With our recent distributor change in Canada, we have also picked up a new ripper from the West Coast. Brandon Van Dulken is now riding for us through Kill Em All Distro & you will see him rolling around on a fresh new Colony right now, check it our below. Look out for a welcome edit soon as well. Read on below for a few words from Brandon… good to have you a part of the family mate !!

Name: Brandon Van Dulken
Age: 18
Location: Kelowna B.C, Canada
Sponsors: Colony, Kill Em All Distro, CMFA Clothing & Cyclepath.

Frame: Colony Teddy 20.5″
Fork: Colony Dagger
Bars: Colony Teddy
Front Wheel: Colony Contour
Rear Wheel: Colony Contour
Pedals: Colony Fantastic
Cranks: Colony Colonial V2
Sprocket: Colony Official
Seat Post: Colony Pivotal
Headset: Colony
Stem: Colony Official

Which Parts do you go through the most?

I find I go through pedals, grips and tires the fastest.

Describe your Bike setup and how you like your bike to feel…

I like it super solid not making any noise, not too light either or else everything starts to feel sketchy. Also into the feel of taller bars.

What part are you most particular about or do you feel makes the biggest difference on your bike?

Having the wheels true obviously. Angle of the bars make a pretty big difference and that they’re aligned with the front wheel, I don’t know how kids can ride without it being straight. It drives me crazy whenever the headsets creaking or the chains loose too.

Plans for the future?

Keep having fun and continue filming for a little web edit. Also start saving up this winter for a couple trips. I’d love to head down to Cali and check out Europe one of these days.

Big thanks to Clint at Colony, as well as Blaise and Tammy at Kill Em All Distro for hooking me up with the bike.

Yo yo !!