Ryan Guettler recently went to France for a dirt comp & he is there for a couple more weeks yet. Here is what he had so say…

Jet lagg could be one of the worst things to go through!! When every one is sleeping your wide awake looking at the clock watching the mins tick by and when every one is fresh and ready to ride your trying to hold your eyes open sucks so bad!!

Me and Jaie Toohey have been in south of france for 5 days now on our 2.5 week trip. Its been fun and we have meet up with alot of other riders, we are sharing a house with Cam white, Josh stead and Danny Jose (Hungry Monster rider) Staying in the house feels like when I had to stay at my grand mothers place no TV, no internet but we play lots of ping pong out side every night. Me and Jaie go to Mcdonalds for the wifi which is so slow, its been 30 mins so far on uploading theses pics and it may not happen i hope you guys get them.

I bought my video camera and have been filming every thing we get up to so look out for a video when i get home.

Yesterday was the Lords of Dirt comp. Very BIG jumps and huge roll in the pics do not show how big theses thing are. 9 foot lips and 15 foot landings. I came from dew tour very sore and a bad knee which needs rest but competed and just missed the finals, I had a rough time pumping the sets with a bad knee so gaining speed was so hard.

Josh stead rode well and did the run of the day ending with a double flip but it was 2 runs count so he ended up in 6th
Cam White rode solid and even flip superman seat grabbed the 2nd jump over 30 ft long and ended with 2nd place
Jaie Toohey killed the event every run was a winning run. He rode faster and higher then the rest and won the comp and placed 2nd in the best trick with a 360 triple whip!! Jaie looked at home on theses massive jumps the nitro circus really paid off.

This week we are doing Monster demos in the down town area then on the weekend is The VANS kill the line. Which is a comp in the woods with big jumps again I am really looking forward to this comp.

Yo yo !!