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The Package.

Marnold, Mick, Brock Olive and Cooper all have some really good clips in this mixtape edit from Focalpoint.

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Michal Mycek checks in.

Our flow rider Michal Mycek from Poland has been on an amazing trip the last two months where he has visited 31 cites in 7 countries including Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Kroatia & Serbia. Here are a couple photos from his trip.

More of bayzands travels

Mick gives us the latest on his trip….

Hey, it’s Mick again! Kimberly and I just came out of the rainforest in Paluma Range National Park. They call it “the village in the clouds,” and it sure was. We drove up a winding road forever to get to the top of the jungle. We hiked along the creek bed at Crystal Creek jumping over boulders and loosing ourselves further into the jungle. I went off on my own at one point and nearly stepped on a 6m long python! This thing could’ve swallowed a cow whole. I’ve never ran down a waterfall so quick in my life. Kimberly says it’s the first time she’s ever heard me scream. The river itself was the most amazing swimming whole I’ve swam in. The water was freezing, but beautiful. You came out feeling so refreshed. I swam around the rapids for ages. Then we hiked through some pretty dense jungle until we came across a set of some even bigger waterfalls. I went off on my own and followed the rocks nearly to the bottom of the mountain. That was a real adventure. I nearly died a couple of times crossing falling trees and leaping across the stones. I felt like a little kid again getting myself into trouble and finding my way out. It was a crazy adventure to say the least..

Advert – Cooper Brownlee

Cooper has the most recent advert in the current Albion mag. You can see the clip of this feble to over smith in his left overs edit that came out last week.

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New splash page…

Brock Olive scores our new splash page along with our Colonial V2 Cranks.

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VW Day Out…

This has pretty much nothing to do with BMX but thought it may be of interest of some out there. For those that know me, know that I am a VW fan. It was a beautiful sunny Sunday here, so I went down to a VW Show N Shine in my beloved ’62 Type 3 Squareback. It was a perfect day to chill out & go for a cruise. I captured a few images from the day & here they are below.

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Shintaro checks in.

Shintaro shot us an email about how he just recently got back from the Double Control flatland comp over in Bangkok, Thailand. He said he had a blast. Shintaro is one well travelled man.

Larger than life Bayzand…

Check out these larger than life (well not quite) posters of Mick Bayzand doing his thing up stairs at Strictly BMX. These are next to all the complete bikes they have including a sample range of our 2012 models… go check them out here.

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Stas Shatilo web video.

Stas Shatilo rides for Raen Bmx, a retail store and our distributor over in Russia who also help him out with some Colony product, here is a web video of him killing a local park.


New Canadian distribution

We are proud to announce a new distributor for the Canadian market. From September onwards, Kill Em All Distribution will be our sole source for Colony in Canada. They have our DVD in stock now for immediate delivery & will have stocks of hard goods in the next 2 weeks. For all Canadian dealers please contact Blaise & his team at Kill Em All Distribution.

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Chris Courtenay – Ride On BMX Store edit

Chris Courtenay is sitting on a plane right now on his way over to Vegas for Interbike & Nora Cup. He will then start off his USA trip for a few months in Greenville & a few other places. During the last few weeks he put some work in for this little edit for Ride On BMX produced by Jack Birtles. Looking really good for sure… well done guys.

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Nora Cup video of the year nominee…

We are very stoked to have received a top 5 nomination for the video of the year for next week’s Ride BMX Nora Cup in Vegas. Thank’s to all the pro riders that voted for us, it’s an honour to have been voted into the top 5. Can’t wait for the Nora Cup party, it’s gonna be awesome. See you there !!

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Clint Millar – Ten Clips

When I was up in Brisbane a little while back I went down to Helensvale park with Clint and filmed his first 10 clips edit, stoked on how it came out. He has only pulled the last trick once before in his life I believe, check it out.


Wanna see what happened to Ryan here?

Well then watch the Fuel TV episode of the road trip he went on down to Cam’s Jam earlier this year to see what happened.

The show features the biggest names in BMX dirt jumping such as Hucker, Dane Searls, Brandon Dosch, Cam White, James Foster, Anthony Napolitan, Jed Mildon, Colin Mackay and many more.

Below are the first Australian on air times for the show. The rest of the world will need to wait to see the episode.

Friday September 9th – 8.00pm (PREMIERE)
Saturday September 10th – 10.00am
Sunday September 11th – 12.30pm
Monday September 12th – 5.30am
Wednesday September 14th – 12.30pm
Friday September 16th – 7.00pm

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Eurobike… Fastpace Distribution

Our German distro, Fastpace Distribution just wrapped up with Eurobike for another year & their booth looked really good. Thanks to Achim & Enrique for their ongoing support as always.

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Canadian Concrete 2011 video

We proudly supported the 2011 Canadian Concrete Series held in & around Vancouver this year & the organisers have just released the video from the series. Check it our below.

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Bike check from Russia

Raen BMX is our distributor in Russia’s retail outlet & they support Russian rider Tkach with Colony. Check out his bike & some great riding to boot in the video below.

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Broc Raiford bike check

Broc Raiford has a bike check up on Ride BMX with his new set up. Click here now to check it out. He is now back riding again after his recent broken wrist a few months back. Good to have ya back on the bike mate !!

By the way if you like the look of Broc’s polished alloy parts, they will be available like that from us in October. Polished is our new colour way for alloy parts for 2012.

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Mick Bayzand update.

Bayzand has been all over the place up north of late, here is the latest from Teddy.

Hey guys, it’s Mick again to let you know some more of what I’ve been up to. Kimberly and I sailed on a catamaran for a few days around the Whit Sundays. It was amazing. We woke up in the early hours of the morning to snorkel the reef. Underneath the surface the coral and fish were mind blowing. I’ve never seen so many crazy colours altogether. One day we even saw a whale breach the water, it was right out of a documentary. We got to go to White Haven beach. It’s by far the most beautiful beach I’ve ever seen. We walked up to the lookout where you could see the water and sand swirl together down below like a painting. It was unreal. By night we got to drink with the others on board and the crew. Thanks to the Skipper and crew for making it such a great trip, something we’ll remember for a very long time.

Brake madness…

Cooper has a new oneclip over on the Focalpoint site with some front & rear brake action on my bike… guess I better learn some new tricks since he just did all 3 of mine… haha.

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A little BMX from Spain…

Our distributor in Spain, Promotions Otreal have been helping out a local rider there with Colony parts for a little while now. His name is Ruben Vicente Arebalo & has good clips in the video below put together from the summer riding with his friends. Look out for Ruben with the dark curly afro style hair. Enjoy. Thanks to Tito for helping out Ruben.

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Seen our DVD yet?

If you haven’t seen it yet, check out these couple of videos to get an idea of what to expect.

From the vault.

I randomly thought about this photo today that I shot of Ryan a couple of years back now at a roadtrip we were on where we stopped in at Cam Whites jumps.

Simon O’Brien random photo…

A nice random photo of Simon O’Brien entertaining the local fishing kid taken by Nathan Penonzek.

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Left overs anyone?

This edit is made up of Cooper Brownlee’s left overs that didn’t make the cut from our DVD, check it out. If you haven’t seen our DVD yet, track yourself down a copy at any Colony retailer now.

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Online store…

We have now launched a retail online store where you can buy all our products except our complete bikes. With the age of the internet & the online store well upon us all, it was time we moved with the times & offered such a service ourselves.

We would still recommend that you buy from your local BMX shop if you have one in your area but use this retail online store (or any online store for that matter) when you do not have such a luxury of a local store near you.

This store will also serve as place where riders in countries that may not have Colony distribution can get our products easily as we will send to anywhere in the world. We will also from time to time, release special limited edition items on here that will only be available directly from us as well.

You can get to our retail online store by clicking the button to the right hand side of the site.

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Oskars random pics

Oskars Zajarskis is our flow rider in Latvia & has been repping Colony now for a while through the guys at Par BMX. Here are a few random pics from his recent travels to the Adrenaline Games in Moscow.

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