Shane sent in an email on what’s been going on with him. Read on below…

After spending nearly a year in Sweden it was time to get moving. It’s been well over 3 years now since i’ve been living in Europe & i’m starting to lose track of the countries that i’ve visited & lived in. Never forget the riders that i’ve met, nor the riding sessions that i’ve had though… funny how some things stick in your mind?!

I’m in Hungary at the moment just chilling & riding as much as I can. Living in Sweden was great, but winters that last 6 months & very few riders make it tough for any nomadic BMXer. Hungary is awesome for riding. The weather rocks 9 months of the year & all the riders are super motivated – probably a reason I’ve been here every year since 2005. I’ve been staying with one of my good mates, Andras Pentek, who co-owns OG Bike Company. In between him running the business & their shop, we’ve been hitting up spots all over the country including the OG Summer Camp & Contest in Szombathely & visiting riders in a bunch of different cities.

I’ve got another week of riding here & then off to the sunny UK for more riding… stay tuned!


Yo yo !!