Travelling can really suck sometimes. After Vegas we planned to go to Oklahoma City to visit the guys at Sidewall Distribution & have a nice relaxing Sunday there.

Well those plans got thrown out the window when our flight was delayed by 6 hours out of Vegas. It also didn’t help that we arrived 4 hours earlier for our flight. So after 10 hours sitting in the Vegas airport, we finally got on our way but then missed our connecting flight in Dallas. We were given a hotel room but only had 3 hours to try to get some sleep before we had to make the connecting flight. Finally after 24 hours of travelling, we arrived at our hotel in OKC, very much ready for some sleep. Our plans for Sunday blown out but least we finally arrived.

We will go visit Sidewall tomorrow & see where all the magic happens.

The view over Vegas at 11pm.

Yo yo !!