Back in the day, way before Colony ever existed, Clint Millar had a few frames made under the name of Prody. This was back in 1993/1994 when it was pretty much impossible to get a frame that would not break in a few weeks. So him & another friend, Michael Canfield, enlisted the help of a local Brisbane based frame builder called G&J Cycles to make them the ideal frame. Hence the Prody Frame was born.

Built to withstand any punishment that could be thrown at them back then, they were robust. Till this day, not one ever cracked or broke. Only 4 frames were ever made so they were very limited.

Fast forward 20 or so years & we have here the all new Prody frame. It features that classic early ’90’s look but with all of today’s finer features like modern geometry, Mid BB & Integrated headset. These new frames are only about 200 grams heavier than our current frames now, not bad at all.

Both Clint Millar & Bobbie Altiser are amongst a select few riding these frames right now & so far feedback has been very favourable.

These limited frames will be made available come late April in the USA, Australia & the UK. They will be offered in Gloss Black, Chrome Plated & ED Red in sizes 19.0″ & 20.6″

Only 100 will be made & each will be numbered. Contact your favourite Colony Dealer now to pre-book yourself a piece of Australian BMX history.

Click here now for all info & spec details on these limited edition, soon to be collector’s edition frames.