mountain town.

The jam was an amazing, all the locals were in high spirits and killing it, on the way home the guys stopped in Visalia to get a few lines in
and heaps of locals turned out for the session, It was a real good session.

Filmed and edited by Chris Bracamonte.

Instagram Video feed #2

Another collection of recent clips from some of the teams Instagram accounts…

Build your own fun.

Bracamonte put together this video of Nathan Sykes, Keith and some of the local crew making something special to ride and then enjoying the fruits of their labour. Check it out…

There is also a cool photo gallery over on RIDE from the mission.

Fresno trip report

Bracamonte and Nathan sent through some photos from the trip they just got from with Victor and Anthony. From all reports it was a great trip with fun had by all. Here are a few shots from the days away.











Wallpaper – Nathan Sykes

Nathan Sykes blasts a great T-Bog at his local pool for the lens of Matt Cordova. Click on the images below then right click to download for your desktop background. More wallpapers here.



Fresno trip

Some of the crew are currently on the road over in California heading to Fresno for a few days to ride with the locals. Make sure you come out for the sessions and keep up to date via our Instagram,





Nathan Sykes update

It’s been a really good month with lots of riding. With the little rain that we have been getting in Southern California it’s been really nice working on the trails getting them riding in real good. Been riding FOD and Heath Pinter’ yard a bunch. Really fun sessions.

Last week Matt Cordova, Larry Edgar and myself filmed with Ride 100 Percent. Was really fun having there videographer Nico out for a few days. We spent a solid day at FOD filming riding and motorcycles. Stoked to see what he comes up with. And the second day was spent out at Pinter’s yard. I always enjoying any chance to film with Matt and Larry. Always a good time joking around and seeing who can land the flattest!

Excited for this month to be doing some Colony trips in the States. Chris B has some stuff lined up that’s going to be a blast. Let the good times roll!





Napo & Sykes @ Wetlands

Both Anthony and Nathan have some great shots throughout this photo gallery over on Vital BMX from a Wetlands session. Check it out.



Wallpaper – Nathan Sykes

Something for you to freshen up your computer or Iphone background. Large wall ride of Nathan Sykes shot by Matt Cordova. This was the last clip of Nathan’s most recent Colony video.

Just click on the image/s below to get the full resolution version for your desktop.

Desktop version…

Iphone version…

Nathan Sykes on Dans Comp PRO

Congrats to Nathan for scoring the bump up with Dans Comp, kid kills it and puts in work so it’s well deserved. More info here.

Dan’s Comp: Nathan Sykes – More BMX Videos

Hippy Bowl

Nathan Sykes along with Matt Cordova, Trevor Sigloch, Beeverton Presquire got in a good session at the Hippy Bowl recently and they captured the good times that were had.

Nathan Sykes update

As always another month has come and gone, but not without some good times! Been riding the BMX, working on the jumps at FOD. We were hit with some good rain and the jumps got hit really hard. So been spending time out there getting them dialed back in and riding. Also finished the DIY project that I was keeping on the down low. Hopefully that edit will be dropping soon. Was super fun being able to build a spot with the homies. Definitely one of those memories I won’t ever forget. Can’t thank Matt Cordova, Evan Lane and Chris Brackamonte for making this happen!

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset

Processed with VSCOcam with b1 preset




Instavids – Chris Courtenay, Alex Hiam, Nathan Sykes and Chris Bracamonte

A video posted by Bmx (@alexhiam) on

A video posted by Nathan Sykes (@nathantsykes) on

A video posted by @chrisbracamonte on

How to Tuesday with Nathan Sykes

Head over to the RIDE BMX website for a How to video from Nathan Sykes on 1 footed tables. Nathan sure can handle that trick so get some pointers from an expert.

Screen Shot 2015-12-23 at 7.55.57 am

Oregon trip video

Back in September Victor Salazar, Alex Hiam, Chris Bracamonte, Nathan Sykes, Clint Millar and Keith Treanor took a week trip up to Oregon, met up with Paddy Gross and thanks to Bracamonte we have a really good 9 minute video for you guys. Chris nailed it on this, showcasing the good vibes that great times that went down on the road. Wish I was there. Thanks to all the locals who welcomed the crew everywhere they went.

Be sure to check out latest issue (Jan/Feb) of Ride BMX which as a great feature article from the trip along with Nathan scoring the cover of the same issue.


Nathan Sykes covers RIDE BMX

Very hyped to see Nathan score the cover of the latest issue of RIDE BMX. The photo comes from the trip some of the guys took to Oregon a few months ago. The new issue features an article from the trip and we will have a video dropping from it in 2 weeks so be on the lookout for that. For now, enjoy this…


Nathan Sykes update

Where do I start! It’s been a great month with lots of riding. My good friend Beev from Oregon came down to Southern California for 2 weeks and we spent ever day riding. It was so nice a showing him a bunch of spots and ride pools and trails. It had been raining a bunch in Oregon so it was really good time for him to come down and escape the weather.

If you guys remember “The Blob”, well the blob got a face lift and is now cut down and steeper and then turned into a spine! Just built that up a week ago. Been wanting to learn a few new things so built this ramp to play on at the house. Should be fun to see what kinda stuff goes down on it.

Also have a cool project that will be happening soon. Can’t say any details, but I’m excited for it and hope that it comes together the way I envision it!






Nathan Sykes Bike check

2 French related posts in 3 days. Here we have a bike check of Nathan‘s rig over on the DATA BMX website. It’s all in French but even if you can’t read it, it’s worth looking at all the riding and bike images. Check it all out here.



Instavids – Alex Hiam, Nathan Sykes, Jourdan Barba & Chris Courtenay

A video posted by Bmx (@alexhiam) on

A video posted by Bmx (@alexhiam) on

Nathan Sykes video

Today is a special day as we get to release the new Nathan Sykes video promoting his signature colab seat with his brand Locals Only. The seat has been out for a few months now and has been real popular all over the world.

Check the video that Nathan worked very hard on whilst I was over there staying with him along with a trip to Vancouver we took, enjoy…


Nathan Sykes update

Another great month has come and gone! Been getting some good days of riding in with the sunshine a blazing down in SoCal still. Few good rides at FOD with sun falling sooner now but still making the most of the cooler evenings. Joey Cordova is back from his foot injure so the trails have been shouting again! Stoked to have him back on the bike.

Clint was in the states for InterBike and right afterwards we did a trip to Oregon for a week. I was so excited that this trip was happening. First of I’m originally from Oregon so to be able to go on a trip to my home state and take the guys around to spots was a dream come true! So we drove straight up 15 hours and then spent a few days in Eugene/Springfield then went up to Portland for a few days then back down to Eugene then to Redding. Great parks and trails in between and amazing riding by the whole crew on the trip! One of the best trips! Can’t wait to see the edit when it drops.




Instavids – JK, Alex Hiam, Nathan Sykes and Ricky C.

A few recent Instavids from some of the guys…

A video posted by Jack Kelly (@killjack) on

A video posted by Bmx (@alexhiam) on

A video posted by Nathan Sykes (@nathantsykes) on

Nathan Sykes update

Been a busy month! I’ve been making some trips down to San Diego to ride some different stuff. Trying to mix it up a bit. Filming with Matt Cordova, Evan Lane and Trevor Sigloch.

My Vital BMX / Dans Comp video came out earlier this week which was a fun project to work on, stoked to see it come out.

Also finishing up my Colony X Locals Only seat promo edit too. Cooper has been busy editing and finishing that up. So lots of fun things in the works and just trying to stay busy!



Dan’s Comp: Nathan Sykes – More BMX Videos

Nathan Sykes video

Vital and Dans Comp teamed up to produce this brand new Nathan Sykes video of him blasting at anything put in front of him. The result was great…

Dan’s Comp: Nathan Sykes – More BMX Videos

Nathan Sykes and the Tradition frame

Sykes came through with a cool interview about our new Tradition frame over on the Vital BMX website, you can read it all here and enjoy some easy on the eye riding shots of Nathan while you are at it.