Our 2012 complete bikes will be out in early October around the planet. There will be the ever popular Endeavour & Descendant in fresh new colour ways. We will also have for the first time, the all new Inception, which is like a more affordable Sweet Tooth style bike for the smaller riders.

We will also Ryan Guettler’s first signature complete bike with us called, The Living. At the top of the range will be the very limited edition Teddy Pro, Sweet Tooth Pro & the all new Miner Pro. These pro bikes are in very limited numbers with less than 10 of each model made for the world. Expect all these 2012 bikes out in early October.

The guys at Strictly BMX however have a very limited run of only one bike each on the above models. With the exception of the Miner Pro, who the guys at Backbone BMX have since Zac rides for them as his shop sponno. So act fast & get in touch with the guys at Strictly or Backbone & be the first to have the 2012 bikes now.

2012 Endeavour in Matt Black/Clear Raw two-tone

2012 Endeavour in Rising Blue with Blue

2012 Descendant in Matt Black with Blue

2012 Descendant in Matt Blue with Polished

2012 Inception in Matt Black with Purple

2012 Inception in Matt Black/Clear Raw two-tone

2012 The Living in Bright Purple with Black

2012 Teddy Pro in Matt Black with Gold

2012 Sweet Tooth Pro in Matt Red with Red

2012 Miner Pro in Matt Titanium with Polished

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